Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTM – Behind the Scenes

For the next several weeks, I will be writing a series of articles regarding a new product by Hill’s called Ideal Balance.  Hill’s®Ideal BalanceTM is a new, natural pet food that provides perfectly balanced nutrition, guaranteed or your money back.

As any pet owner will tell you, we only want the very best for our furry friends.  We take great pride in our pets, sometimes even to the point of entering them into shows or a photo contest of some sort or another.  Some of our pets are even considered part of the family and are assigned different chores to do on a daily basis.  In other words, some of our furry friends are working animals.  The German Shepherd is one such animal, who you frequently see working with the police department, or the Dalmatian, who you see working with the fire department, and of course, the Collie who works on the farm.  Needless to say, there are a variety of dogs who have trained for long periods of time to act as seeing-eye dogs for a sight-impaired individual.  Despite the breed of cat or dog, our pets need a balanced diet for a long and healthy life.

Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTM Behind the Scenes 

When you see a new product on the market, the average consumer does not give much thought into how the product is developed, or of the amount of time, effort and expense that goes into the item before it hits any store shelf.  Hill’s was gracious enough to enlighten me on the process.

Considerable time was spent in the researching for the new Ideal Balance pet food, by requesting significant consumer input on exactly what they wished to see in a natural pet food.  Once it was determined what ingredients pet owners wanted in their pet’s food, Hill’s trusted pet nutritionists went to work to develop what ultimately resulted in Hill’s Ideal Balance pet food.  Hill’s Ideal Balance has no corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  The ingredients that are included are fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat-based protein with all of the ingredients in the correct proportions of over 50 nutrients to promote your pet’s best health.

With the recipe in place, Hill’s personnel teamed together to determine the best way to market the new Ideal Balance pet food.  No ordinary packaging and marketing would do for this new innovative product.  It needed something special.  So, a new package design was made to distinguish it from other natural competitive brands.  I’m sure that you have seen the silhouette of a dog or cat with a burst of daybreak sunlight on the bag but didn’t realize that it was a Hill’s product.  The new package design outperformed other natural brands in standing out on the shelf as looking unique and being viewed as a high quality product.  Of course, research was conducted to measure the effectiveness and showed that the Ideal Balance TV advertising creates strong stopping power and engagement with consumers for Ideal Balance.  Consumer’s Intent to Purchase increased to 67% after watching the ad up from 32% before the ad, and the opinion of the brand was a tremendous 86% after watching the ad.


Thereafter, the Hill’s Ideal Balance was introduced to a national audience of pet parents.  With the help of a skilled production and animation team, commercials were created set in a hyper-realistic world of balance nutrition for cats and dogs.  In separate commercials, a cat and dog were followed as they discovered the world of Ideal Balance for a perfect proportion of what a pet needs to be healthy.



In the making of these commercials, animals were placed in real and natural elements like grass and gravel.  Together with landscape animations, Hills is able to showcase the food’s true potential.  Take a quick look at the making of the TV commercial at http://youtu.be/USicbhgxt1k.

Now that you have taken a peak at how Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTM began, go out and get some for your own family and see what a difference this product will make with its perfectly balanced ingredients.   Look for the new Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTMpet food on the aisle that contains the natural foods in your local pet food store.  Hill’s website offers all sorts of information on the products, including where you can purchase them, and you can even try it free with the rebate offer.

Be sure to “Friend” Hill’s on their Facebook page and drop by their You Tube page as well.

Until next time when we will discuss the gourmet meal –

*The images posted are the property of Hill’s Pet Nutrition and have been approved for use in this article.

  • Kate V

    both my dogs are on a prescription diet from Hills Science Diet. I trust the company and would trust this formula as well.

  • Julie D

    Our huskies are our babies. We try so hard to make sure they get the best. We used to get them a very expensive food, and ended up stopping because the cost was too much. Will definitely have to give this a try for them :)

  • http://randyfulgham.blogspot.com RANDY FULGHAM


  • ANN*H

    I like that this pet food has no artificial colors or flavor added to it. It is all fresh fruits and vegetables with meat based protein. All good things for a pets diet to keep them strong and health. Thanks for the info on this product

  • Pamela Halligan

    I have a shepherd mix, a husky mix, and a pug. My pets are my family, so I try to feed then quality dog food. Hills is one of the brands I have come to trust over the years to provide my dogs nourishing, healthy food. I’m sure they will love Ideal Balance. Thanks for the review.

  • Michelle Elizondo

    I feel that in today’s fast paced food world, diets should start being taken seriously..Especially as we age.