Mont Bleu Glass Nail File | Product Review

Color glass nail files with Swarovski crystals

Have you heard of a glass nail file?

I am a nail freak, I am always doing something with my nails, I am somewhat of an addict when it comes to all the beautiful colors and wonderful designs you can put on your nails.

I used to always carry an emery board in my purse, just in case I ended up with a snag, I wanted to be able to file it down.  Emery boards bend, break and just loose the ability to file nails so I  end up buying another one for the same things to happen.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an emery board that could be carried around that you do not have to worry about breaking, you know it is always going to be there.

Mont Bleu has glass nail files, that are absolutely amazing.  Tons of amazing decorations, designs, colors and sizes.  I recently was given the opportunity to try our two of the Mont Bleu glass nail files, one which has beautiful crystals attached and another that that which was plain in color.  They were both amazing, wonderful to use, easy to keep clean and perfect for carrying in my purse.  It did not bend, break and still is working perfectly.

I love my glass nail file, I always have one in my purse now, that I know is not going to be broken if I need it.  These products are outstanding and I love my new glass nail file.

The above information is based on my own personal experiences and 100% my own opinion.


  • Peggy Greco

    Thanks for sharing, these glass nail files are cute and practical to use.