Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTM – Treats

Just like all pet owners, our furry friends need a treat every now and then.  It is a way of showing your affection to your pet, as well as a good training tool.  We found that the treats from Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTMare guaranteed to be a natural pet food that provides perfectly balanced nutrition.

Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTM– Treats

My husband and I had been married several years when Big Red came into our home.  Originally, his name was Red, but adding a little irony into the mix, as he only weighted 8 pounds at the time, we decided to change his name.  Big Red is a mixed breed, but we love him none the less.  Never having had a dog before, we had a lot to learn in a short period of time.  Of course, we enrolled Big Red into a couple of obedience classes, which helped us tremendously.  The classes covered a variety of topics including food and nutrition; however, the information was not covered in depth.  Now, we have had cats practically since we were married and had learned the valuable lesson of good nutrition.  It was the same with Big Red.  When we first brought him home, he was eating another brand of food, which did not have all the nutritional value that a dog needs.  Since we didn’t want a repeat performance of the required surgery to correct any illnesses similar to what our cat underwent, we quickly switched Big Red to Hill’s Ideal Balance, as it meets all the nutritional needs for our four-legged friend.


In all reality, Big Red isn’t just our furry four-legged friend.  He is considered a family member.  That’s why we want the very best for him and when he is being exceptionally good (which is a daily occurrence)¸ or when he learns a new trick, he is offered a treat.  No simple treat will do though.  Big Red is given treats from Hill’s Ideal Balance as they are made with real chicken as the number 1 ingredient.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Big Red began scratching his ears nightly, just prior to retiring for the evening.  So, I consulted with our vet who informed us that Big Red had developed some allergies and recommended that we feed Big Red a grain-free diet.  That’s why I am so pleased that Hill’s Ideal Balance offers products that are grain-free with no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial ingredients, colors or flavors.  In addition, Hill’s Ideal Balance has a zero tolerance for Salmonella.  I am especially glad that these products are made right here in the U.S.

I appreciate the fact that Hill’s Ideal Balance treats have appealing packaging which is so easily identifiable, for times when you are in a hurry.  The package also has a window on the front so you can view the treats.  The size of the treat is important to me, especially when I am training Big Red as I use these as rewards for accomplishing a certain task.  I don’t want to overload him with treats.  With the window on the package, I can see the exact size of each treat and decide which treat is perfect for each accomplishment.

Big Red loves the Hill’s Ideal Balance treats and I am sure that your dog or cat will love either the Oven-Baked Naturals treats or the Soft-Baked Natural treats too.


Let your dog decide which treats he loves best:


Treat your feline with a treat he loves:

Research the Hill’s website for all the varieties of foods and treats that they offer, including where you can purchase them.  You can even try their product for free with the rebate offer listed there.  “Friend” Hill’s on their Facebook page and drop by their You Tube page, as well.  Hill’s would love to hear from you.

Show your love and affection by spoiling your pet with the treats that they love – the ones with a balanced diet from Hill’s® Ideal BalanceTM today.

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  • Shannon

    These sound like great pet treats. I will get some the next time I am at the Petco. Thank you for the review.

  • Lucy Lopez

    I just recently changed my cat’s food to Hill’s and he is doing great with it. The other food was making him sick. Because of your review I will also now get him Hill’s treats. Thanks.

  • http://[email protected] carol covato

    Abby has the Hills diet food for joint and it really helps her move..poor old gal!

  • crystal lane

    thank you for the review great they offer a variety of foods to work with dogs with specific needs.

  • Marti Tabora

    I like the fact that the food is grain-free with no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. I also think it’s great that it’s made in the USA. Thank you.

  • Julie Garrett

    with 5 dogs an 2 cats im always looking for healthy snacks that my fur babies will love…these sound perfect for them

  • Cynthia R

    i haven’t thought to look into hills for treats, with 3 cats, I want them to get great taste and have a healthy snack, they are my babies after all!

