Giveaway: Enter To #Win A Wii U Deluxe Set!

New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi UWho would be excited if I said I know where you can enter to win the Wii U Deluxe Seton with New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi Giveaway?  That’s what I was hoping for, and entering is super easy like it always is when you swing by Just Free Stuff for his monthly giveaway!

If you are not already following Just Free Stuff, and you love freebies than you are missing out.  It’s my favorite freebie blog, and there is a reason he has so many followers on Facebook, he rocks that blog…  The Just Free Stuff Wii U Deluxe Set Giveaway will run until the end of Januray, and not to worry he will have something else start in Febuary!

Okay, so I will stop with the blah blah’s whose ready to enter to win one super-duper awesome giveaway?  ME TOO!  Sadly I cannot enter this one is all you ladies and gentlemen.  Here is all the giveaway details:

Just Free Stuff Wii U Deluxe Set Giveaway

One super lucky person will win the Wii U Deluxe Seton which includes Super Mario Bros U and NEW Super Luigi U!  I don’t know about you, but my kids would love to, and to be honest with you so would I lol.  Mario, Luigi, and I go way, way back to the days of the regular Nintendo… It’s nice to see them still around on the Wii U, which is another one of my favorite gaming consoles, after the regular Wii and Xbox One, lol.

If you would like to enter for a chance to win The Wii U Deluxe Seton with New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U all you have to do is head on over to Just Free Stuff Wii U Deluxe Set Giveaway HERE!

This fabulous giveaway will run the whole month of January!  Good luck everyone, I sure hope it’s one of my readers that wins this prize, becasue it’s a good one!

  • beverly i paquin

    this is quite the prize to win.

  • Megan Cromes

    i love this ty jenn! i would love this ty 😉

  • Maureen G

    Fun way to begin 2014

  • Michelle Brown

    I would love to have this.

  • khd

    Awesome giveaway, thank you! I’d love to win this. =)

  • Aline Boutz

    My Grandkids as well as us old floks would enjoy this! I would love to be chosen to win.

    • Sandra Beeman

      Here;s to the best New Year”s giveaway!

  • http://[email protected] tamra gibson

    You are really starting the New Year out right. The questions is who wouldn’t want to win this. Totally awesome item.