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My daughter (Catie) came to me a while back and said, “Mom how can you get better at singing?”  I couldn’t belive she just asked me how she could get better at singing.  I mean sure I’m her mom, I help her with just about everything, but she has heard me sing.  Let’s just say if anyone needs to get better at singing it’s not her lol.

How Can You Get Better At Signing Without TimeCatie wants to take singing lessons, but we are faced with time issues.  I’m sure many parents understand that.  There is only so much time in a day, with four kids all flying different directions it’s hard to find time for dinner some days.  To make things even more difficult Catie is playing volleyball, which means from the time school gets out until after 5pm she is busy with practice.  There is no way for her to be out of volleyball practice in time for singing lessons.

Singing is something Catie has loved since she was itty bitty.  It’s more than just words or a beat to her.  When she listens it soothes her soul, she looks for the meaning behind it.  On her downtime she writes songs, and try so hard to improve her signing.  In mom’s eyes she has the voice of an angel, and I want her to take singing lessons if that is what she wants.  I try to support my kids with anything they want to do, as long as they promise to work hard.  Without a doubt Catie would work hard if she was able to take private singing lessons.  Music os one thing she has always taken very serious.  So how do you get better at signing without anyone to help you, or take advantage of any other type of music education that you enjoy?

My husband and I have been talking about online singing lessons for Catie.  It’s the one way to know she will be getting the professional help she needs, and so desperately wants. Have you ever considered all the benefits of music education?  There are so many great benefits to music education for kids, such as:

Singing LessonsBenefits To Kids Learning Music

Hard Work – I will start with this one, it’s my favorite.  I believe it’s important for kids to learn what happens when you work hard toward something you want.  Music Education does just that!  In music one must work hard in order to achieve excellence, and kids are rewarded with every tune they get right.  Learning a new note, tune, or delivering a perfect performance they are all rewarding.

Teamwork – Whether you’re signing with the choir or working with a private music teacher music education involves more than one person.  In order to sound good all members must work hard together toward one goal, all must commit to learning/teaching, attending class, practice, and support.

Trust – Music education can help kids learn trust.  In order to learn, grow, deliver a performance they must learn to trust their teacher and teammates.

Understanding Constructive Criticism – I think taking criticism can be hard for all of us until we learn how to grow from it.  Music education helps kids change negative feedback into a change for the better, which will help with building their self-esteem.  Learning how to take criticism and make a positive change early is life will be helpful throughout their entire life.

Fears and Risks – Kids who study music often learn how to overcome fears and take risks by trying something new.  Standing up in front of an audience, trying a new song, new instrument, tune, writing your own song, or your first performance.

Discipline – Steady practice schedules helps children understand self-discipline, and patients.

Memory – Musical training can help improve a child’s memory as well as language skills.

Education – Music and arts can help kids learn to think about issues creatively, finding multiple solutions to one issue.

Learning about music can also help with language development, spatial temporal relationships, ability to focus, and studies have shown that students who studied music go on to achieve higher scores on average than those students who did not study music.  If you do a little research there’s so many more music education benefits!  It’s totally worth going above and beyond for your kids to try whatever form of music interests them.

For some other great posts explaining the music education benefits be sure to swing by TakeLessons and read a few of their posts:

get better at signingHow can you get better at signing & other music education without time

Being faced limited time, and a small selection of music teachers can be difficult.  So how can you get better at singing, playing the guitar, violin, piano, or any form of music with limited time and professional help in your area?  Online lessons is a great option for anyone who is looking to improve their music skills. offers online music lessons as well as things such as, Tutoring.

About TakeLessons

TakeLessons has been helping students connect with music teachers since 2006.  They focus on having a safe, affordable, and fun music lessons for anyone who wants to learn.  The TakeLessons headquarter is located in San Diego, California.  Take lessons also offers more than 38 types of lessons, serve more than 2,800 cites, offer more than 7,000 instructors, served more than 30,000 students, and provided more than 400,000 lessons.

How To Choose an Online Music Teacher With TakeLessons

I’m sure you are aware that each teacher will be different and have a different teaching style.  TakeLessons helps you find the right teacher by providing you with the tools needed to feel comfortable with your selection.

Every teacher on TakeLessons must complete a criminal background check.  They also have detailed profiles, which list their expertise, educational background, teaching style, as well as accomplishments. I’m huge on reviews and ratings!  TakeLessons allows you to view reviews and ratings of past students.

Take Singing Lessons Online With TakeLessonsSign Up To Take Music Lessons Online

TakeLessons offers different programs and pricing.  You can visit them online at or contact their staff by phone or email.  They also offer 100% Money Back Guarantee!  Which is nice in my opinion.  If for some reason you’re not happy after your first lessons they will provide you with a refund for that lesson plus your entire purchase.

how can you get better at singing, or any other form of music? sounds like a great option for anyone who’s limited for time, or faced with a limited selection.  Plus, after giving online signing lessons a lot of thought there is not much of a difference than attending it in person, thanks to technology!

Music is a powerful thing, and it’s worth learning if you have a kid who is willing.  I’m excited to learn more about providing her the chance to take singing lessons online.  You can learn more about too by visiting

TakeLessons connects students and families with safe, pre-qualified private music teachers, arts instructors and academic tutors throughout the US. Find your teacher and sign up for music lessons at or give us a call at 855-684-5482. Get 20% off your music or tutoring lessons with coupon code MUSIC27!

  • Marcia

    Thank you for your comprehensive review of what parents can do when their child wants to improve their singing. Taking lessons for anything is a good teaching opportunity, as you pointed out. Men always point to being on sports teams that taught them so much. But some of these same lessons can be learned with many things children get interested in. Being supportive as well as helping them to realize ahead of time what your expectations are for practicing is wise.

  • Kimberly Davis

    This is anice story about a little girl who knew she wanted very much to sing for life. Very nice story.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    If your daughter really has talent I would prefer her to have a real person who can both look at her and listen to her. Otherwise simply to improve I guess this would be okay.

  • lisa

    It’s great that you encourage her talent. I think as long as a person has talent I believe they can improve. I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life!