#Flipeez Super Fun Action Hat

WOW!! Flipeez has come to Jenns Blah Blah Blog

If you have a little one in your home, I’m sure you heard of these lovable hat characters. We are always singing the Flipeez theme song, I was super excited to introduce this adorable hat to my grandson, because while he loves watching the Flipeez advertisement on the screen, I knew that seeing them materialize in his home would be even more thrilling! So, I waited and watched for the arrival of our very important shipment! Upon arrival Flipeez took over our home!

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I was eager to see what his reaction to them would be since he loves toys but loses interest in them quickly.  I had no doubt that he would be absolutely thrilled and of course he was! Originally I would have opened the package myself but I decided to surprise him, so I let him open the package. Boy was I on cue!! He was so excited to see his new Flipeez friend, he immediately put it on, started dancing around and singing their theme song. He kept his Flipeez hat on all day & night! Now mind you where we live it gets up into the 90’s.


For those of you who may not be familiar with these adorable hats, Flipeez are super fun action hats that come alive right before your very eyes! The Squeeze & Watch ‘Em Flip Action Hats have 7 different fun hats to choose from Peek-a-Boo Monster, Twitchy the Kitty, Huggy the Monkey, and Playful Puppy. Collect them all! One Size Fits All. For Ages 4 to 104!

Each Flipeez hat has it’s own unique squeeze & flip action, it’s simple and easy to do,

The attention to detail that went into these Fun hats is amazing.  Some the tails flip. Some the arms flip. Some the wings flip each hat is a separate imaginary adventure that will thrill your child and everyone! If you collect them all they can create an amazing world that entertains and delights for hours of playtime. That is the real magic of these hats, that alone or together, adventures can be created. Each hat is made of high quality material and lined with super soft fleece. Flipeez are fashionable, durable super fun hats that will last a long time. As a mom & a grandma, and with winter just around the corner, I’m secure and assured that this fun hat will definitely protect & keep my grandsons head warm.


Over all I didn’t find anything about flipeez that was displeasing to me. To own your ownFlipeez super fun action hat, or to collect them all, visit their social media site, http://bit.ly/flipeezblog.

  • Fuck Flipeez

    These fucking lame hates are stupid. They are just finding new things to squeeze money out of gullible people like this “blogger”, and commenters. Damn sheep.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    these hats are so cute I love the animals and the bright colors they come in

  • mindy cole

    My daughter wants one of these every time we go into the store

  • http://alaina.fahy.com A Scott

    This contest closes soon. Fingers crossed!

  • http://alaina.fahy.com A Scott

    My daughter saw the commercial for this again last night. She loves it!

  • http://alaina.fahy.com A Scott

    I would love to win this!

  • Geraldine

    So Cute, Don’t Know Wich One Cuter !

  • http://[email protected] Wanetta Crawford

    Awww…these are really cute! would wear one myself 😛

  • Rebecca Parsons

    Of course these are cute and I am sure my grand kids and kids would love them.

  • http://alaina.fahy.com A Scott

    My daughter has been begging for one of these hats for two weeks. I can’t get one until Christmas because money is so tight right now. But it sure would be awesome to surprise her with one for fall beforehand. :)

  • Rebecca Parsons

    One thing I liked is that one size fits all.

  • suzanne w.

    These are so adorable! Both my daughter and son would love these and look SO cute in them.

  • Kelly A. Tanner

    These are so adorable. I would love one for each of my 3 kids!

  • Rebecca Parsons

    I love how they are all bright colors and cute animals!

  • Mia Dentice Carey

    These are just too darn cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mia Dentice Carey

    ADORABLE…I just love these hats!

  • Mia Dentice Carey

    These hats are so adorable…..~!

  • kathryn clayton

    my daughter would love this

  • essijay

    LOVE the photo of him sleeping in the hat! that’s true love right there!

  • jaimeehinton

    I would really love to win one of the hats to make for a Christmas present thank you for what you are doing for all of us

  • Cynthia Sizemore

    these hats are adorable and fun,love them.

  • Rebecca Parsons

    These are super cute and look like they are made with great quality

  • Lenore Johnson

    These are adorable and look very warm. I would love to get one for my little boy.

  • Sweta Sonulkar

    I loved the idea of these hats called flipeez and squeezing feature and going magic with different characters and colours ,my son loves to pee-ka -boo and the one with same with peekaboo monster is attractive and protective for his ears in winter and for his school .

  • http://thefitfoot.blogspot.com Nicole @ the fit foot

    I love them and they will keep my kids ears warm during the winter

  • abedabun dawn

    So CUTE! Looks like they would be nice and warm on a cold day.

  • http://[email protected] John M Woodard

    Keel hat

  • Kimberly Frazee

    I think the kids would love these of all ages. Thwy are adorable but useful to get your lil ones to wear and keep on their hat when its cold.

  • lisa tecarr

    Im am in love with these hates! I want one for my grandson and I want one for me as well! lol

  • mindy cole

    These are so cute my daughter has been asking for one

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    These are absolutely adorable. I can see how any little kid would love to wear one.

  • M.Clark

    Very cute Jenn!! I like the monkey and the rabbit.

  • http://gravatar.com/pollylee pollylee

    So cute! I know our 5 year old grandson would love to wear one. Love the monkey!

  • md Kennedy

    I’ve never heard of Flipeez but these hats are adorable/ It would be fun to get one one size larger than the child needs and put them on a bike or ski helmet!

    • Becky Schollian

      That is a creative suggestion, They are one size fits all!!

  • Kristina L

    These are the cutest things! My youngest and I have been trying to decide which one is our favorite!

    • Becky Schollian

      They are adorable Kristina!! I’m sure no matter which one you choose your little one will be delighted.