Finicky Eaters Select Fancy Feast

Give your cats the very best with Fancy Feast Classic Seafood Feast Pack canned cat food from as our cats give us unconditional love and affection in return.  Cats are very loving, but at the same time, they can be very particular, especially when it comes to food.

Finicky Eaters Select Fancy Feast 

For all the feline lovers of the world, we know how finicky they can be the majority of the time.  My husband and I have two cats, both males.  Trouble and Deuce are 13 years old now and are quite content with their current lifestyles.  Of course, they have the run of the house and freedom to come and go as they like, as long as they stay within the confines of our fenced yard.  Both really like being outdoors in the warmer weather so they can watch the birds and various other creatures of nature.

Despite purchasing separate bedding for each cat, both have decided to forego their beds and curl up in a favorite spot they have selected for themselves, which it is either on a blanket or in an empty box.  The majority of the time they will return to that determined spot for a period of anywhere from a week or so and then move on to another desired location to nap and sleep.  Change is good sometimes.  However, my cats do not approve of changing foods.  They are set in their way.  That’s why I am thankful that they are getting the proper nutrition that they need with Purina’s Fancy Feast.  While both Deuce and Trouble have been eating the Fancy Feast foods for quite some time, when you switch foods, you need to be cautious of doing so slowly – introducing a small portion of the new food to the old and gradually increasing the increments. provided me with a variety pack of the Fancy Feast canned cat food in the seafood flavors.  The pack includes ten cans each of the Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast, Savory Salmon Feast and Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast. 


While Trouble and Deuce loved all the varieties, their favorite flavor is the Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast. 


Deuce in background.  Trouble in foreground.


What is especially nice about Purina’s Fancy Feast brand cat food is the convenience of the 3 ounce cans.  It’s just perfect for one feeding.  No more opening those large cans of food only to use a portion and placing the remaining contents in your refrigerator.  No more tinny smell to deal with, or having the food dry out before using the entire contents of the can.  You don’t have the hassle of measuring the food, or of storing those large bags of dry cat food, plus the 3 ounce cans are more portable. 

The Fancy Feast Classic Seafood Feast Variety Pack canned cat food consists of 30/3 ounce cans and is available through  You might even want to bookmark the website for easy access to great articles, as well as your favorite shopping site for all your pet’s needs.  In addition, you will want to Like their Facebook page and follow the latest discussion on the’s Twitter and Pinterest pages.  You are also invited to watch a video to learn more about where pet parenting is simplified and to join the community.

It takes very little to make your cat happy and content.  However, for the best nutritional needs of your feline, you will want to select Fancy Feast from has a wide selection of foods for your pet based upon age and whether or not your pet is allowed outside.  I know that your cat will love Purina’s Fancy Feast canned cat food, just as much as Trouble and Deuce do.    

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  1. Debbie Petch says

    There is something about Fancy Feast. My two cats will only eat the seafood brands and they have to be pate.

  2. ANN*H says

    We have two cats one is picky the other will eat his food plus hers LOL . I like that they have it in a one servings size can. Also for different age groups to as one cat is older than the younger one.

  3. joanna garcia says

    I used to work at petsmart when i was younger and all the cat lovers raved about this brand. The cats love it and was great price wise too!

  4. K-Squared says

    I once had a cat; his name, TLC – Tender Loving Cat! I miss him and his brother (belonged to my sibling)! All in all I have had my heart set to make a difference in my life, till I was injured in an accident! And I’ve had to sell so much stuff to pay my medical bills – because the woman that hit me had no insurance! Now I have to make up for it all by living barely able to pay my bills!

    I would love to get a new set of pots / pans, computer (this one is old), shelves, kitchen remodel, living room remodel, vehicle, new clothes etc. Though this is just a dream and I hope that one day I can have the $$ to go back to school and find a cure for this and other conditions!