How To Choose Earrings! Yup, I’m a Leaf Chandelier Earrings Gal!

Leaf Earrings from Blue NileI love accessories, but earrings have to be my favorite.  I’m picky too, lol.  My husband hates it, but what can I say?  He knew I was picky before we got married right?  Hint, hint guys earrings are a great gift idea for her.  What I like best about earrings is you can use them with so many different outfits.  In my opinion earrings are a nice final touch to almost any outfit.  Have you ever wondered how to choose earrings?  I mean is there a trick, something to think about before we buy those pretty silver studs?

There is so many different styles of earrings to choose from.  Earrings can make such a dazzling fashion statement alone.  Earrings do an awesome job highlighting some of your facial features, as well as your outfit.  The possibilities are endless.  There’s a style of earrings out there for everyone.  Even those who don’t want to pierce their ears.  There’s hoops, earrings that dangle, studs, gems, and so much more.  It all just depends on your style and personality, and a little more.

Earrings are beautiful and can be more flattering than other types of jewelry.  However there are some things to think about before running out and grabbing a pair of earrings.  Here is a few helpful hints on how to choose earrings.

  • Square Face: It’s said that round hoops or oval earrings are the best choice for people with the square face shape.  When you’re searching for earrings you should also stay away from short chunky earrings.  They can make your face appear wider than it actually is.
  • Round Face: Look for earrings with sharp edges, it’s said that sharp edges helps to balance the curves of the face.  Look for earrings that are straight or oblong.  Stay away from hooped earrings, and large chunky earrings.  Keep earrings below the lobe, long dangling earrings that have pointed edges, like these Leaf Chandelier Earrings from Blue Nile.
  • Oval Face: You’re lucky because you can wear just about any style of earring and pull it off.  The only style that is recommend is triangle and long since chain earrings.  That’s due to the fact that it could possibly enhance a pointed chin or make your face appear too narrow.
  • Round Face: Stick with earrings with Sharp angles.  The sharp angles tend to balance the curves of your face.  Stick with earrings that dangle, stay away from hoops, big chunky earrings.

While its important to pay attention to the shape of your face it’s also important to pay attention to a few other things such as:

  • Hair: Choose earrings that also flatter your hair length is important.  If you have long hair stay away from small earrings that can be difficult to see under your hair.  Have shorter hair?  Than you’re in good shape you can really have fun and show off your earrings.  It’s easier to show them off.
  • Personality: Here we go my favorite part.  More than anything I think our earrings need to make a statement about who you are, and what you’re doing.  Have fun with dazzling earrings, there is so many different styles to go with be yourself, choose what you like and run with it.  If you’re someone who loves nature, or just loves quality silver, dangling earrings you’re going to love these dangling Leaf Chandelier Earrings I received from Blue Nile.

How to pick the right earringsWhen I first received my Chandelier Earrings from Blue Nile I kind of did not want to open them.  They came very nicely packaged.  Pulled them out of the box, they are beautiful.  The earrings are perfect in length, 2 inches to be exact, not to mention nice and light.  They only weight 4 grams, and are super comfortable.

These earrings are Sterling Silver and look amazing on.  The Chandelier Earrings feature seven delicate leaves that are intricately captured in sterling silver with flexible design for movement.  I love them, they are super comfortable and do not get tangled in my hair.

How to choose earringsI’m not sure that I have ever owned a pair of earrings that just lay over my finger the way these do.  I think that’s the reason the Leaf Chandelier Earrings at Blue Nile do not get tangled in my hair.  The edges of the earrings appear to be sharp, but are flexible design for movement.

I’m happy with my earrings from Blue Nile, my experience, and their website.  They have a huge selection of jewelry, so much more than just earrings.  When you head over to Blue Nile you will find a nice section of:

  • Diamonds
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands/Rings
  • Gifts
  • Sales Items
  • Mens Rings
  • Gemstone Rings
  • Earrings of all types
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Custom Diamond Jewelry
  • Nice selection, decent prices, in my opinion they are totally worth checking out.  I know I love the earrings I received, and while browsing their website found plenty more items that I want, lol.

I hope you had a little fun learning how to choose earrings, and hope you’ll swing by Blue Nile.  They have some amazing jewelry, there is something for everyone.  I don’t think you will have any issue finding earrings to fit your personality, who knows you might find a pair that will help brighten your day at an affordable price.

You can visit Blue Nile on their Website, “like” them on Facebook, and follow them via Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date with upcoming deals and new arrivals.

