Easy, Affordable Minion Valentine’s Day Box Craft With Kids

DIY Minion Valentine's Day Box For Kids

I love being home with my kids, and having the opportunity to make things like this Minion Valentine’s Day Box craft with kids.  Vayda came home on Monday telling me that I needed to go to the store, right away.  Like stop cooking dinner and go to the store to get her a Valentine’s Day box for school.  Come to find out she had forgotten to tell me that she needed to make a Valentine’s Day box for school the week before, and she was freaking out because she didn’t think we could have one done by Thursday, lol.  I told her to go look for stuff to make one, and she started crying.  She told me all we had been a tissue box, but Trip our dog chewed it up.  Darn the luck right.  I told her to tell me what she wanted and I would have everything ready for her when she got home from school on Tues, but I almost kicked myself when she told me she wanted something shiny, pinkish-purple, that nobody else will have.  That’s my kids, wait until last-minute and have these crazy ideas lol. 

We started looking around, lucky for us we found an old pickle container, lol.  My husband picks on me, and tells me that I save some of the strangest things.  They always get used for something, the kids always have something they need done last-minute, like this Valentine’s Day box craft.

Affordable Valentine's Day Box Ideas

The second I saw the pickle jar I knew we would end up doing some type of Minion Valentine’s Day Box craft.  Vayda loves the Minions, I recently made her entire class Minion cupcakes (I will share them soon), so it would actually be fun, and fit the theme for her to make a Minion Valentine’s Day box.  Plus, crafts with kids is always so much fun, especially Vayda becasue she has such an active imagination.  In her mind anything is possible, and we always come up with the funnest craft projects.  Anyway, after her and I finished talking bout it we decided on a Valentine’s Day box that looks like a nice version of the purple Minions, lol.  If you have seen the show you know which ones I am talking about, and if you haven’t, OMG watch it.  Despicable Me 1 and 2 are amazing!

Minion Valentine’s Day Box Craft

Minion Valentine's Day Craft

The best part about the Minion Valentine’s Day Box craft is that I only spent $4 on it, and have plenty of material left over for more crafts with kids.  If you are hunting for a last-minute Valentine’s Day box idea, I hope this might help you.  Most of the things we had around the house.  

Here is everything you are going to need to have some fun making your Minion Valentine’s Day box craft.  

  • Pickle Jar with Lid or Something Similar
  • Medium Sized Mason Jar Lid
  • Clear Duck Tape
  • White Paper or Paint (I ran out of white paint so we use paper)
  • Black Paint (I ran out of black paint so I used brown paint, but I think it would look better with black)
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Wrapping Paper (We used a shiny pinkish purple color that Vayda loved)
  • Pink Decorating Tinsel
  • Hot Glue Gun 

Minion Valentine’s Day Box Craft Directions

making a pink  Valentine’s Day box for kids

Cover your pickle jar, or whatever you decided to use with your wrapping paper.  We used clear duck tape to hold the wrapping paper in place, with the exception of the top, we used the lid.  Be sure to leave enough of the wrapping paper on the top to place the lid on, and tuck the wrapping paper under it. Using the jar, it’s a little difficult to fit the paper perfectly.  We found placing the lid over the top held the wrapping paper in place much better glue, and it looked nicer.  

minion valentien's day box

Before placing the lid on your container to hold the wrapping paper in place, cut the center out.  Kids will use the top of your Minion Valentine’s Day box to place their Valentin’s cards and other goodies in.

Kids Crafts

Paint your Mason jar lid white, or you can cover with paper like we did.  Paint a circle in the center of the white part of the Mason Jar lid, as shown above.  We used brown paint, if you have black I think black would be better.

Valentine's day crafts for kids

Place the center of the Mason jar lid into the outer part of the lid, if you’re using paper you will notice it fits tighter, which we found beneficial.  Using the glue gun, glue the center of the Mason jar into place.  We placed ours as far back as possible, rather than pushing it forward like it would be on a jar so it looks more like the Minions goggles, glasses or whatever they are.  

valentine's day box ideasGlue your Mason Jar lid to your wrapped pickle jar.   It’s starting to look pretty neat isn’t it, lol.

Now for the fun part, and the most time-consuming part of the whole Valentine’s Day box craft, the hair!  We didn’t want to make his hair stand up so we used some shiny pink decorative tensile I found at the dollar store.  Grab your scissors and curl some of the strands of tensile.  This is a great job for your kid, if they are old enough to handle scissors.   I would do about 10 prices at a time, and by the time we were almost done Vayda was curling more than one piece at a time as well.  You do this the same way you curl ribbon.  Hold one end of the tensile with one hand, and run your scissors down the tensile.  Be sure to do this away from the body to avoid anything bad from happening. 

fun valentine's day boxNow using your hot glue gun start to glue the hair on the lid.  We overlapped the hair a little so you couldn’t see down into the Minion Valentine’s Day Box, but either way it will look cute.  

Minions Valentine's Day BoxFor the mouth my husband used a black marker and colored it as you see above.  Originally, I wanted to cute the Valentine’s Day box where the mouth would go and make big teeth, but Vayda didn’t want big teeth, she wanted a shiny pinkish purple Minion Valentine’s Day box lol and this is what we came up with!

School Valentine's Day Box

Vayda has named her Minion Valentine’s Day Box Vanessa.  Today Vayda took Vanessa to school, lol.  Finger crossed they have a great day getting ready for their Valentin’s Day party tomorrow.  Vayda said she is not going to allow Vanessa to eat anything.  She wants to be sure she is nice and hungry for Valentine’s Day so she gets lots of stuff, lol.  Got to love kids.

Pink Minion Valentine's Day Box Craft For Kids


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  What kind of Valerie’s Day Box did you’re child make?

  1. That sounds like me, always saving things just because we might find a later use for them. I like the idea of d.i.y craft projects. That’s a cute and unique v-day container.

  2. That is such a creative take on the minion Valentine’s box! My daughter isn’t old enough to be in school yet, so we didn’t have to make one this year, however many of my friends did and purple minions seemed to win the popularity contest this year. This is the first one out of all that I have seen this year however, that actually has some pizzazz and looks different. :)

  3. I have been looking for something my son and I can do together this year since he is old enough to do crafts with me. This will be perfect! I look forward to doing this with him.

  4. THis is really a creative use of the pickle jar and wonderful for anyone who loves the Minions. You came up with a great idea and I am sure everyone in Vayda’s class loved it too.

  5. This is an easy craft and very cute! It doesn’t have to be for Valentine’s day and it can be a yellow minion also. Great!!

  6. This is a very cute craft. This is a great on because you can make this at any time, you don’t have to make it just for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for sharing this fun and easy craft.

  7. this is a really great idea, my grandbabies and i did something to this not this but close we just use oatmeal containers, wrapped a piece of construction paper around it with clue, and then we shredded construction paper for hair lol thanks for share @tisonlyme143
    any other great craft ideas please share, am always looking for fun stuff to do with the little ones. thanks again

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