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While I consider myself to be a “crafty” person, I haven’t done any special baking projects in quite some time.  I used to buy the cake molds from the craft store, you know the ones I am talking about, but none of those molds ever lasted past a couple of times using them.  If you are a crafty person, or even if you aren’t, you will want to try the products that Fancy Flours offers.  I was privileged enough to review a few of the products from Fancy Flours to make an Oreo Cookie Project.


Oreo Cookie project with Baseball Mold

Fancy is a company dedicated to edible art and is passionate about all things related to sugar crafting.  Despite your skill level, whether you are a home baker or a skilled chef, Fancy Flours has just about any baking and decorating product that you will need in your artistic edible projects.  Their catalog is full of inspiration, delicious seasonal recipes, and features vivid color photos of handcrafted baking creations, in addition to helpful tips.

Fancy Flours’ products also include wedding cake toppers, which features vintage wedding cake toppers dating from the 1920’s to present day.  They offer unique, handmade toppers from artists all over the world, ensuring that your topper will make your day extra special.

Among the many products that Fancy Flours offers are: baking cups, baking supplies, cookie cutters, edible decorations, edible wafer paper, pre-made treats, and shop by party theme, table and party ware.

The project that I undertook was to make “mock baseballs” using the Oreo Cookie Baseball Mold.  The project was easy, as I just used the easy to follow instructions provided.


To begin, I set out all the necessary supplies to make the baseballs.


After melting a few of the Red Confectionary Wafers in the microwave, I used one of the small paint brushes to dot the confectionary into the mold.  However, I think that perhaps a squirt bottle would have been just as easy.  The instructions suggest using a squirt bottle as an alternative.  After filling the mold with the red confectionary to symbolize the laces on a baseball, I gently tapped the mold on the countertop to release any air bubbles.  While waiting on the red confectionary to cool, I used the microwave to melt the White Confectionary Wafers in small increments of 15 seconds each time, as I had done previously with the red confectionary wafers.  Using small increments ensures that the confectionary does not burn.  It’s a fine balance that needs to be obtained to allow the confectionary to spoon or pour easily.  If you are familiar with the process, you will have no difficulty determining the right consistency; however, if you are a novice, such as me, it’s best to use small increments when melting the confectionary.


After the red confectionary had hardened, I spooned the white confectionary into each cup to a depth equal to about one-third of the volume of the cup itself.  Again, I tapped the entire mold on the countertop lightly to release any air bubbles.


The next step in my project was to place the Oreo cookies into each cup.  In doing so, the confectionary rose to cover the sides of the cookies.  I pressed a bit too hard on a couple of the cookies, which pushed the confectionary up over the top of the cookie.


I then covered the cookies with the remaining confectionary.  To ensure that I had not overly filled each cup, I took a knife and ran it across the top.  I was successful in that I had not overly filled each one.  Repeating the process of attempting to release any unnecessary air bubbles, I very gently tapped the entire mold on the countertop.  I then waited until the confectionary had cooled and hardened, and then put the mold into the refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes.  This helped to remove the baseballs from the mold.  Once I removed the mold from the refrigerator, I gently pushed on the bottom of each cup to release the baseball.


The finished product.  While there was a bit of bleeding from the red confectionary, I don’t consider the project as a failure.  In fact, I consider it a complete success.  With the experience that I have gained from completing this project, I know where I made my mistakes and will do differently on my next baking session.


My husband and I both tried our baseball treats at the same time.  We both loved our treat for the day.

Just check out some of invaluable products from Fancy Flours for the baker inside you.


The latest fad in the baking world is Cake Pops.  This Babycakes Cake Pop Maker is on sale now at almost one-third of the price.  These Cake Pops are just the perfect size for your children.


Have a graduate in your circle of friends or family?  Why not get the 3D Graduation Mortarboard Chocolate Mold and surprise the graduate with these little treats.  These would be great additions to the cupcakes that you make for your party.


Nautical theme more to your liking?  Try the Stainless Steel Boat Anchor Cookie Cutter.

Connect with Fancy Flours via their Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  You will also want to get inspired by the Fancy Flours’ in-house bakers, by signing up for their twice weekly emails, which offers special sales and newly added products.

I do believe that I have found a new hobby using the products from Fancy Flours.  I had so much fun making these baseball goodies.  I would highly recommend this company for all your baking needs.  Hurry and stop by though, as they are having a great sale going on right now.

    1. doan: Oh, you have to give these a try. Good is not the word for these scrumptious treats! Fancy Flours has so many cute molds. Stimulates the desire to want to make these.

  1. How nice. Fancy has some real neat stuff!! This looks so delicious. Can’t wait to try it with my G’son.

  2. I have just started to bake; cupcakes, brownies and a single sheet cake – are my firsts. But I have been wanting to learn to be more creative with cakes,. Your projects sound like a lot of fun – thanks for the share.

    1. Sylvia: These are easy peasy. Fancy Flours has so many molds for those special events, it was difficult to select just one to review. And aside from the cooling off period, the project didn’t take long at all to do and was a lot of fun. The company has lots of project ideas, so make sure that you visit their site. Right now, they are having some great sales!

    1. Pollylee: Fancy Flours has all kinds of molds from which to choose, but with baseball season coming up soon, I thought the Oreo Cookie project would be appropriate. Plus the confectionary was the best that I have ever tasted. This project inspired me to be more creative. Thanks for your comment.

  3. That turned out nicely. It’s hard to believe it’s a first attempt. That sounds like a fun project. Thanks. This is a new product to me!

  4. Funny I was drawn to Karen’s review my son has a heart transplant! I love seeing these cute baseball cookies and step by step on how to make these with my family. I would never have thought to put Oreo;s in the middle of the mold. What a great idea. I know everyone will just love them and think they’re as cute as I do! thanks for sharing

    1. Laurie: These are so easy to make. It’s a great craft to do with your children. The best part is that you can eat your mistakes! Hope your son is doing well with his heart transplant, and thanks for stopping by.

    1. Mitzi: The “recipe” called for Double Stuff Oreo’s, but I only used the single type. My husband isn’t really big on a lot of sweets, but he definitely enjoyed these. After you prepare these though, you might want to take the children to the park to play, as they will definitely have a lot of energy to burn off, but they are oh, so good……………. Thanks for your comment today. Love seeing your smiling face.

    1. Julie: Ah, Jenn, Jeni and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts, but it is only due to the super followers who make the blog what it is today. We thank you!

    1. Jeri: My little ones are not close either, but hey, you don’t have to reserve making these for the little ones. Splurg and make some for yourself. Thanks for your comment.

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