Guest Posts: 5 Tips to Score the Best Online Deal

Amazingly, I still have friends that will shop online and pay full price without blinking an eye. After I get up from falling out of my chair, I tell them about all the great ways you can save money when shopping online. To my surprise, many of my favorite tips are completely new to them and they are excited to give them a whirl. With that in mind, I present my 5 favorite ways to save money shopping on the web.

reading in chair1. Follow your Favorite Stores on Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming a hot place to look for an online deal or coupon. This new trend allows retailers to use their social media pages and feeds to promote exclusive content and coupons to their loyal users. Be sure to become a loyal follower of your favorite online stores by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter so you never miss an exclusive coupon in the future.

2. Are you a “Showrooming” Shopper?

If not, you should be. “Showrooming” is the practice of checking out items in-store then coming home to buy cheaper online. Brick & mortar stores really hate the practice, but from a personal finance stand-point, it just makes good sense. Especially with clothing retailers when correct sizing can be a big issue. By “showrooming” you completely avoid potential return shipping charges plus you can take advantage of coupon codes that are only available for online shoppers. Many retailers are trying to combat showrooming by having suppliers provide products that are only available in-store. But it is a losing battle and one that shoppers should be taking full advantage of.

3. Visit Coupon Code Sites

This one is fairly self-explanatory. If you are shopping online and not looking for a coupon code every time you shop you are losing out on some pretty incredible savings. Once you find a few coupon sites that you really like, be sure to bookmark them for future use. The good coupon sites post new codes on a daily basis, remove expired offers continually, and have a large selection of stores and shopping categories to choose from. My three favorites are,, and a little known site called :-)

4. Clear Out Your Cookies

Not the Girl Scout cookies in your pantry, but the virtual cookies on your computer. The reason is because many online retailers will install a harmless cookie on your computer which allows them to track your buying habits and recognize you as a returning customer. This is not always a good thing as many online retailers will offer new customers better deals and pricing. So clear out your cookies every once in a while and always get treated like a new customer. Do a quick Google search on “clearing browser cookies”. It will take just a minute and can potentially save you a good chunk of change.

5. Get Free Online Coupon Alerts

This tip piggy-backs on #3, the best coupon sites will allow you to sign up for coupon alerts to the stores you shop at the most. Essentially it works by the coupon site emailing you a coupon for your pre-determine stores when one is added to their website. This allows you to not only save the time it takes to hunt down a coupon, but you’ll never miss a chance to save some money by getting alerts sent directly to your email inbox.

To give you an example of the amazing savings you can get by shopping online, here is a partial list of coupons that have a minimum savings of 20%. If you have any shopping to do this weekend hopefully one of these offers can save you some cash.

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Toys R
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About The Author: Kyle James runs a site called which specialiazes in online coupons to over 850 stores. He also blogs about frugal living and the adventures and mis-adventures of raising 3 active kids.

  • cheryl lister

    good article! thanks for the tip about clearing out cookies, although I may need my husband to help me do that!

  • Gail Ballard

    I too am always wanting to save as much as I can. I love bargains. I figured out about the “cookie” issue a few months ago when I was shopping for some summer tops and new makeup. After cruising about 4 sites I just logged out and did not purchase. The next day I signed on to Facebook and on the right hand side of my page and even the little “pop-up” ads was all the items I had looked at the day before…needless to say I was shocked. How could “FB” know what I was doing on-line yesterday I thought??? So I googled it and there it was in black and white it was my cookies… so everyday I delete my cookies. It is kinda scary to think..”they are watching” you… kinda creepy too.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Showroom shopping is something I have not done yet but will in the future. I do want to sign up for the coupon alerts I think I would use them often when shopping to save some $$$$

  • Amy Green

    This is golden-I am always looking for shopping assistance!

  • Valarie Lee Gentry

    I didn’t even think about following my favorite stores on social media! I bet you could get lots of great deals that way! I didn’t think about clearing out my cookies but I really need to do that!

  • Ari

    Interesting, I’d never heard of showroom shopping before now. Sounds like a good way to test if something is really what you want by checking the b&m store first.

  • Megan Real

    #2 is only applicable if you are buying from the same merchant – even within the same brand, items vary from retailer to retailer, so don’t assume that what you’re ordering from Amazon is the same thing you looked at in a local shop, even if that appears to be the case.

    • Jenn

      I have never had any issues with Amazon, but I’m glad you said that becasue now I know to be much more careful… Thank you Megan for your awesome tips!

  • lisa

    Good tips. Especially about the cookies to track you. Somehow that just doesn’t sound right.

  • Kristina L

    Wow thanks! The cookie one I did not think about! Always trying to find the better deal. makes me so happy!

  • Theresa Wilson

    I have just recently learned that following people and places on social media will get you a lot further then just going to a store or sifting through magazines or newspapers. That’s where you get the best deals. Thanks for all of the feedback, this is going to stay on my list of information to share with others. Thank you!