It’s Easy to Find your Way with Map my State

Are you proud of your country and state?  You can show your enthusiasm with Map my State.

It’s Easy to Find your Way with Map my State

Did you watch the winter Olympics on television recently?  Perhaps you even had a chance to attend one or more of the events in person.  What an experience to remember!  I envy those athletics for the stamina and courage as they spent many, many hours of training to prepare for those few days and a chance to represent their country.  While I am not amazed, every athlete that I saw interviewed by the news media, at some point, mentioned how honored they were to represent their individual country.  But, the pride starts right in your own home town and that’s where Map my State comes in.

Map my State manufactures typographical designs featuring states, cities, countries and more.  The company was kind enough to allow me to review two specific products.  The first one is an 11” x 14” print of the State of Florida (my home state).  The other item I received is a T-Shirt with the design of the State of Florida.  What really impressed me is that the names of the various cities within the state are positioned appropriately to form the state lines of Florida and/or each individual state.

Just as I am pleased to be an American, I am also delighted to be a resident of the State of Florida – ah, the glorious sunshine state.  You take pride in your alma mater.  You support your favorite sporting team, so why not post your state design on a T-Shirt, or other item.  And why not proudly display your favorite state design in your home, as well, with a Map my State print.

The Map my State print I received is an 11” x 14” size, but they are also offered in an 8” x 10” size.  Neither the matt nor the frame are include with your print, but I simply popped the print into a frame that I already had on hand.  The print itself is made with the finest quality of paper.  It is printed on premium, bright white, acid-free, 110# cover stock, and the printing of the individual state is offered in a variety of your favorite colors to match your décor, including red, blue, green, turquoise, purple, orange, grey, brown, and black. 


Just like the Map my State print, the T-Shirts are of top quality, made of 100% cotton.  The T-Shirts themselves are white with the various state names in either red, blue, green, turquoise, purple, orange, brown, grey, or black.  The T-Shirt sizes range from small to extra-large for adults, 2T to 4T for toddlers, and youth sizes run from extra small to extra-large.  Upkeep of your T-Shirt is done by using warm water in your washing machine, and dried on medium heat in your dryer.  Make sure you turn the shirt inside out though to protect the picture on your shirt.

A feature that I find simply fantastic about the T-Shirts is that you can personalize them.  You can add your name and/or date, a “His Home” or “Her Home”, or “Our Home”.  You can also add an “I Heart” on your shirt, or most anything that you like to the print either above or below the state and/or city.  Additionally, if your specific city is not listed on one of the state T-Shirts, you can ask that your city be added.  However, in order to add your specific city, the company might need to rearrange the names of the cities a bit from the original formatting, but it is possible.


I just love a comfortable T-Shirt, as I hate to feel constricted, and this T-Shirt really fits the bill.

Map my State also carries other products such as Mugs and Baby Onesies, both for America and most other countries.  Look how cute these are:


New York City Mug


Quebec, Canada Onesies


England Print

Ordering is very easy by going into the Map my State web site.  And, the company is offering, for a limited time, a special 20% discount by using the code: jenn2014.

Of course, you will want to stop by their media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for some great deals and to find new products.

Just like the athletics at the recent winter Olympics, who joyfully showed their pride in our great country, you can demonstrate your pride in your great state, city or country that you live in by wearing one of the T-Shirts offered through Map my State.  I’m wearing my T-Shirt today.


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  1. says

    I think Map Your State is a fantastic idea. We’ve done a lot of day trips as a family where we are always within out state borders yet far enough away from home to be exciting. Who wouldn’t want a new T-Shirt to boast about and show-off their own great state?

  2. Shannon says

    These are too fun and would be a great gift for the hard to buy for person in your life. Thank you for your review, Karen.

    • says

      You are more than welcome Shannon. If you would like to see a particular product reviewed, just send me an email and I’ll try my best to accommodate. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. M.Clark says

    I love the shirt, I would love to have a shirt like that with my state on it, that onsie is very cute. Thank you for sharing this review

    • says

      M.Clark, always my pleasure. Thanks for stopping by. If only I had a baby in the family, I would purchase one of these Onesies in a heart beat.