Get The Party Started With Rollick!

As someone who loves to entertain, there is one area I am lacking in.  While I usually have all the food and beverages taken care of, I always seem to have trouble coming up with something fun for my guests to do.  Thanks to The Game Chef, who provided me Rollick for review purposes, I can now make my parties complete.  

get the party started


I admit, there is nothing worse than not having anything to do at a gathering.  Guests just sitting or standing around chatting to the same group, mingling amongst themselves, without having a chance to spend time with everyone.  How many of us had one of these or, at a minimum, have attended one of these?  Luckily, The Game Chef has come to the rescue.  Say goodbye to lifeless parties with Rollick! 

Receiving numerous industry awards such as Creative Child Magazine 2012 Party Game of the Year, Major Fun Award, Mom’s Choice Gold Award and many more, Rollick! is sure to be perfect for your party.  It was for mine.  


This exciting party game requires you to play in teams of three or more so you will need at least six players, ages 10 and over.  Plan on spending at least 25 fun-filled minutes to do five rounds.   If you are pressed for time, three rounds will take approximately 15 minutes.  Or, in the alternative, keep the night going with endless rounds.

After your teams are picked, you will need to pick your clues.  Whether to use the blue or red depends on how hard you want the clues.  The blue side provides easier clues while the red side provides harder ones.  Since we had guests from all ages, we decided to use the blue side for the children and the red side for the adults. 

You will then need to pick a team to go first.  After we decided the children would go first, they needed to pick someone to “guess” the clues.  The remaining team then gets to act out the clues for the guesser.  You can act out as many clues as possible during that one minute.  Remember to use the timer, included, to keep track of the time.  Only the “actors” get to see the clue so make sure someone from the opposite team holds the cards.  Keep in mind, the clues need to be guessed precisely so make sure you are specific when it is your turn to be the guesser.  Choose a new guesser with each round so everyone gets a turn.  Should you wish to skip a clue, you may “pass”; however, that is limited to one per round.

Teams earn one point for each clue correctly guessed.  Add up the total after each round.  The team with the most points, wins the game! 

Be careful.  Rollick! is not like ordinary Charades.  It takes fun to whole new level.  It brings people together to work as a team so everyone gets to play.  Young, old, boy or girl – this game is for everyone.  Invite your family and friends to take part in an amazing night with Rollick!  It offered my guests the opportunity to relax, act silly and engage in some friendly competition.  To mix things up, Rollick! offers “Variations”, which include groups of 12 or more, speed round and more.  Rollick! is perfect for any get together, such as birthday or holiday parties, work gatherings and many more.

Rollick! contains everything that you need to have an extraordinary time – 378 cards containing 756 clues, a rule sheet, 2 score pads and a timer.  It provided us with an evening of laughter and memories we soon won’t forget.

The Game Chef games are sold throughout the country in specialty toy stores or you may order online at Amazon, eBay and other online sites. Take time now to visit @thegamechef – and “Like” them on Facebook.  The Game Chef gives away games to new “likes” and “followers” so hurry by.

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  1. melisa says

    We love games (my family). During holidays we’ll try new ones out, do puzzles, simple games like cards, but our favorite so far is Balderdash.

  2. nancyfancypink says

    This game sounds perfect for my cousins and I to play at family gatherings. We are a board games family!

  3. tamra gibson says

    Oh yes I know that terrible feeling of a group of people sitting around and that terrible awkward silence-lol. I unfortunately had never thought of a board game but heck I am thinking of it now there are times when I’m with family members that this game would come in handy. Thank you great review

  4. lisa says

    The first thing that came to mind was that this sounds like charades. That sounds like a fun group game to play.