Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTM – Ingredients and Sourcing

As a dog is considered to be man’s best friend, we only want the best for them.  This is true from the vet you select to the food that your dog eats.  But selecting a food for your dog can be quite a task.

We discussed in my last article Hill’s® Ideal Balance – Is Natural Enough about the importance of selecting a natural food, as well as the role that ingredients play in striving for a balanced diet.  We found that Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTMis guaranteed to be a natural pet food that provides perfectly balanced nutrition.

Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTMIngredients and Sourcing 

I know that I was baffled when it came to the subject of selecting a dog food for Big Red.  We adopted him from a friend whose dog had puppies, so I went upon the recommendation of the previous owner regarding what food I should give him.  But then when my daughter visited with her dog, Big Red seemed to like Sasha’s food better, so I switched.  But after a while, Big Red lost interest in that food, as well.  So, it was back to the drawing board in selecting an appropriate food.  Since many pet owners aren’t sure where to begin in selecting a pet food, let’s start by looking at the label on the package itself.  As there are a multitude of choices with regard to which food to select for your dog or cat, trying to read the label can be a daunting task.  However, paying attention to some key words on the label itself can prove to be most beneficial in selecting the best food for your pet.

The first key word is “natural”, which we learned already and means “an ingredient derived solely from plant animal or mined sources.”  The next key word is “balanced”.  Determining the exact ratio of carbohydrates, fat and proteins with vitamins and minerals is important for optimum pet health.  “Grain-free” is the next word.  Just like some of their pet owners, some dogs have food allergies and/or other sensitivities, so a grain free diet might be beneficial.  It is always best to consult your vet to determine if your pet has any special conditions that would warrant a grain-free diet.

Now that we understand the wording on the pet food labels, we can look at the actual ingredients.  Even though the label states that a particular brand of food is “natural”, it is still important to strike a perfect balance of nutrients.  Hill’s Ideal Balance maintains that balance as none of their products contain any corn, wheat or soy.  In addition, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are used in the manufacturing of this pet food.  See for yourself, Hills has listed all their natural ingredients right on the pet food bag.

As a pet owner, of course, you want the best food for your furry friend; however, you also want to keep your pet free from harm.  One way to do this when referring to the food your pet eats is to select a company who has a reputation for their high stands.  Hills is just such a company.  Hills conducts more than 60 quality checks on every batch of food, every ingredient can be tracked by batch or ingredient, within 24 hours.  In addition, more than 1,000 Salmonella tests are conducted every month.  In fact, Hill’s standard is zero tolerance to Salmonella.

I am a firm supporter of buying products made in America.  I learned through the Hill’s website that all of their dry products are manufactured in their own facilities operating right here in the USA with carefully selected high-quality ingredients.

hills7For those ingredients that are sourced from the outside of the U.S., those are monitored just as strictly as those from within the U.S.

I am so pleased that I finally found Hill’s Ideal Balance for Big Red.  He loves the Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe and devours his food now whereas before, he would only pick around his food at meal times.  I’m sure that either your canine or feline will love one of these foods.

For your adult canine, there is:

For your adult felines, there is:


I recently ran out of the Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTMpet food for Big Red, so I made a trip to my local pet food stores.  Sure enough, the product was located in their natural food aisle, but they also had a large display on another aisle, which made my selection process easier and quicker.

I urge you to visit the Hill’s website to look around for all sorts of information on their products, including where you can purchase them.  You can even try their product for free with the rebate offer listed there.

Again, be sure to “Friend” Hills on their Facebook page and drop by their You Tube page, as well.

Stay tuned for the next article, which will discuss: Balanced Nutrition.


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  • tiffany dover

    love this post! We’re always looking for a better food for our dogs. We have two mastiffs and a boston terrier and all of them need food with no fillers!

  • Annette Rochelle Aben

    Fed my cat, Baby Hill’s for many years, and when she passed, I had some food left over and shared with friends who STILL buy Hill’s