Download Free Fonts: 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Font

Handwriting has always mattered to me, and so do the fonts I choose.  I mean it’s basically the same thing, right?  I have a nice collection of fonts, lol, my husband calls me a virtual pack-rat because I’m always on the lookout to download free fonts, that I may or may not use.  He’s right, I download free fonts that I love when I download them, but I will never use because they are too big, too funny looking, or something.  Choosing the right font is important, because it adds so much to your website, picture, invitation, or any other project you are working on.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Font3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Font

Fonts Give Your Project Personality

I have putting a lot of focus on my images, and trying to come up with creative photography ideas..  I’m sure you know Pinterest is a happening place, to be honest I’m a little addicted myself, but it’s also inspired me to become more creative with the images I place on my blog.  I want big, pretty, inviting images, and if I add any verbiage to the image the font helps give it personality.

Check out these two free fonts I downloaded a while back.  They are two that I really like, but I don’t use them often because I think there is a time and place for them.

free fonts

The next font “Face of Yesterday” is nice, I like it a lot, but it gives me a totally different feel than the other font.  While this one is still friendly, it’s more serious, I feel like whatever I am going to read is going to be serious.  I think something like this is great for a wedding, or anniversary invitation.  I wouldn’t use it for my child’s birthday invitation, or a post about funny things kids say.

download free fonts

Here is another font that I love.  This font is one I would use for my child’s birthday invitation, or a post about funny things kids say.  To me it says funny, cute, kids, and can really help add personality to your project.  I wouldn’t use this font on a wedding invitation, card to my husband, or an image for a blog post about relationships.

I love both of the above fonts, but I think there is a time and place for each one of them.


There is where I am guilty, I see a free font I like and download it.  When I got to use it I realize it’s not what I am looking for, sure it’s pretty but readable no, especially in someone’s Pinterest feed.  It needs to sick out sure, but it needs to be readable.  I see images fly thought my Pinterest feed, and if I cannot read one its not long before I have already forgot about that pin and move on to another.  I feel that by choosing a font that is readable, I’m being more considerate to my readers, which will is more beneficial to everyone involved.


Try to think about who’s going to be reading the font.  Are you sending out a wedding invitation, or are you trying to make an image people want to pin on Pinterest?  Take a moment and put yourself in your readers shoes, and see if you still feel the same way about the font you are choosing.

There are plenty of fonts available.  To be honest I have been surprised how many free fonts you can download.  There is seriously a font for every occasion, for every blog post, every wedding invitation, you just need to look for the one that fits your needs.

image with 20 different fonts on it telling people places to download free fonts

5 Places to Download Free Fonts

If you would like to download free fonts here are 5 places I have found some great fonts.

What are your thoughts about fonts?

If you’re looking for cool images to add to your blog posts you can check out  They have several free images you can use, and you can try them for 30 days free.

  • maria c

    Thank you for sharing these sites for free fonts. I love trying out new fonts. I love your post.

  • md Kennedy

    Fonts are a tough aspect of a website. I am trying to find something for my new blog and am struggling to find something credible but at the same time fun. Thanks for the great links for some more options for me to consider!

  • Emily Chui

    Fonts and design can make a break a good blog/post. Thanks for sharing your tips! I love the new blog layout btw, perfect!

  • Christine

    Thank you for the sites and tips! I’m going to check them right now and find some fonts I like. :)

  • melisa

    Good points, I love fonts as well.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I have to admit that I haven’t given a lot of thought to the font I use on the computer. You are right tht it makes a difference. I have noticed the different fonts you use and I shall study and decide what changes I want to make, Thanks for the info and advice.

  • Sheri Ferguson

    Good advice on fonts. I think that alot of people try to be cutesy with their fonts with no regard for their audience. Cutesy fits for a cutesy audience! :)

  • M.Clark

    I love free fonts, not only can I use them for projects but I can also use them when I use my computer to watch TV, I can pick which font I want to use for the closed captioning. Thank you for this post, great tips and great fonts!!

  • Barbara Mc / Whenihave Time

    Love your blog and all the information. Thank you for the opportunities…love this font!

  • Valerie Guerrero

    its great to know the steps for choosing the fonts and when to choose them

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    I love trying out new fonts. There are such awesome ones available. And nothing beats free!! I’ve now bookmarked these five sites.

  • Stephen

    Speaking of fonts! Your pink text for entering posts is very hard to read!

  • Jayne Townsley

    Right now, I am a fan of “Over the Rainbow.” I used to have quite a collection, as well, back when I scrapbooked.