I was provided the earrings for review purposes, however all opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. cheryl lister says

    thanks for the advice on face shape and earring choice. you selected some very pretty earrings!

  2. Renee Hall says

    I love rings. It’s funny that if I have short hair I do not wear as many dangly earrings, but I have I have long hair I wear them all the time.

  3. Emily W says

    I never heard about the tips to pick earrings based on face shape – pretty interesting. Also, I love the earrings.. I have been trying to buy more dangly earrings.

  4. says

    I never knew that you would choose the style of earrings based on your face shape! I REALLY need to get back into wearing earrings, there are so many awesome ones in my jewelry box.

  5. Theresa Wilson says

    I honestly do not know the shape of my face I would say that maybe it is between circular and oval so I am a bit stumped. These are beautiful earrings and the information you provided for us to review ourselves will help in future purchases of my earrings at least. Thanks so much.

  6. Rachel Draper says

    These earrings or the perfect fit for me I love how they are flexible and they aren’t too long or short. Not only that I’m a silver gal :)

  7. Judy Bradley says

    these earrings are lovely and would be great to wear for special occasions! Thanks for all the info.

  8. Jan Lee says

    I love Blue Nile. They have wonderful jewelry and are affordable too. I can’t wear fake metals anywhere, rings, earrings, necklaces…my skin turns green within a few minutes. Blue Nile has alot of titanium and stainless steel along with sterling silver, not to mention some of their items have real gemstones in them :) I will always buy quality jewelry when I can, and I am a Blue Nile fan :)

  9. kathy Hoag says

    I really need new earrings and these would be perfect thank you for the nice giveaway !

  10. Brian Smith says

    If I had to design earrings for my other half…this is what they would look like, they are real nice. I got her a ring from Blue Nile, their stuff is high quality.

  11. Jennifer says

    I love dangling earrings! But since having a baby…I think studs are more practical! Those earrings pictured are pretty!

  12. marissa lee says

    thank you for the tip on determing your face shape on the mirror…i love to wear hoop earrings a lot..time for a change.

  13. desiree says

    i have family member who getting married and those would go good with her wedding dress and then she would let the other one use them

  14. amanda medlar says


  15. Wendi says

    thanks so much for posting the face shapes and what looks best I have always wondered what would look best for me.

  16. Georgia Beckman says

    I think these earrings are stunning. I rarely wear dangle earrings but I would definitely wear these. They’re very elegant & classy.

  17. Lesley H says

    Thanks for the tips on checking my face shape. These earrings would be perfect!!

  18. Jeri Eroh says

    This was very interesting! I didn’t know you should choose your earrings based on the shape of your face…I learned something new today!! :)

  19. Diane Vandermast says

    Nice to know the earrings I love most are the ones I should be wearing = like these silver leaf ones :)

  20. md kennedy says

    I am SO in a earring rut! – Studs all the time…and the same pair for weeks at a time. These would be such a nice, beautiful change!

  21. annie page says

    Yes some earrings and jewelery looks better on one then the other and hair and ear shape places a big part, but I feel those wonderful earrings will be perfect for all most anyone Thanks

  22. lisa says

    I never even thought about the shape of my face when choosing earrings. It really does make sense! I guess now I have an excuse to buy some new ones!

    • Karen Hand says

      Lisa: Don’t feel like you are the only one who has not considered the shape of you face when buying earrings. I usually just buy the ones that I like. These leaf earrings are so pretty and think that if you have long hair, you would want to have it pulled back to show off how pretty the earrings are.

  23. says

    You are correct! Earrings need to make as much of a statement as the style you choose to portray. Good to see which style earrings go with which style face!

  24. petra says

    I have an oval face, and I am glad I can wear most any kind of earring. My favorites are long dangly styles or big hoops.

  25. Becky Schollian says

    Too Fun! I was not aware of the different face shapes to choose earrings. My gaughter is a big earring fan. She will love this post!! Thanks Jenn. I enjoy your blog!!

  26. Julie G says

    Does anyone else get stuck in an earring rut? I find myself wearing the same earrings over and over or buying new earrings only to find that I already have a similar pair in my jewelry box. I really like the new chandelier style, but feel they are too dressy for casual wear.

    On finding the shape of your face – I read a suggestion once that said if you have difficulty determining the shape of your face to look in the mirror with your hair pulled back and use a bar of soap to trace around your face. The shape on the mirror will help you determine the shape of your face.

    • Karen Hand says

      Julie: What a great idea. I never would have thought about doing that to determine the shape of my face. Thanks for sharing that.