Five Reasons We Love Our Twirly Dress from TwirlyGirl


My youngest daughter is not your average girly girl. A twirly girl yes, but girly girl no. When it comes to playing with her dolls, and dresses that twirl she is a girly girl, but she will also put on that dress that twirls and help her daddy fix his race car, play in the dirt, and climb trees. She reminds me a lot of me, but with my husbands attitude.

dresses that twirlMattie loves the dresses that twirl, but I have had the hardest time finding a decent length dress that twirls. Sorry, but we are not into allowing any of our children wear short dresses, skirts, or shorts. My husband has enough gray hair, and our girls are too pretty.

We live in a small town, where nobody sales twirly dresses for little girls. Nope, I am not joking. Mattie is my little dancer; she is 3 years old and this is her 2nd year in dance. She loves it, and she loves practicing what she learned in a dress that’s fun and twirly. Luckily we recently had the opportunity to review a dress from TwirlyGirl. They have some of the cutest dresses for girls, learn more here.

dresses that twirlTwirlyGirl – Girl Maxi Dress for Girls Who Love To Twirl

girls dressesI cannot tell you how excited both Mattie and I were to unroll her new Girls Maxi Dress!  You can see in the above picture how the dress comes rolled up in a nice piece of fabric, which let us know right away it wasn’t our average dress.  When we opened the dress I automatically fell in love with the pattern, and Mattie could not wait to see how well it twirled.  To sum it up, Mattie not only loves the dress, but mom loves it too.  I have been looking at other dresses from TwirlyGirl for Mattie’s birthday that is a few weeks away. 

dresses that twirl


Five Reasons We Love Our Twirly Dress from TwirlyGirl

Style – I want them to have something that is unique. The last thing I want is them to have the same outfit has 2 other girls in their class. TwirlyGirl has a style that is all their own; it’s super cute and unique. I love it, and more importantly Mattie likes it too. We were looking at the website a few days ago, and she was pointing out all the dresses she likes, which was just about all of them lol.

Reversible – Many of the TwirlyGirl dresses are reversible! Yes, they can be worn inside out! The dresses are fun!

Great for any occasion – Kids grow so fast, I refuse to purchase a “holiday dress,” they would only wear it once. When I purchase a dress for my girls I try to get something that they can wear to a special event, and when it’s over they can wear that same dress to the park. We received the Marvelous Maxi Dress, which is the maxi dress girls can wear anywhere, for any

Twirling – If your little lady loves to twirl, TwirlyGirl is the place for more than just fun prints, pretty colors, and the fun twirly dresses. We have not purchased another dress yet, but they look like they can twirl nicely too.

Quality – TwirlyGirl dresses are not only unique, cute, colorful, and twirly. They are well made, and I mean well made. Mattie has been wearing hers as often as she can, and it still looks amazing. Which yes, Mattie does take better care of her TwirlyGirl Maxi dress than she would a pair of leggings, but she is a busy body 3 year old who loves to play in the dirt and work on cars with her dad. She does all this in her TwirlyGirl dress, and it still look fabulous!.

girl looking down at her new maxi dressMattie tells me every time she wears her Maxi dress that she wants more twirly dresses.  I honestly don’t blame her, she always has so much fun twirling and dancing around.  There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my kids enjoy being a kid. 

If you are looking for an amazing dress for your little one, that can be worn on any day that ends in “y” visit TwirlyGirl. They have girls maxi dresses perfect for Monda”y” – Sunda”y”, as well any holida”y”, the best part is that the dress your little girl wears for a holiday can also be worth on a casual weekday!

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  • Camilla

    Dress was just awesome and she is looking superb. I like the way it was designed. It was simply awesome.

  • Amanda Walton

    She is adorable. I love the little princess shoes on with the dress!! My two year old is kind of like this…although she is girly sometimes she is not all girly like my five year old . I love these dresses but we too live in a town where we do not see them in town.

  • Barrie

    How cute…I love how the dress comes rolled up…how fun for a little girl to open! My daughter LOVED twirly dresses when she was younger…now she rarely wears a dress :)

  • M.Clark

    The dresses are all very pretty, and they’re all dresses that make you want to do a twirl. The clothes on this website are very unique, you definitely will not find similar items on any other website, and they are all just lovely. Thank you for this review.

  • krystel

    that dress is beautiful on her

  • Shannon

    These are cute dresses! She is just adorable. I want this dress in my size!

  • Sandra Beeman

    I have a friend with a four year old whom is so proud that she can twirl. She loves her clothes and is a bling girl all the way. I don’t remember swirl dresses when I was growing-up but I’m glad little girls have clothing that makes them feel so special.