  • linda stockwell

    i think i will have to try this with my romo he loves his treats

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Their products are grain-free with no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial ingredients, colors or flavors which is great love to get some for my 3 dogs and 4 cats too.

  • Judy Bradley

    Since one of my sons moved in with me, there is now a furry friend living here too as he brough his kelpie with him. Thanks for the info and for the giveaway. We seldom buy treats as we are both broke all the time, this would be great to win

  • Sue Williams

    Would love to try. It complete nutrition and natural !!

  • mindy cole

    I have this kind of cat food and my cats love it plus the other kinds of food made them sick this dont

  • Christy G

    I have three furbabies, and I also foster dogs. I think they would love this brand!

  • rebeka deleon

    i like that the #1 ingredient is meat. my cats go crazy when i have snacks or wet cat food.

  • Athena C

    I love this brand b.c its healthier than most thats out there & I feel like my pet is getting the right balance for a treat or food & my pet loves them!

  • Wayne Federline

    My little doggie has tried Hill’s foods before and loves it, hasn’t tried any treats as of yet from Hill’s>>>

  • Julia Cosgrove

    I like that this is grain-free. That is all we feed our dog.

  • jegrdo

    Hill’s pet foods are quality products. Thanks for the contest.

  • http://[email protected] Bev Kimball

    Love the idea that Hills got rid of all the grain fillers and courn so that there is less chance of dog allergiess!

  • http://[email protected] carol covato

    I have used Hills diet for years! now that Abby is older I get her the joint formula. It really helps keep her from getting stiff.

  • Heather Bridson

    Hill’s has always been a great brand of dog food. I’m looking forward to trying the treats with my pugs as well, but I’m carefull with what I feed them. Vinnie had parvo as a puppy before we got him, and he has a very touchy tummy. He can’t hand;e the really rich dog foods. We stick with a sort of mid-grade that he can digest, he needs the fillers so he isn’t sick all the time. So, feed not just the best food, but what works best or your particular dogs.

  • Renee Ashley Hanna

    I have 4 dogs and they love dog treats. I haven’t tried this brand yet but I will look for it next time I go to the grocery store. Thanks for a great review and the great information on these dog treats!!

  • Ashley Hanna

    I love their brand of dog food and treats!! I have 4 dogs and this is great stuff to keep them healthy!!

  • Trish

    I learned that Hills is grain-free with no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. I think this would be great for our 3 cats.

  • Ashley Miller

    The best thing about Hill’s Ideal Balance is (what we always look for when purchasing any foods for our wonderful pets) made in the USA!! I am going to try this brand next time we go buy our pets foods. =)

  • tbrjjt

    My cat just loves Hill’s food. It’s easy on the stomach. You open the bags and it smells fresh and furbaby goes crazy.

  • Lisa Schweizer

    What a great review! My dog Brandee would love to try these! :)

  • Maria Greve

    I am happy to find out that Hill’s Ideal Balance offers products that are grain-free with no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. This is very important for our furry friends!

  • Alison

    Thank you for your feedback on these treats. Just as with your family, our dogs are our “children”, furbabies. Also, I had no idea that they also made cat treats, so thanks so much for the information! Will definitely be checking these out!

  • Evelyn Chuter

    All my animals, cats and dogs are part of the family and they know it. They are spoiled rotten. They love Hill’s Diet. Both the cats and the dogs. I give them the dry food and the treats.

  • Maria Iemma

    I do not have a pet but my mother has a dog and two cats and I am going to share this post with her. I think she would like to buy them.

  • http://brokenwon.blogspot.com Wendy T

    I think I’m understanding the importance of such posts now. My BFF just got a puppy. She has been waiting almost a year for this particular puppy from this particular breeder. It’s like her baby – and rightly so.

    She has many things for the dog. She’d probably like knowing about this, too!

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      Thanks so much Wendy… please share it with her if you like… If you have any questions let us know :)

  • rebecca s

    I love that story about Big Red, it sounds so cute about calling a small dog “Big”

  • Anna Johnson

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