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  1. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    The best holiday I remember was the Christmas I got my first camera! **I am following Monica Platz per that entry because FB said she had reached her friend limit and it would not allow me to send her a friend request

  2. Sue Hull says

    My fave is when my sisters and I got up early Christmas morning and seeing everything Santa brought us. We had lots of yummy goodies in our stockings and barbies. We were happy campers! Thank you :)

  3. Jessica Holmes says

    My favorite holiday memory is of watching Christmas movies in front of the fireplace!

  4. Erin Ellis says

    My best holiday memory was watching my little girls enjoy Christmas morning for the first time.

  5. Jill Myrick says

    My favorite holiday memory was the year that my husband proposed to me .


  6. says

    My favorite Holiday Memory is when I received a 3 ft. x 2 ft. Valentine’s Day Card while my husband was overseas. That was such a Sweep Surprise and a great memory.

  7. Amanda Roberts says

    My mom is a Respiratory Therapist and had to work on Christmas one year. When we got home from our Christmas Eve festivities we discovered Santa had come early because he heard that Mom had to work! It was so exciting and unexpected!

  8. Wanda Jean P says

    Watching my grandson be surprised that some gifts actually were what he asked Santa for.

  9. kathy pease says

    Mine is when my kids were little and seeing the excitment on their faces christmas morning

  10. angie p says

    This past Christmas day, my daughter husband and I left on a family road trip. We made some wonderful memories.

  11. says

    My daughter woke up to find her daddy eating Santa’s fudge & cookies. She was appalled, so of course we made more (yes, middle of the night, what’s a mom to do). He left her tons, but her daddy got a stocking full of coal and a stern warning to leave Santa’s goodies alone next year.

  12. Jacklyn lauren says

    my favorite christmas memory was on dec 25 2009.my dad and I had a great day it was the last one we would ever spend together.dec 26th 2009 he collapsed with a stroke the day after christmas and was diagnoised with inoperable brain tumor to pass away 7 months later.he never left the hospital he was in there nursing home wing.I cherish that day as it was our last day together when he was truly happy and content.

  13. D Johnson says

    My favorite holiday memory was my German Shepherd biting Santa Claus for trying to give me a present. It wasn’t funny then, but it sure is now.

  14. Jacqueline W. says

    My favorite holiday memory is from when I was just a child. It was Christmas Day and my whole family had sat down for Christmas Dinner, my Step-Father walked through the door and yelled “Merry Christmas Presents”.

  15. Samantha says

    My mother always gets us all together for Christmas morning and we have a lotto ticket under our plates to play. It’s a nice tradition.

  16. Maegan Morin says

    My best holiday memory was the first Christmas with both of our kids. We finally felt like a real family 😀

  17. Carolyn Colley says

    one of my holiday memories is 20 years ago in November I married my husband right before Thanksgiving and we went to Myrtle Beach, not the best time of the year to be at the beach but I can’t complain. What I was going to say is when we put our Christmas tree up that year, I took all of my flowers, bows, etc. from our wedding and decorated the tree, it was beautiful,

  18. Kathleen Ophelan says

    My favorite Christmas memory was waking up to unwrap my baby alive when I was 7. I wanted that doll so bad!

  19. JV says

    My best Christmas memory that I had was when I was a kid. My family and I used to visit our relatives that we don’t usually see. Those that are located far from us. It was very fun getting acquainted again with them and to play with my cousins. Plus, we get to feasts on foods that are usually just served during Christmas.

  20. Stephen K. says

    This Christmas was pretty great because both kids were home and it has been quite a while since that happened.

  21. Laura Smith says

    My best memory is when we were young and got a 5 person tabogan, we went sliding every day on vacation

  22. Jenna McDonald says

    My. Best holiday memory is having breakfast with my husband then going outside and making snowmen.

  23. brandy g. says

    The year when everyone in my family got together for the holidays. We all live in different states and it is hard to get together every year. Most of the time we don’t see each other at Christmas, but a few years ago we all managed to get to my parents house in Tennessee and had a great Christmas. I wish we could go that every year.

  24. karen b says

    My best Holiday Memory is our first christmas with our new grandaughter, we are only fortunately to have one grandchild and she is the joy of our lives.

  25. April V. says

    When I was really little, my brothers would come into my room and wake me up to go and look through our stockings and shake our presents.

  26. Michelle L. says

    Every Christmas season, we would drive into the city (Philadelphia) and go to the Wanamaker Light Show. Wanamaker’s no longer exists, it is now Macy;s, and I continue the tradition by taking my children every year.

