Halloween Safety for 2013: Be Safe This Halloween!

I hate that we have to talk about being safe on Halloween, it should be a holiday where the kids can have fun.  Sadly enough it’s something that we have to talk about, and parents have to worry about.  Somewhere out there is people who are just waiting to rain on your Halloween fun.  I ran into this infographic, and you know me and my infographics.  They are a great way to say what you want, and much more fun to look at than a long drawn out post in many cases.  Besides Halloween is always a fun holiday, so I wanted to share as much fun stuff as I can, and I am just about out of Halloween recipes lol.

I hope all of you have a great time with your families whatever you are doing.  I also hope you are safe, which is why I am sharing this Halloween Safety 2013 Infographic!  Have fun, and be safe everyone!

Halloween Safety for 2013

Halloween Safety infographic

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Thank you for the fun infographic. It is unfortunate that there are people who take advantage of the holiday to do dangerous things such as putting things into candy. I escorted my kids when they were very young and when older I warned them to not eat any candy until I had inspected it. (By the way , I never found anything).

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more… It’s sad, and only takes one bad apple to mess everything up and it’s about the kids is what makes it even worse.

  2. Nancy Carr says

    Great Ideas for safety. Thank you. I would not have thought of some of these including keeping the vehicles in the garage or alarming the security system. Thank you.

  3. M.Clark says

    Wow, I have to be honest, it never occurred to me that it could be so dangerous. I didn’t know that you should not answer the door after 9:00pm. Thank you for the information, maybe I can find one that depicts the area where I live.

  4. Kristen Coronado says

    This is a great infographic! Love the little map. It also has great tips for other places too. Every city should have one of these

  5. judy gardner says

    thank you! unfortunately there are people out there who are up to no good so its usually better to go to planned events. my sister’s church has what they call”trunk or treat” where, in their large parking lot, member come halloween night and open all of their trunk that are filled with candy. the kids go from car to car trick or treating.