Five Interesting and Creative Photography Ideas

Creativity is a major element in photography. It is something that you use to make your photos more attractive and interesting. A lot of photographers love the challenge of coming up with creative photos. It’s one of the best ways to spice up your photography.

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The Top Five

Being creative is never about convenience. You don’t seek out common routines or patterns. Instead, you try to deviate a little from the norm. Creativity is all about being different in a beautiful kind of way. Here are some photography ideas that might help you come up with creative photographs for your audience.

Use the alphabet. Interpret the alphabet using photography. You can do this in three ways: use props to create the letters; look for letters in your surroundings or in places that you go to (like a billboard or a store window, for example); or shoot objects that begin with each letter in the alphabet.

This may sound simple, but it’s going to be a challenge looking for all the letters. Likewise, this project will help you explore your creativity as you have to think of ways to make the alphabets appear more interesting to your audience.

Take photos from ground level. Go to a busy place and observe people. Shoot from the ground level and experiment with the scenes you can produce. Which ones are most interesting? Maybe you can shoot a multitude of feet going down the subway stairs, or some bare feet walking along the cold street. Shooting from ground level in parks and gardens will give you a lot of colorful options.

Vertical panorama. We see a lot of panoramic shots, but most are of landscapes. That flower farm owned by a friend, the beach at sunset, or the skyline with a flock of birds flying freely. These are common scenes. For a change, try a vertical panorama or vertorama. It’s a different concept that offers a different view.

Visit the city and find some skyscrapers that will look truly attractive in a photograph. Or focus on ages-old city architecture. You’re free to choose a theme or message. Be sure, though, to use a panoramic clamp and experiment with your shots first before deciding on which angle or scene to go with.

Recreate fairy tales. You’re going to need some models, props and costumes for this, but this is nothing compared to the artistic high that you will get when recreating a scene. You can even put a unique twist to your chosen fairy tale. For Cinderella, for example, instead of a pumpkin coach, you can have her ride in a Ferrari on her way to Prince Charming’s ball. This fairy tales project will give you a lot of opportunities to explore and stretch your creative juices.

Photograph numbers. Similar to the alphabet project, this one will challenge you to think out of the box. Shoot one number a week; you can choose how or where you’ll start: 1 (going up) or 100 (counting down). Look for numbers wherever you go, but make sure you don’t choreograph scenes. Allow them to look as natural as possible. So, if you find the number 75 painted on a knocked off garbage can, don’t fix it. Let it be and take your photo. The challenge is to make the scene appear interesting and attractive.

So, there you have it; five easy and challenging creative photography projects for you. Get your camera ready and start shooting now!

Jamie is an avid hiker and photographer and loves to think outside the box. She loves to write about photography for Bumblejax when she gets some time.

  • Dorothy Boucher

    these are really nice tips, i do enjoy taking pictures , i just don’t think its one of my stronger points but love the ideas you gave.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  • Tanya Holland

    These are great tips. I got my first camera at 11 and have loved it ever since.

  • tamra gibson

    I feel like I need to run out and take a bunch of pictures or do them inside here. I never thought of all those great ideas but always thought only the professional photography places could do this. I think I might experiment when my Grand babies come visit. Hope they come soon. I would love to do some Valentines pics with your ideas. Thanks so much

  • Gwen B.

    Thanks for this! – this is especially useful for those of us who live in naturally not-gorgeous areas. I have a DSLR, that I’d love to use more often, but as I completely lack creativity I end up taking pics of nothing more interesting than group shots at family gatherings and even more pics of my cats sitting around the house. That’s pretty much it. And that’s as boring to shoot as it is to look at.

  • barb Myers

    love it

  • Dawn K.

    Great tips. I stink with a camera, and I’m going to incorportate these suggestions on my next photo “shoot”.

  • Faith Bosnick

    What creative tips! I love taking pictures of my boys!!! I carry my camera around with me EVERYWHERE!!! Thank you for these tips!!

  • Carol S.

    Interesting indeed! I wish you had sample photographs for each of the tip. I have seen images from people using this technique although I’m still not sure what the letters and numbers are for haha. Some (alphabets), though, I have seen as craft projects. Most number photographs I usually see as captcha codes hihi.

    I love the taking pictures from the ground level tip.i think they produce nice photographs

  • Monica Kirkham

    Fantastic ideas!! I actually saw a picture recently that someone had taken of their children being posed to create letters. There were four different pictures, and when put together, they spelled the word “Love”. My daughter is pretty creative when it comes to photos as well. She came and “kidnapped” her younger siblings and took them out for a creative photo shoot for an album they put together for me and their dad for Christmas. I’m not so creative in that regard, so reading tips like these is very helpful!!

  • daniel

    As a photography I support and certify your write up. keep it coming

  • Richard Hicks

    Being creative is not my best attribute. These are some great tips for using the camera!

  • Karen

    These are all great ideas! I seem to remember doing something like these in my photography classes in college. I loved going out and shooting. I need to pick up my camera again. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Deborah D

    I never thought of taking a photo from ground level. That is an interesting idea.

  • maria c

    I love these Photography Ideas. I am going to put these new ideas into practice. Thank you.

  • M.Clark

    I must say, this does sound like a very interesting project, I would love to give this a try. Thank you for this post.

  • http://[email protected] Stephen

    I like the number’s idea. It’s v very creative.

  • Sarah L

    Those are certainly fun and creative ideas. I’m afraid that I tend to just leave my camera at home except for trips.

  • Emily Chui

    Photography has always been an interest of mine that I loved spending time on, thanks for all the wonderful tips!

  • Sarah Elyce

    I got a nice camera for my birthday in October but haven’t really been taking full advantage of having it yet. I love the alphabet and number project ideas. I should start one today!

  • lisa

    Those are good tips. I’ve never been able to take photographs that make you say wow! There really is an art to it. I enjoyed reading this.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I love all 5 of these ideas. I want top start making my photos look more creative and this will help me make them more artistic,

  • Prudence H.

    Love these ideas!

  • sandy weinstein

    i wissh i was better at getting pictures of my dogs, loading, changing the photos, i just dont have the time to really learn all of the ins and outs….i have seen many photos by non prof that are better than prof

  • Ashley Miller

    I’m not a great photographer so these tips help! Thank you for posting! =)

  • Shannon

    These are great tips. Everyone does the same old pics all the time.