Finally, A Web Page That Helps Every Little Step of The Way!

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I remember planning my baby shower, I was so stressed out about the whole deal I wanted to say forget it.  Seriously, have you ever wondered how to plan a baby shower?  It sounds easy, but when you have never planned one, are fixing to pop, and worried about so many other things it’s ridiculous, it’s not so easy.  Well I thought I had help with mine, see my little sister was supposed to help.  So I left it all up to her, like she said, and a month before it was time to have the baby shower I realized she had either forgotten all about it, or just not started.  Either way, I was HUGE pregnant, and that is the last thing I wanted to worry about.  I seriously had no idea where to start, sure send out invitations, then what?  Plus I had not given the shower much thought, because my sister wanted to take care of it so badly.

In the end everything worked out thanks to my sister-n-law, but I wish I would have had a check list like the one on Walmart’s Every Little Step web page.  It has all kinds of great information, especially for new moms who are totally freaking out because their sister forgot about them.  I probably will never let her live that one down, lol.

The Checklist on the Every Little Step web page gives planners a step by step guide to planning the perfect baby shower.  It’s very detailed, explains what things you should be doing seven weeks before the date of the shower, six weeks before, and so on.  This is a great list for anyone who is planning the shower – mom, sister, aunt, grandma or anyone else lending a hand.

Another thing I wish I would have given more thought was prepared more financially for the baby.  We planned everything, but skipped talking about our financial situation.  I guess we figured everything was okay, so we could afford it.  WOW, I can honestly tell you I had no idea how much brining a baby into this world costs.

While I was over at Every Little Step of the way I read that most middle-income families spend more than $165,000 raising a child to the age of 18.  That is if you are lucky enough to do things naturally, so much more if you have to pay adoption costs, private schools, after school lessons, or college, which I am sure you already know can add an easy couple $100,000.

Sure that sounds like a lot of money, but over 18 years that sounds about right.  I almost fell out of my chair when I remembered we had 4 kids, and fixing to be another one.  WHAT, that’s a whole lot of cash!  I cannot think of a better way to spend my money, but it also made me realize how important preparing financially is for a baby.   Be sure to check out Walmart’s Every Little Step web page, there is some useful information about preparing financially preparing for a baby.

Finally A One Web Page That Helps Every Little Step of The Way

Walmart’s Every Little Step web page has tons of great information for new mom, experienced moms (if there is such a thing), as well as anyone else who has a little one in their life.  Whether it is shopping for the best products for our baby, looking for the most reliable products, tips on potty training, a place to turn when you have concerns about your newborn, or even a good laugh it’s your one stop shop for baby essentials.

You will find plenty of useful information on Walmart’s, Every Little Step web page, sponsored by HUGGIES®.  I have to admit one of my favorite parts is the Blowouts and fits: Stories from tired parents.  We all know that life gets MUCH messier once we have a baby, at times it can be downright GROSS.  The funny thing is no matter what we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, so why not laugh about it, right?!?!  Than you will enjoy reading stories from tired parents.  What do you do when poop hits the fan in your house?  Swing by and share your moment of poop on the fan, wall, or any other place it doesn’t belong.  Oh it happens!

If you are a mom, or have a new baby in your life I suggest swinging by Walmart’s Every Little Step website and reading 10 newborn worries (not to fret about), Learning baby basics, and checking out the breastfeeding center.  I wish I would have had all this information in once place when Mattie was a baby.  At least I know where to go when we have the next one – it’s going to save so much time jumping from website to website, and my mom will be happy I am not calling her 7 times a day while she is at work.

Be sure to head over to Walmart’s Every Little Step web page sponsored by Huggies® and check out all the baby essentials.

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  1. Jennifer A. says

    Thank you for this resource! My husband and I are trying for a baby right now, and I know this will come in handy! Bookmarking this page! :)