How To BBQ for 533! #DeliveryManMovie

We are full of fun stuff to tell you Happy Forth of July!  I was going to post everything in one post, but thought that would just be too long!  So you now have several totally awesome posts to check out, and they all ROCK!

I had to share this!  Check out this super fun Infographic from the Delivery Man…  Could you imagine needing to BBQ for 533 people?  WOW I wouldn’t even know where to start, but with this infographic I’m sure I could figure it out, lol.

For those of you who didn’t catch it be sure to check out the .  Exclusively debuting on 533 mom and dad blogs yesterday, the new trailer for DreamWorks Pictures Delivery Man.

I sure hope you love this infographic: How to BBQ for 533 kids!

How To BBQ for 533 peopleNow if you have not already, but sure and “Like” the Delivery Man on Facebook, check out his awesome tweets on Twitter, and you know there is some great pictures on Pinterest and Instagram!  I sure hope none of you have to cook for 522 people, and if you do at least you have this great infogrphic to follow lol.  Be sure and remember that hot dogs and hot dog buns are not sold in equal amounts… Just a FYI they don’t match… It’s one of those unknown facts!  I guess somewhere someone wants the hotdogs without the buns… humm, oh well!

Happy Fourth of July to all our fabulous readers from the Blah Blah gals!  Have fun, watch cool fireworks, eat good food, relax, enjoy spending time with you families, and be safe out there!

-Jenn, Jeni and Karen-

  • Bud L

    LOve the infogrpahic, super cool info…. I cant image cooking for that many people at a BBQ

  • Liz

    I actually love the infographic! Especially the “Everyone loves bacon” bit! :))

  • Edward

    I won’t be BBQing for anyone as it is raining on the 4th. :-(

  • Gail Williams

    Love the infographic…I have had a BBQ for 100 and that was difficult…it was for my daughter’s high school grad party!

    • Jenn

      oh my gosh you had to BBA for 100 people you are awesome I think I would get too confused and burn everything lol

  • laurie damrose

    Oh my goodness1I think hubby would do this chore and would chillax!