Former Teacher Turned SAHM? Try Tutoring to Make Money on the Side

There are thousands of former teachers in the United States who are now either staying home to raise a family or working in another field. While many loved teaching, other issues often get in the way such as dealing with school politics, having to attend endless meetings, and dealing with angry or disgruntled students and/or parents.

FreeDigitalPhotos.netIf you love to teach but no longer do it because you are staying home to raise children or you are in another career field, there is no reason to abandon your teaching altogether. Instead, consider tutoring as a part-time or side job. In fact, the demand for tutors continues to rise nationally, so if you market yourself and your business, you are likely to find that you have plenty of clients.

Here are some factors you may want to consider:

1. Will you tutor younger or older students? If you are trained to teach high school or college level, you would likely want to choose older students because that is where more of the money is. If you can teach high school students how to prepare for the ACT or SAT or teach undergrads how to train for the GRE, you could make a great side income with only a handful of students. In addition, if you are in a demanding field such as math or science, you can also charge more per hour.

2. How will you advertise? You have to be creative when advertising your tutoring business. Take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Advertise where your clients are likely to go such as a popular college hang out, right outside the math department if you are a math tutor, or in college dorms if you are targeting college students.

3. Can you leave home? If you are a stay at home mom, can you leave home? If that is not an option, consider tutoring online. There are plenty of sites such as that you may be able to work for. While you may not be able to make as much money as you would working independently, you will enjoy flexibility and working from your home, often in the evening after younger children are in bed or your spouse is home to care for the children.

If staying home to raise your children is a temporary career stop for you until your children are all in school, remember that being active as a tutor while you are staying home can help you if you plan to eventually enter the teaching work force again. As Forbes mentions, a strong LinkedIn page that shows you have been actively teaching as a tutor can help you more easily rejoin the work force.

Money is tight for many now, but if you have teaching credentials and experience, you should be able to start tutoring to make some extra cash and boost your resume. You may need a few months to find students, but after you have a few satisfied students, your business should grow through word of mouth.

What are you waiting for?

  • Stephanie

    You can use any ability you have to make extra cash as a stay at home mom. This former teacher has just shown us that no matter what your former employment is you can use it to help others online and make some money doing it, I say get creative and you will come up with something awesome to share as you create an income also.