  27. Kendra says

    My best holiday memory is a couple Christmases ago it snowed a couple days before Christmas. The kids were on break, so we were able to go sledding and then come home and have hot cocoa. My in-laws were here, so Grandma had made soup for us for dinner and then we played games together. Was a nice family moment.

    During the holidays we also read for advent every night and my kids like that.

  28. sara rai says

    watching my niece and nephew open their christmas presents and spending time with family and friends on chritmas

  29. Renee Concolino says

    We always get each other ornaments for Christmas that have some emotional significance or relevance in the individuals lives so decorating the tree is a Joy to rehash previous years and previous connections.

  30. Marilyn Nawara says

    Remember my boys being little and how much fun we had on Christmas and how excited they would get in the week leading up to Christmas.

  31. Charlene Drake says

    Going to Christmas eve mass and then coming home to find Santa had been there….took me years to figure out my dad never went to mass with us.

  32. Cassondra Del Rio says

    my best holiday memory is going to my brothers house with my family. tree lit up. wonderful meal. and just sitting around and giggling at dads silly stories =]

  33. Maureen says

    any time I am able to spend the holidays with family that I love especially my husband and parents it is a good one.

  34. Christina B. says

    Every year we have a huge Christmas eve party with the whole family….which is quite large! It’s fun to see family that you don’t see that often.

  35. Marlene V. (Enelram) says

    I have no specific memory other then I love spending time with family and friends during the holiday.

  36. ellen chevarie says

    so bleseed to have many good memories,but the best would have to be Christmas shopping with my dad and sister.every year out we go to tackle my dads shopping all in one day.oh the adventures.my dad had passed and every Christmas my sister and I reminisce about our shopping days with dad,i miss him

  37. says

    My favorite holiday moment was watching the happiness that evolved around the children and grandchildren. as they opened gifts and giggled throughout the whole day.Their happiness is contagious and we had more than a very merry time together as a family.

  38. Sandi Tymchuk says

    My best holiday memory is of lying on the carpet looking up at the sparkling lights and tinsel of the Christmas tree, dreaming of the presents in the shiny wrapped boxes….

  39. Amanda I says

    My best holiday memory was from this past Christmas….getting to meet my nephew for the very first time <3

  40. Terri T says

    My favorite holiday memory is watching my kids checking if Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk they put out on Christmas eve.

  41. Kendra C. says

    One of my earliest & favorite memroies is laying under our Christmas tree as a child and staring at the lighs and ornaments from inside the tree.

  42. Ashley Croni says

    My best holiday memory is the first year I was a mom. My son was only a few weeks old and I was so wrapped up in all of the newness, it felt perfect to be home with him at Christmas


  43. Cheryl Almas says

    My best Christmas memory is when my Grandma used to always come over and we would play cards.

  44. BeckyJo says

    My best memory was when I moved close to my grandkids and they came to visit me for the first time. Little Kilee looked around my apartment and said “Grandma, where’s your Christmas tree?” I hadn’t planned to buy one, but I went right out and got one and we had the best time enjoying it together.

  45. LINDSEY MILES says

    My best holiday memory is being able to pull off getting the whole family together and spending it together, it was quite the accomplishment given our hectic lives.

  46. Monica Kirkham says

    Spending Christmas Eve with my mother, brother, aunt and cousins. Every year, we’d spend quality time with each other drinking eggnog, singing caroles and exchanging gifts until the wee hours. Sadly, the family has become distance in both miles and otherwise… Some of the best memories ever.

  47. Jana H. says

    My own Christmas memories are lovely, but they are nothing compared to the memories I am now making each year as a parent. The joy and excitement that surrounds children at Christmas time is magical. Laughter – that is my favorite holiday memory.

  48. ELIZABETH C. says

    My favorite holiday memory is when we had Thanksgiving in my home last year and invited over 30 people. My kids helped me cook and bake. It was a lot of fun!

  49. Nadine L says

    Although I didn’t know it at the time, my best memory is and will always be the last Christmas with my Mom. I cherish it and will always remember it

  50. Lisa F. says

    My favorite ho,iday memory is going to my grandmas Christmas Eve night for dinner and gift exchange. It was always a nice time, from when I was little until the last time when she was still alive. I miss that.

  51. Deborah Wellenstein says

    One of my first Christmas memories was looking at our beautifully decorated tree-all the room lights were off, just the tree lights were on, and I was thinking how beautuful our tree was !

