Eight Ways To Get Rid Of Dust In Your Home! Thanks #FiltreteFilters

There is nothing worse than dust all over the house.  Not only is it annoying but it causes allergies to act up.  Do you fight with dust too.  We live in New Mexico where it’s a never-ending battle, but there is things you can do to help get rid of dust in your home.  My allergies really get going when the dust is outside, but it’s so much worse when I head inside to get away from the dust and cannot.  My daughter, Vayda suffers from the same dusty issue.

How to get rid of dust in your homeYou should see us after a night at the races, or just an evening outside with the kids playing.  My two younger girls and I come home with our allergies acting up like crazy.  The last thing we want to worry about is coming home and breathing the same dusty air we breath while we’re outside.  I have tried everything to elimate dust in my house, but have come to realize I’m never going to get it all.  All I can do is work with what I have, and take steps to keep the dust down.

If you’re searching for how to get rid of dust here is a few helpful ideas we do in our home.

  • Dust your home often.  I know it sounds sarcastic, but it’s not.  If you dust your home you are getting rid of all that dust just sitting you’re your home waiting to get kicked up.  When the kids go running by, or the screen door gets slammed open from the wind it can kick of dust if you do not dust regularly.  Dust from your tallest piece of furniture down to avoid any dust being left behind.  Where we live we make it a point to dust twice a week, and it really seems to help keep the dust from getting kicked up and speaking all around the house.
  • Remove heavy drapes and wash them one a month.  If you can live without your drapes, blinds work better, but many of us love our big heavy curtains that help keep the sun out and the house cooler in the summer.  Pul them down at least once a month and toss them in the washer to remove any dust.
  • Vacuum your carpet at least every other day.  Think about it, people are going in and out all day long.  They are tracking in dust, and when everyone is walking around it’s being kicked up into the air.  Be sure to vacuum your carpet as often as possible.  Don’t forget to vacuum your furniture.
  • Toss that clutter of old magazines or newspapers that so many of us are guilty of having.
  • Wash bedding weekly.  Store all unused bedding in storage or bags.  This will help keep dust off your clean bedding.
  • Shake out rungs, covers, etc outside before placing them back where they belong.
  • Mop your hardwood floors.  Sweeping does wonders, but mopping prevents the dust from re-entering the air.
  • Use quality filters, such as Filtrete Filters by 3M.  Filtrete sent me three awesome filters to review.  We received one for Odor Reduction, Untimate Allergen, and Micro Allergen.   I really think investing in a quality filter has provided us with relief, a noticeable difference when it comes to dust and allergies.


Filtrete Filters by 3M products are the best thing in the world when it come to your central heat and air conditioning unit. With all the wind we get this time of year in south-eastern New Mexico the dust is murder and the 3M Filtrete Ultimate Allergen air filter we installed early this month is working great, the dust in the house though impossible to completely get rid of, has been greatly reduced. I can tell because I’m not dusting the T/V screen every night anymore, and when I’m dusting the rest of the house there is a noticeable difference.

WP_20130602_004Most people have allergy problems in early spring or in the fall, not me mine hit as soon as the wind hits 10 mph and the dust picks up. Dust is my kryptonite. I hate it. I can smell the slightest trace in the air and it’s over, my ears and nose plug up and I’m miserable till the wind dies down again. Indoor life has been way more comfortable thanks to our Filtrete Ultimate Allergen air filter by 3M. The air just feels cleaner, which if you are sensitive to any kind of allergen, be it dust, mold or pollen, means that you can breathe a little easier, and give the ole dust rag a rest.

WP_20130602_004I wanted to change things up a bit.  Normally I would have my husband change the filters, since its my review I figured I would figure it out.  WOW, why have I been asking him to do it for so long.  Sometimes I would even wait on him.  You know, until he gets around to it and all.  It’s really easy, I wish I would have done it last year when I had to wait on him for more than two-week, lol.  I guess I have been a little spoiled, but this was a nice reminder that I can take charge of the situation.  The process is actually VERY simple.

1WP_20130602_006 (1)The Filtrete Ultimate Allergen air filter by 3M is the top of the line A/C air filter as far as I’m concerned. The Ultimate Allergen air filter reduces contaminants like: smoke, smog, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, household dust, and mold spores to name a few. All while providing up to 15% lower resistance which means better air flow that lasts up to 3 months. If that ain’t enough to convince you, the Filtrete Ultimate Allergen (Micro Allergen) air filter meets the American Lung Association Health House Indoor Air Quality Guidelines.

If you’re searching for ways to help get rid of dust in your home, or calm down the allergies that are caused by the dust and other things floating around in the summer air; I suggest trying Filtrete Ultimate Allergen air filter by 3M.  It’s worked well for us, and soon I’m off to try my other two filters.  I will be sure and fill you how well Filtrete Filters work to get rid of pet oder.  Until them be sure to visit Filtrete Filters by 3M Website, “Like” Filtrete Filters by 3M on Facebook, and “Follow” Filtrete Filters by 3M via Twitter.

  1. Jenn,, thanks for the great tips! You are so right about changing out filters and keeping them clean to improve the indoor air in your home. Keeping the cluuter at bay, also helps to keep dust to a minimum. Thanks for the post!

  2. One of my grandkids is allergic to dust.The filters that I have been useing is just not working very good.I will check these out.

  3. I do these things , but not as often as I should.. I have a Filtrete filter andit does make a difference

  4. Boy do I have a dust problem. Especially when my Basset Hound Sheds, which is about three times a Year. The stuff just builds up so quickly. I will give these Filters a try, thanks for the info. on them!

  5. I am allergic to dust . W live by 2 quarries so the dust is always here. I can dust and bing its back again. That is my most hated cleaning job – dusting. I have never tried these but I sure intent to now . thanks for the info

  6. I don’t like to dust!! I have read about these filters. they got great reviews. this is the second time I’ve seen a review on this product. Better try them out!! Thanks for the helpful tips for dusting.

  7. I have to dust daily. Sometimes it seems like a losing battle. As soon as I clean my husband messes it up! He’s doing a project that needs to be done so I can’t complain too much. But I do.

  8. Hate the dusting and pet hairs and dander everywhere. This would work on 2 issues at least.

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