Four Tips To Help Protect Toddlers From Germs

Tips to get toddlers to wash handsSince the leap you have leaped into the world of being a parent so many things have changed.  You now think about things that maybe weren’t on your mind as much.  Simply put, you didn’t have this beautiful, itty-bitty body that needed your to look for them.  You know protect them from everything, bad people and something we worry about just as much BAD GERMS! It’s our jobs as parents to protect toddlers from germs.  Too bad it’s easier said than done, you know to protect my kids from germs.

Before I had children germs crossed my mind, I worried about them but not to the extent I do now that I’m a mommy.  I always worry about germs, where my daughters hands have been, has she washed them, will she even be willing to wash them.  Let’s face it washing their hands is fun at first, but once they’ve done it a few times it loses it’s fun appealing side.  Which has ended up with her teasing me with this little dance that makes me want to bust out laughing, but I cannot.  I have to stay strong and hold it in, remember I’m mom and what I say goes.  Yup, that’s the way it’s “supposed” to be anyway.

Protect your toddler from germsMy daughter is two, washing her hands was fun for a little while.  OH WAIT, it still is if it’s done on her terms and when she wants to do it.  If it’s Monday – Saturday between the hours of 6:00 am and 11:00 pm she’s not going to do it.  Unless she gets them sticky, than SHE wants to do it.  She wants mom and dad to back up, get out, shut the door, leave her alone, and give her 20 minutes so she can get into everything she isn’t supposed to in my bathroom.

Oh, she thinks she is so slick.  Little does she know that I have mommy power, and my mommy power is smarter and more experienced that her toddler powers.  Well, most of the time.  I have to admit if she pulls the cute card mom and dad are putty in her hand.  Until we snap and realize she just totally fooled us, she’s already sneaked past us into the bathroom and LOCK THE DOOR!  You bet your left foot by the time we get the bathroom door open she has put the cat in the toilet, rinsed the kitty off in the bath, painted the door with nail polish, oh crap is that nail polish in her hair, were you playing in the toilet.  You know she was, and yes that is nail polish on my brand new washer and dryer.  Right when I think I found everything, there it is permanent marker all over my floor, the cat, and my husband boots.  How do they do all that in five minutes, HOW!

Now, she’s had her hands in the toilet and man who know where else.  I’m sure she somehow managed to find old cheese or maybe a French fry she had stashed from McDonald’s last week under the cabinet.  Who knows, she’s two and I honestly don’t know mom and dad are still sane.  At this point all I know is she needs to wash her hand, but guess what?  Its Monday 12:00 pm and it’s on her agenda for the day.  Shoot, what to do now?

Don’t laugh, the only reason you’re giggling is because you have one or have had one too!  Sure it’s funny when it’s happening to me.  Not so funny for us, lol.  Needless to say, we have had to get a little creative and mom has been focusing on not letting toddler powers beat mommy powers when it comes to washing her hands.

Protect your kids from germsOn a serious note, germs are everywhere.  Yes, even in my bathroom that I personally clean.  Think about it skipping a bath for one night, not brushing their teeth, pacifiers that are not properly sterilized, that cheese my daughter stashed, yes even the french fry.  Not to mention the dust from your vacuum, taking them to the store, daycare, or anywhere else.  Germs are everywhere and it’s important for us to use our mommy and daddy powers and protect our children from all the nasty germs in the world.  Even a sisterly spa day in the shower has germs, the only way to protect kids from germs is to fight back. Here’s few great tips to protect your toddler from germs.

Toddler Washing HandsLead by example – Remember us as adults have to lead the way and teach our toddlers when to wash their hands.  If you’re mom I’m sure you cannot go to the bathroom alone either, lol.  After your done be sure and stop at the sink to wash your hands.  After you chance them let them know you have to wash your hands really fast.  Be sure your toddler sees you washing your hands all the time.

Talk to them – Man toddlers are smart and if we’re going to protect our toddler from germs we need to talk to them.  Let them know you are washing your hands to keep the germs away so you don’t get sick.  Explain to them that washing their hands is the best way to keep them from getting sick.

Disinfecting – Getting the germs off surfaces in your home can help prevent illness.  Keep your house clean and use disinfecting products when you clean.  Don’t forget your kid’s toys, doorknobs, and things like that.  Germs are everywhere.

Make washing hands fun – If my daughter ever fights me about washing her hands I pull out the LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap.  The name fits it, I think the No-Touch part makes my toddler want to touch it and wash her hands.  It also could be the fun no-touch dispenser, and the interactive activity.  She loves it, and mom likes it because it has 10 times more germ protection than the leading antibacterial hand soap.  Now she wants to wash her hands all the time.

I have caught my older kids washing their hands more too!  I know, pretty exciting to see it have an impact on all my kids.  I don’t blame them.  The LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System is like having your own personal automatic soap dispenser in your home.  The kids appreciate the automatic part, and mom appreciates the soap that’s in the dispenser and the fact that it’s protecting the people in the world that matter the most.  My family!

tips to protect kids from germsI recently received some LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap for review.  I have to admit, I love it and my husband and I just purchased more last night when we went to the store.  The LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System is an awesome product to help stop the spread of germs by eliminating the need to touch that germy soap pump, plus it’s more fun for them.  Okay and me too, there I said it I love it too!  It’s fun and neat, not to mention its easier cleanup for mom.  Now we wash our hands all the time, which is great my toddler is always into something, and now she looks for every excuse in the book to wash her hands.

On February 25th LYSOL launched The Kid Who Touches Everything Contest, and the grand prize is a trip to the Magical Kingdom   Yes, Disney!  I have good news too, the contest runs February 25, 2013 until May 25, 2013.  There’s still plenty of time to enter some of your Messy Moments.  Just some good old fashion fun, WITH AN AWESOME PRIZE.  No purchase necessary. Contest runs from 2/25/13- 5/25/13. Open to US residents ages 18+. Void where prohibited. Click here for official contest rules.”

tips to get your toddler to wash their handsIf you haven’t tried the LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System I highly recommend it.  I think you and your kids will like it, remember it’s has 10 times more germ protection than leading antibacterial hand soap.  I’m less stressed out about protecting my toddler from germs, as well as my older children.  Thanks Lysol for helping to protect children from germs in a fun, less messy way. It sure is awesome that LYSOL has decided to help my mommy powers protect my kids from germs.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of MomCentral Consulting for LYSOL®. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

  • Beanybopp

    I am really bad about germs now that I am a mom also!! I love the no touch soap..I have 2! LOL We have hand sanitizer. Our son was born during the flu season so we were constantly washing and sanitizing our hands…we have let up since he has been older but it is still hard for me since I would hate to see our son really sick even though I know it has and will happen sooner or later

  • Mikk

    Awesome stuff!!! Please post more! 😀

  • Stephanie Thompson (Free)

    Two year olds never cease to amaze me on what they can do. I have 3 grown children and one 6 yr old grandson plus a 2 yr old grandson who, after living through four 2 yr old, he still gets over on me. He can have the bathroom flooded in no time when he is alone to wash his hands, which he only gets to do when his Papa is watching him, because wawa is one of his favorite things to play in. We do agree it is important to teach them to wash their hands and all we can think of to help them stay germ free.

  • Danielle Barnett

    Love your blog!! You Rock!!



  • Maria Iemma

    So hard to keep little hands away from things…It seems that I am always washing my granddaughter’s hands and she keeps getting into messes. Thank you for the tips.

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    We sing a song to make sure we get the full two minutes for hand washing.

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