Easy Cookie Recipes: White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

I had totally forgotten about this Ritz Cracker, White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe my mom would make when we were kids.  It was one of her easy cookie recipes, and she often make them for the holidays.  If you’re looking for a super quick easy delicious dessert recipes than you cannot go wrong with this white chocolate and peanut butter cookie recipe.

I love this time of year.  Christmas will be here before we know it, it’s starting to cool down, and time for this mom to start baking.  I love to cook, but I don’t do much baking in the summer.  This time of year is when I start playing around and coming up with fun holiday recipes.

I made this easy cookie recipe yesterday.  My husband asked me if I would try to make some chocolate and peanut butter cookies recipe.   When he asked, I remembered the cookies my mom would make us.  So I picked up the phone to get the recipe.  It’s easy, trust me.  I didn’t even need to write down the ingredients or directions, and I never remember anything lol.

Super Easy White Chocolate Covered Cookies RecipeSuper Easy White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

  • One box of Ritz Crackers
  • 1 Container of Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 8 Ounces of White Almond Bark
  • 1 Bag Hershey Kisses (optional, but yummy)

Now let’s get to work, and start making this Super Easy White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe:

  • First you will make a sandwich using the Ritz Crackers and the peanut butter.  I always put a generous amount of peanut butter.  What can I say, we love peanut butter.
  • Next you will melt your Almond Bark as directed on the package directions.
  • Dip each Ritz Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwich into the melted white chocolate, be sure your cracker sandwich is completely covered.  It’s okay to dip it more than once..
  • Place on wax paper, and add your Hershey Kiss to the top.
  • Allow to sit for 15 to 20 minutes, store in an air-tight container.

You’re all done!

I have a few relatives I sent Christmas cookies to every year. I’m always trying to come up with easy Christmas cookie recipes, and I think these will make the list this year.  They are yummy!  I hope you enjoy this white chocolate and peanut butter cookie recipe as much as we do!

If you make them, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know how they turned out!

  • rebeccabasset

    Wow what a great Cookie Idea! And it sounds easy too.

    Thanks for the Post and the Recipe!

  • http://bbeautyandbooks.blogspot.com/ Breezy

    I am so trying this with dark chocolate instead of white! What an awesome cookie gift idea! Thank you for sharing and I hope you don’t mind that I pinned it on pintrest!


  • Rosie

    I LOVE white chocolate – I’m going to make a gift box – for me!!! and for other white-chocolate lovers this holiday. It sounds like a dynamite combo of flavors – a winner and so easy!

  • http://evitagenem.blogspot.com Hiyas

    That looks really good!

  • lisa

    YUM!!! I love the combo of sweet and salty. Peanut butter and chocolate, I feel like logging out and racing into the kitchen right now!I’m pinning this recipe. Thanks!

  • Cathy Frith

    Love these cookies and they are so easy to make

  • http://mamabanana.blogspot.com/ Jeanette E.

    I really enjoy Martha Stewart’s peanut butter cookie recipe. I change the peanut butter out with flavored peanut butters, cashew butter, almond butter. It works great every time. They always come out perfect and delicious! I bet my kids would love this cookie version. They love crackers and peanut butter!

  • D Johnson

    These look really good and easy which is a bonus. Thanks for sharing!

  • rose

    Wow these look amazing! I love delish desserts that don’t actually require baking. Always find such great ideas on your blog!

  • http://[email protected] Adam Morgan

    These look delicious. Going to have to give them a try.

  • Amanda Stano

    Oh wow those look delicious! You should totally share with your followers 😉

    Now to go make some of my own! Thanks for the recipe!

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    This is a recipe that I have never tried and would be great for any of the holidays.

  • Marcy Meyer

    This is a great cookie recipe! Thanks! I’ll be sure to try it sometime!

  • Chrystal

    My 2 favorite flavors in one can’t wait to try them!

  • cheryl lister

    I’ve heard of cookie recipes that utilize crackers, but have never tried. I’m always looking for desserts that don’t use the oven during the summer months and this definitely qualifies.

  • md kennedy

    OMGosh – how decadent, and soooo easy! These look yumshious.

  • heather

    I have never heard of these and really want to try them thanks for posting this one looks so yummy.

  • M.Clark

    I LOVE CHOCOLATE…just not white chocolate. I hope you don’t mind if I tweak your mother’s recipe by using dark chocolate instead of white chocolate.

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      no way have fun with it! let me know how they turn out!

  • Mer

    So easy, and these look delicious! These would be fun to whip up as a special after school snack.

  • Jessica Houston

    So I’m going to make these this weekend with my nephew! These look so good. thanks for sharing this!!!

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      let me know how they turned out!

  • Cheryl Gangwer

    Pinned this yummy recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://chronicallycontent.com Lisa Ehrman

    Oh, these look really good!!! I’ve never seen them made with a kiss on top! That makes them even more festive. I’ve got to go buy these ingredients and try them!

  • http://jennsblahblahblog.com/easy-cookie-recipes-white-chocolate-and-peanut-butter-cookie-recipe/ Crystal Rogers Walker