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As you are all about to learn I love being able to craft and make new things with my children. I would be particularly happy crafting any time but when I get to craft and create something with the kids it is much more exciting and fun for me. My kids really love when they get to make something that they are going to use or something that they can show to others.



When we received the Green Kids Craft box I was instantly impressed. Each box comes with a theme and the boxes that we received were part of a Kitchen Science theme that was so much fun to make and create with them.



We got to have three separate fun experiments which included being able to make our own soaps, make our own bath bombs, and create some awesome rainbow volcanoes. The kids really did love each one of these activities and I was able to use them for fun learning and entertainment rolled into one.


Making Our Own Soaps



Making your own soap is something that is a lot of fun.



I love that this kit came with a bar soap that you got to cut up and melt, glitter and erasers to decorate the soap and make it pretty, and molds.



Since we got the sibling kit we had two sets and were able to make several small bars of soap.



Althea loved being able to make soap and then getting to take a bar to her grandma and uncle.



Huxley thought that it was a lot of fun to take a bath with the soap that he made.



Adeline just enjoyed stirring the wax and talking about how to make the soap.



She also enjoyed being able to check out the soap and use it in her next bath as well.


Bath Bomb Fun



While I had made soap in the past I was never one to try a lot of new things.



I generally do not have enough time to sit around and make things for myself.



When it came to making bath bombs there were several steps but the kids really enjoyed helping with these as well.  We did not have an vanilla essential oil so I put a little vanilla extract in them to make them smell great.

Creative Volcanoes



Now I will admit that my kids love to make volcanoes and this is actually one that we had done before in the past.



The thing was that it was something that they loved and I got to talk to them about how it is a chemical reaction.



So I loved doing it with them again.



I did like that instead of using food coloring like I had in the past that the kit came with tablets (like those that you get with Easter Egg coloring kits) as it was less messy and something that the little ones could do themselves (sorry for the messy house, we have shelf boxes back there to remodel our living room).



All in all our experience with the amazing Green Kids Craft Box was a ton of fun and left us with may amazing shared memories.  Best of all is that the subscription is affordable and depending on how many months you sign up for you will pay between $16.95 and $19.95 per box.


This blog has been written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.


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  1. melisa says

    This looks so fun. I love educational fun with little guys. They are learning and they don’t even know it, and they’re learning things that we don’t even realize as well, based on their personalities and their bends.