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GlassDharma straws, or maybe you have heard them referred to as the glass straws. Either way these straws are definitely a straw of a different texture.  Have ever sat down with a nice cold beverage with a reusable Glass Dharma straw?  I recently had the opportunity to experience Dharmas Glass Straws for myself.

About GlassDharma

Since 2007 GlassDharma has been hard at work producing the glass straws they are known for.  They want to make the world more aware about single use plastics and the damaging effect on our environment.  Their glass straws help provide people with the straw that helps to eliminate the need for plastic straws.

IMG 1703 1024x682 GlassDharmas Glass StrawHave you considered changing to the GlassDharma drinking straw yet?  I honestly had not given the glass drinking straw much thought.  Sure I thought they looked pretty neat, but there are several good reasons to consider a glass straw.  Here are a few reasons one might want to use the glass straw.

  • They will not leak those nasty toxins into your body while you sip on your beverage.
  • Every single time you use your glass straw that is one less straw ending up in our landfills.  Think about how many straws one glass straw can replace if you’re able to use the same straw for the rest of your life.
  • Glass drinking straws are beautiful

What are Dharma’s Glass Straws Made Of?

IMG 1766 1024x682 GlassDharmas Glass StrawGlassDharma uses a glass called Borosilicate Glass to make their glass drinking straws.  They use Borosilicate Glass because it’s the strongest commercially available glass available on the market.  If you’re wondering what Borosilicate Glass is, it’s also known as Pyrex® glass.  Borosilicate Glass is the same thing, Pyrex® is its brand name.  Borosilicate Glass has a main ingredient called silica and boron oxide and is well-known for having a very low thermal expansion.  Which means it’s resistant to thermal shock more so than any other glass on the market.  It’s also non-porous, hypoallergenic, and often used for high-quality glass and kitchen ware.  Its durable.

Whether you’re sipping on a glass of chocolate milk, cocktail, coffee, or cold bottle of water like my kids there is a straw designed for you.  Glass Dharma offers several different straws:

  • Long Straws
  • Short Cocktail Straws
  • Bent Straws
  • Pretty Straws with Colored Dots
  • Plain Straight Straws

My personal favorite is any that have the colored dots.  Those cute little dots help keep the straws from rolling off the counters.

Do glass straws really break?

Of course they will break, I did lose 1 during my breaking test.  However it wasn’t until I held the glass straw up about 5 feet and dropped it on hardwood floor.   I tried several different drops before it broke.  I dropped it from about 2 ft. on my hardwood floor it made it without a problem, again at about 3 ft., and again at 4 ft.  Every time it made it out without a chip or crack.  When I finally put it up to 5 ft. and it broke.  Impressive!  I’m most certainly happy enough to allow my kids the chance to drink out of a glass straw with adult supervision.

On Glass Dharma’s website they do inform their customer that if a straw is dropped it is always possibility there is chipping or breakage.  They inform their customers to never use the straw if they notice any chipping, cracking or breakage.   However with their lifetime warranty they will either repair or replace your straw.

Final Thoughts

I love these straws, and my kids love them more than I do.  These straws are environmentally friendly, and help to keep toxins out of our body that plastic straws don’t.  What’s not to like?

GlassDharma  978x1024 GlassDharmas Glass StrawThere is plastic everywhere we look, and thinking about the amount of plastic being dumped into landfills and oceans leaves me with an uneasy feeling.  While there is no easy fix to the world pollution problem, replacing your plastic straws with glass straws is an awesome start.  I have no idea how many straws fast-food  restaurants use in a day, but I’m betting it’s TONS!  Single use plastics play a huge factor in plastic pollution.  Imagine if everyone was to invest in glass straws that do not pollute the world we live in.

IMG 1701 1024x682 GlassDharmas Glass StrawI do recommend these straws.  However I think that kids should only use them with adult supervision.  Plus how honest of a review would I be providing you if I didn’t tell you what it took to break one?  However, I do not think it would break in a normal accident, and if it does than you contact GlassDharma and they will take care of it.  I will allow my kids to use these straws.  I keep the straws put up where the kids cannot reach them, and they are allowed to use them with adult supervision.  My kids love drinking out of straws, I like that it’s fun for them and helps protect them from toxins.  The last thing I want to worry about is what toxins my kids are exposed to because they want to use a straw.  Let’s face it, even as an adult drinking things out of a straw is more fun.  Well it’s even more fun using a glass straw, especially the ones with the fun colors up top.

I appreciate what GlassDharma is doing by making a straw that is environmentally friendly, as well as reduce staining on teen from things such as coffee and tea.  Most importantly using a glass straw removes the chance of those nasty toxins leaching into your body while you’re sipping on a beverage.  GlassDharma’s Glass Straws did stant up to my expectation in both quality and durability.  Breaking that straw wasn’t easy, and it’s important to check your straw for any chips before every use.

If you want to learn more about GlassDharma’s glass straws you can visit them online at, ‘Like” them on Facebook, “Follow” via Twitter, and check out all their awesome pins on Pinterest.

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  1. Marcia says

    I never even considered buying glass straws until I read your informative review. I’m not even sure that I have seen one in a store. But when you mentioned they prevent us from getting toxins, like we can while drinking from a plastic straw, I thought about all the advertising about bpa free plastic in all sorts of products & wondered if the straws I just recently purchased would have BPA in them. Thank you for making me aware of the alternative to plastic straws.

  2. says

    I’ve been using my Glass Dharma straws for over a year and LOVE them! I broke one in the dishwasher (it fell through the basket and snapped when I pulled the rack out) and they replaced it without charge. Not only are they great straws, but it’s a great company as well.

  3. Michelle says

    Hi I just ordered two and can’t wait to use them. I ordered them because I started drinking lemon water every day and I think it might help with keeping the acid off my teeth also I drink coffee, tea, and read wine which also can stain the teeth You might want to add that to your reasons for buying along with saving the earth

  4. tamra gibson says

    Wow why didn’t i come up with that invention. They sound great but with grand kids I could c them dropping them just to c if they would break. Good review girl!

    • says

      Thanks so much! With four kids I had to see what it took to break one.. I dont think my kids would do it, but they are kids and who knows with them… They are amazing, love them but watch the kids just like you would with anything else ya know

  5. Diana Ward says

    I will buy them, because my family, especially grandkids, love straws. And the grandboys especially love having a fancier straw, like the plastic ones with curls and bends, that I don’t like for them to use and which I have to throw away quickly because it is next to impossible to clean them. These are just what we need.

  6. lisa says

    I never thought about using a glass straw. Until I read this review I thought it was just a weird new fad. The reasons you listed for using them do make sense. Will I buy them? Probably not. I don’t use straws enough in general.

  7. rebeccabasset says

    I didn’t know that they would replace the Straw’s. What a neat Company! I am also wondering how you keep them clean? Especially the smaller Straws. Did you buy a small brush?
    Thanks for the info and the post!

  8. md Kennedy says

    I ordered a set of these over a year ago, and we use them all the time! So nice to have non-plastic straws when my husband (!) whines for a straw for his can of soda or morning smoothie. Makes me feel so “green!” Love ‘em!