Fun for the Whole Family! HydroRush Inflatable Waterpark Rocks

HydroRush WaterparkLet me begin by saying God I wish I was a kid again. This has got to at the top of the list of favorites.

From the slide down to the water cannon on the side of the splash pool.  The Hydro Rush Waterpark is an easy to set up, safe, and fun inflatable waterpark that fits right in your back yard.

Setting up the waterpark was simple and fast.  Starting with a rock, stick, or anything that will puncture free area that’s fairly level about 18 feet long by 11 feet wide and overhead clearance of at least 8 feet.  Roll out the waterpark and stake down the corners. Hook up the UL listed constant air blower plug it in and turn the blower on.  There is a vent tube that is at the other end of the slide that should be tied so the climbing wall and slide can hold weight.  I am very impressed with the quality of the design and outstanding construction.  Our pit bull Skittles even joined in on the fun when someone let him out of the house.  Worried that his claws might have punctured the climbing wall or slide I made all the kids clear out so I could check for damage.  I found nothing.  I was shocked because skittles has not had his nails done in a while, and they are brutal on skin and furniture so I figured the slide for trash but nope, couldn’t even tell that those daggers on his feet were dragged down the length of the slide.

Summer Fun HydroRush Waterpark

The lay out of the Hydro Rush waterpark is perfect for maximizing fun in a relatively small area. The splash pool is a little more than ankle deep and goes from the climbing wall to the end of the waterslide there’s enough room for about 4 kids. My son’s favorite part was the water cannon on the side of the splash pool and sprays into the pool area, unless he is holding on to it. No one was safe from him and that darn cannon. There are water sprayers over the top of the slide that keep the slide wet and fill the splash pool. The sprayers are connected to the cannon so you only need one water hose to hook up.

The Blast Zone Hydro Rush water park is a fun and safe way to stay cool on those long hot summer days.  They are also great way to entertain for children’s birthday parties.  Yup, this is what Mattie got for her third birthday and it was a hit.  The cousins were here her brother and sisters and they had a blast, going nuts kids flying everywhere water splashing dogs barking, and moms yelling don’t do that  and wait your turn.  The craziness lasted all day long, but when it was over we helped pour exhausted kids into car seats and sent them home.  Whether it’s a birthday, or a really hot stuffy cranky kind of day the Hydro Rush water park is a great way to cool off, and burn that excess energy that makes your kids drive you up a wall.  You cannot go wrong with a HydroRush Water park that can be picked up on  Check out for more info on the Hydro Rush waterpark or check out their inventory from bounce houses to watersides.

 All opinion are 100% my own, based on my own experiences with the HydroRush Waterpark. 

  1. my kids have been bugging me for a couple years to rent one, they even swore they would clean a spot in the yard for it,lol, the bad part is im to big to play on it too, i want one that adults can play on, maybe if i lose some wieght i can get on it. possible? lol, i love your review, looks like the kids had fun, great pictures, we need to invent a blow up one for us so we can be like the kids and play too

    1. Michelle, shhhhhh but we play on ours.. lol, we don’t get all crazy or anything only the kids to but we have fun! They say not to, but hey we are just big kids trapped in adult bodies lol

  2. That’s really a good size. I don’t have young kids anymore. Heck, it looks like so much fun! How much weight does it hold? If it’ll take 105 lbs.I may get one for myself!

  3. My G’son was sitting with me when I opened this review. He loved this! they live in Escondido and it is hot in the summer. I checked it out on Amazon & they’re not too expensive…What a great way to have fun in the sun!!

  4. This would be fabulous for our family!! We love swimming and water, but alas, we live in Oregon where there is no place to swim without freezing or sinking in mud on the way in or out of the water.

  5. boy does this bring back memories. wish i had something like this when i was a kid. all we had was a slip and slide.

    1. Anne: Shoot, I’d be in there with the children! This looks like so much fun, it definitely would keep the children cool during these hot summer months and what’s better is the fact that you don’t even have to leave your backyard to do so. Thanks for stopping by.

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