  52. says

    My best holiday memory was when I was younger. I loved when my whole big family got together. Now there are fewer of us :(

  53. Stephanie V. says

    My grandma making tamales from scratch for Christmas Eve celebration — so good! People would come from miles to eat them!

  54. cheryl s says

    driving from Chicago to Baltimore and surprising both sets of grandparents by ringing their doorbell on Christmas eve

  55. Suzanne K says

    the year my parents convinced me that the big box under the tree was boots for dad… it was my wished for Barbie car!

  56. says

    My favorite is when I was 7 and begged for a globe because I told my mom I wanted to see the whole world. She tried so hard to find out what other things I wanted like toys but I only wanted the globe. I got tons of giftsi can’t remember but I totally got the globe I wanted & I’ve been a travel bug since the moment I was old enough to step out on my own! My mom cried, she was so surprised a kid could be so happy about a globe lol.

  57. Ann Fantom says

    My favorite Christmas memory is decorating the tree with my family while the Christmas music was playing and eating cookies with hot chocolate.

  58. Karen D says

    My best holiday memory is the year that I got an Atari game system (yes, I’m old!) for Christmas. We always went to my grandmother’s house and my mother wrapped up a piece of paper in a small box that said, “this may not look like an Atari 2600, but it is! Merry Christmas!” I was in complete shock. I never expected to get the present of my dreams, and the box certainly didn’t give it away :) It was at home all set up waiting for me when we got home a few days later. I was in heaven.

  59. Elaine Sumner Rumsey says

    Jennsblahblahblog please note: link to pin on Pinterest (last entry) is for a giveaway that ended in December.

  60. Elaine Sumner Rumsey says

    Probably the best Christmas memories are of the Christmas programs I was in in church while growing iup. Always looked forward to doing those with my friends, and the music…loved the music!

  61. Annmarie W. says

    My best holiday memory this year was having our friends & their kids come from a few states over to stay with us for a couple of days & celebrate New Years Eve with us!

  62. Katie says

    My best is this year. I couldn’t go to my family’s thanksgiving o my husband surprised me by making a Thanksgiving dinner for me.

  63. Sandy Klocinski says

    My favorite holiday memory was when we traveled to see family I hadn’t seen in ages. Everyone one of us cooked something for the meal. I had some quiet moments with my mom just talking and I gave her a piece of my writing, telling her what I was thankful for and how much I love her. She passed away a couple of years ago, and this memory makes the holidays that much more special.

  64. Sandra VanHoey says

    Having my family all together I had many wonderful memories and now that I lost both parents, y only 2 brothers and a sister at such young ages, things are never the same

  65. Kathleen says

    It would have to be the first time I prepared the holiday meal all by myself! It showed off my independence and creativity.

  66. Sarah Hall says

    My best holiday memory is when my little grandson had his first Christmas and we laid him under the tree. He loved looking up at the lights.

  67. Anita says

    The year I got a Barbie Dreamhouse (I guess I was about 7 or 8) I thought it was the best present I’d ever gotten.

  68. autumn grace says

    Watching my 2 boys play in the snow together on CHRISTMAS ….being it snows rarely here at all……..

  69. Denise Smith says

    i like when the kids were small and they were so excited for santa to come that is my favorite moments

  70. Wanda Clark says

    When my mom caught my niece snooping in the packages. Mom had gotten her a curling iron. My mom knew she had seen it, so after they went home mom filled it with coal OH MY you should have seen her face when she opened it. My mother told her Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Later my mom gave it to her, she never snooped in packages again.

  71. Starla Bates says

    One of my best holiday memories, my family and I actually spent Christmas in Disney World, it was the best experience ever!

  72. Donna Quarles says

    Getting a metal horse with wheels when I was 6. I could ride it all around the neighborhood

  73. Cassidy says

    I grew up in Billings, MT. My favorite memory is Christmas eve on the cliffs to see all the lights

  74. Cathy Kline says

    My favorite Christmas memory is listening to the bells at midnight on Christmas eve with my mother…She had since passed on, but bought me bells to have on my tree each year to remind me of her at Christmas :)

  75. Tina F says

    the year my kids were born and celebrated their firat chirtmas which they would have been 3 1/2 months old

  76. Kate J says

    My favorite memory is making christmas cookies with my dad and handing them out to peeople we knew. It was much fun. And Dad lets you get a lot more messier than Mom ever did.

  77. Joleene Gould says

    My favorite memory is when my brothers and i were little and we would all decorate the Christmas tree together. I miss that so much now

  78. sandy weinstein says

    when i was little we used to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. loved getting presents for both but then i was abt 4/5

  79. linda moore says

    when my oldest made a take back pile and a keep pile when she was seven. I couldnt believe it watching her open a gift and seeing what pile she put it in.

