Make Mealtime Less Daunting With DuPont Teflon Products!! #GiftGuide

I love to cook! O.k. that’s an under statement. Cooking has always come natural to me. I love getting into my kitchen, pulling out my recipe Rolodex and start cooking & baking away. I do “bulk” cooking during the week and fill the freezer so all we have to do is pull it out,  heat & serve. Every meal we have is usually made from scratch so needless to say I use a lot of  pots, pans cookie sheets etc… you get the picture. So I was ecstatic when DuPont Teflon sent me their magnificent holiday gift basket!!,

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OMG, I’m in a cook & bake ware heaven with my new gift set!! My baking & cooking just got that much better with DuPont Teflon! This wonderful gift basket included,

 Medium baking pan

2 mini-bake pans

DuPont Print Designs pizza pan

Art Pan 11″ Frying Pan

4-Piece Egg/Pancake Ring Set

Measuring cups

Oven mitts coated with Teflon® fabric protector

Like I mentioned earlier I do a lot of cooking & baking especially around the holidays. Every year I make holiday goodie tins to give to everyone. This can become time-consuming if you don’t have the proper cooking pans or utensils. My goodness let me tell you, I have already made 15 holiday goody tins since receiving my DuPont Teflon gift basket, best of all, my Iced Short bread & raspberry cookies are perfectly cooked! No scorching or over browning and clean up is a “snap”, I love it!!  Here’s a little bit of the goodies made on my DuPont Teflon bake ware,

We are also big football fans, so NFL game night in our house is munchies time! We love to snack it up! Of course chips & dips are always a big hit for snacking but we love our soft pretzels, cheese sticks & mushroom minnie’s too! Our DuPont Teflon cooked them to perfection!

The beauty of DuPont Teflon cookware is cooking becomes easier, faster and tastier! I was amazed by the Art Pan 11 inch Frying pan, it makes the most savory dishes and of course clean up is a breeze!! Now my cooking possibilities are endless and so would have this review been if I would have posted all the wonderful dishes I have already prepared using my DuPont Teflon!! Did you know that Teflon brand can be found on a variety of products including cookware, apparel, wiper blades and more? “Fantastic”. Also, this year is their 75th anniversary? Congratulations DuPont Teflon, and thank you for the many years of quality custom products!!

teflon 75 to use

Look what else DuPont Teflon has going on for you right now! They are having their savor The Season Cookware giveaway. That’s Right!! They are giving away daily prizes and weekly prize packages! Vote for your favorite recipe and pot/pan with Teflon® Nonstick Coating to enter to win! Head on over to their Facebook page for details, official rules and your chance to enter to win DuPont Teflon Cookware. But you have to hurry the contest will be ending soon.

I want to give a big thank you to DuPont Teflon for making this review possible!

I recommend DuPont Teflon to everyone!! I guarantee you will absolutely love all their products!! You can purchase their fabulous products at most major stores and

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  • Shannon

    What great pans. Thank you for your review.

  • Anita L

    I’ve never owned any cookware by Dupont but it sounds great! I also love doing tons of baking at the holidays and there’s nothing worse than having your cookies come out burnt or unevenly baked. It looks like the company was very generous in what they provided you! Your cookies look like they came out great. :)

  • Marcia Lee

    The bake set would make a great wedding shower gift. I love having baking sheets that are easy to clean and allow the cookies I bake to come right off.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    The new Dupont teflon cookware sounds great . I would really like to try out this entire set, but especially the 11″ frying pan

  • Peter

    I have a cookware comparison guide your readers might be interested in.



  • mindy coffey

    I would love to get new Teflon cookware! Been since I got married (wed shower) since i had new cookware (16 years lol!) Thanks for the awesome info!

  • Deborah D

    I would love to try this bake ware set out. It looks like a nice set.