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It’s BACK Welcome to the EXTREME CASH Giveaway!

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog has teamed up with Oh My Gosh Beck!, couponing4you, For Him and My Family, Vegetarian Mamma,  News Wahl, Life With Levi and about 80 other amazing bloggers, to wants to give you a chance to win serious cash!  Enter to win $500!


Giveaway is open worldwide, EVERYONE COME OVER OVER!  I love worldwide events, always want everyone to have a chance to win some major cash!  Giveaway will end on July 13th at 11:59 PM (EST)!

To enter use the Rafflecopter form below!  The more you complete the better chances you have in winning this awesome giveaway!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and enter to win in our awesome $500 cash giveaway!

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  1. Kiara Kasa says

    Pay off credit card bills! I wish i could use it for something fun though:(

  2. Jessie Hay says

    I need a new fridge as well- only 1/2 of my fridge is cold- not good with 7 kids in the house!

  3. Jenn S says

    I would buy more cute things for my kindergarten classroom and start paying off debt!! I’m a new teacher and broke, so $500 would go a long way for getting my room cute for the 5 yr olds.

  4. Nadine says

    Just got an oil change on my car and the stealership dealership told me I need additional car repairs, so that would be my answer

  5. Caitlin Villasenor says

    Christmas shopping. This could go a long way for all the people in my family

  6. Caitlin Villasenor says

    I would still buy a bounce house for my kids. but if i could not do that then i could get my entire family a new waredrobe! And donate ALL of our old clothes to the good will. if there was anything left we could get all the kids a toy or 2.

  7. Larissa Daigle says

    I would love to get laser eye surgery! I looked at new glasses and sunglasses and they would cost me $800! Yikes! Laser eye surgery would be about the same or even less.

  8. Tara Martini says

    I would pay 2 weeks of rent, ,pay back my electric bill or buy a new baby room set for the new baby due next month.

  9. Carly says

    I would use the money for some baby gear seeing as how I’m expecting my first child this month.

  10. Lindsay Lewis says

    I would buy a new wardrobe, and a few massages for the husband and myself.

    • says

      Is it hard to home-school your children, I often think about doing it but don’t know much about it… I have tried to read up on it but nothing like getting advise from someone that actually does it…

  11. Carolyn says

    i am currently not working at the moment and 500 would pay one month of my bills :-)

  12. says

    Oh, I could use a whole new camera lol….. Crossing my fingers and dropping hints to the hubby, don’t think he gets it lol..

  13. Lee Ann Kaplan says

    I would pay for my pet deposit and the rest of my trip to see my family in AZ!

  14. Michelle says

    It would go towards some sort of transportation. Car, Scooter. Or to replace my dying computer!

  15. April Clark Trent says

    I would pay the electric bill that I am going to get for running the AC here in the deep south 😉

  16. Michelle says

    It would either go towards replacing my dying computer or towards a car; I’m currently walking & biking everywhere! *exhausted* 😉

  17. Emily B says

    I would buy plane tickets so that we can go see my sister when she has her first baby in July. If there’s any left, it would go towards a new tire for my car!

  18. cheryl h says

    I would buy my granddaughter a crib, change table & dresser for her firstborn thats due in October.