  80. says

    Hello, my best christmas memory was when I was 7 oh so many years ago. A carefree time of my life and magical. That year I had carefully picked out barbies, barbie clothes and accesories out of the sears wish book and come Christmas morning Santa had gotten everything on my wish list. How did Santa know.?! Ah, it was so much fun being a kid.

  81. tamra gibson says

    I have 2 favs but to be honest the best favorite was a couple years ago when my daughter from Arizona came to visit. She had only 1 daughter then but was pregnant with her boy. Our son came down from Ohio and basically at that time we only had the 1 grandchild (we now have 4) but all of adults watched r granddaughter rip open the presents in about 5 seconds but we were together and we were a family :)

  82. Crystal W says

    My favorite holiday memory from when I was young was at my grandmothers house and after all the gift exchange and food my uncle would get out his guitar and we would have an old fashioned sing along for hours!

  83. Chrissy Kim says

    I remember finding “Santa’s” gifts in the garage before Christmas! I knew then that Santa didn’t exist! lol!

  84. Heather McCormick says

    My best holiday memory is watching the kids open their presents on their first Christmas

  85. Chum says

    my best holiday memories are from my childhood! my grandpa used to dress as santa claus every year, with his big red sack of goodies for me and my cousins. he passed away 7 years ago and i miss him everyday!

  86. Margo D says

    About 10 years ago my whole family spent Christmas, together. We had a grand time singing around the piano, playing games, and eating Christmas cookies. Little did I know that would be the last time we would ever be together. I’m so glad we took a family picture! That picture means so much to me.

  87. Brandy Davis says

    My best Christmas memory is racing to the tree with my brothers and sisters everyone trying to get there first.

  88. Deana says

    My best holiday memory is when a friend of ours dressed up as Santa one year to surprise my daughter. Oh the look of excitement and happiness was PRICELESS! The innocence and love poured from those eyes. I will never forget that moment! :)

  89. Mishelle says

    The best holiday memory I have is my grandfather driving back thru a snow storm to get the leftovers he forgot – it was the first Christmas dinner I made and he really liked it… I knew it was more than him being polite when he drove back thru the storm for them.

  90. Sherri Burgan says

    My best holiday memory is when my boy’s experience their 1’st Christmas tearing paper and so happy

  91. Andrea Hadfield says

    I was 3, Santa (aka my brother) dropped a present from our roof onto the front porch. It was a watch with a boy and a girl on a teetter totter.

  92. Penny Leidecker says

    My best holiday memory is from my 1st Christmas with my husband. I didn’t get much for Christmas growing up and he had bought me a lot of gifts. I cried and he thought he had done given me something wrong. Then I explained it to him and everything was fine. Now, I don’t ask for anything because we have kids and I want them to have what they ask for (within reason, of course).

  93. Birdiebee says

    My best holiday memory is when my whole family was together before my husband and daughter passed away.

  94. kath g says

    I think my favorite was the Christmas when the whole family celebrated together when my nephew came home safely from two tours in Iraq. It was the best gift for all of us.

  95. Marilyn B. says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! My best holiday memory is of baking holiday cookies with my mom and sisters!

  96. sherry butcher says

    When I was a little kid about 6 my brother got a drum set for Christmas and I played it all the time.

  97. lisa says

    My favorite holiday memory? I guess I’m still waiting. So far it’s when we went to the DC fireworks. They were so beautiful.

  98. Sandy Cain says

    My all time best holiday memory is when my loving boyfriend took me to Rockefeller Center to see the tree lighting. Magical!!

  99. rebecca scolari says

    Choices, choices. hmmm. I like being offered different choices for something. It gives a greater sense of freedom.

  100. Deborah D says

    Boy would this come in handy!!!!!Thank you for the giveaway. I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deborah D says

      My best holiday memory is when my sister was allowed to come home from the hospital for Christmas but she had to go back in the day after Christmas. It is the best memory I have because she was in the hospital for a month before that having had surgery for a cancerous brain tumor. It has now been 31 years since then but that memory of having her & my mom and dad walk into the house I will never forget.

  101. Michelle S says

    My best holiday memory is just this year – my daughter starred in the Christmas play at school. She did beautifully and sang so well! I will remember her performance forever.

  102. says

    I couldn’t forget the last Christmas I had aat home before I left for college when everybody was blurry-eyed around the table on Christmas morning with hang-over from last night’s merriment :)