How To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaners: Bissell #CleanView is Great

Bissell DisclosureHow to choose the best vacuum cleanersAre you on the lookout for the best vacuum cleaners?  There’s so many to choose from how do you really know which vacuum is the best?  None of us want is to walk around on a floor covered in dirt, dog and kitty hair, food crumbs, and if you have children who know what else is on an un-vacuumed floor.  I know, but it’s true.  I have four, and sometimes I don’t even want to know what I just vacuumed up.  When you’re on the hunt for a new vacuum it’s important to purchase one that will fit your family’s needs.

Let’s face it having a good vacuum makes our lives much more comfortable, and a lot easier.  Choosing a vacuum can often be stressful if you let it.  There are several things to think about before heading to the store to grab your new vacuum.  Here’s a few things to consider before purchasing your new vacuum.

Budget:  Know how much you’re able to spend on a vacuum before rushing out the door to purchase one.  Don’t skip a car payment because you needed an amazing vacuum.  There are affordable vacuums on the market that do an amazing job,  such as the Bissell CleanView Plus vacuum with OnePass Technology.  It’s a trusted brand, great vacuum, and you can pick one up for about $89.99.

Warranties:  Another important thing to think about is warranty.  If I’m going to spend money on something like a vacuum I want to know I have some type of warranty that lasts at least 3 years.

Features: Which tools and attachments do you need?  Have you considered things such as a TurboBrush for cleaning stairs, furniture, and hard to reach spaces?  Is there a wand included, they always help me reach up places that I wouldn’t be able to without it.  Is the cord long enought?  Bagless or not?  Going bagless can often save you money, and make your life easier.

Vacuum setup: I’m picky on this, the last two vacuums I have had every fell off.  They were great vacuums until I lost every attachment that came with it.  The extra attachments were mounted on the sides, which means they were always falling off, getting lost, or turning into a sword for the kids.  You have no ideas how many times I have been held prisoner with the attachments to my vacuum.  That’s kids, they see something lying around you know they’re going to do something creative and fun with it.

Allergies:  Do you or anyone in your house suffer from allergies?  Purchasing a vacuum with a HEPA filter can often help.

Area you live in, you family: Where I live it’s dry, which means tons of dust.  I need a vacuum that’s going to be able to pick up that fine dirt in my carpet.  I also have high traffic, pets, and don’t want to make 1000 trips over my carpet.  I want something that gets more of the job done in one pass.

I’m picky when it comes to vacuums, but hey I have four children, a husband, four dogs, two kitties, tons of family and friends with children that come over, and some dude named It Wasn’t Me.  I use my vacuum daily, it’s a must in our house.  I don’t know how it happens, but my kids can go outside, there isn’t a spot of water anywhere in sight, and guess what?  They come in muddy, but once they let me know that It Wasn’t Me did it I feel a lot better about the situation.  Still a little upset that some dude I have never meet is in my house making a mess, but at least I know my children are being responsible.  Anyway, I need a vacuum that can keep up with all this craziness that happens to my poor floors.

When it comes to looking for a vacuum that fits my daily needs the Bissell CleanView Plus vacuum with OnePass Technology has done an awesome job.

Tips To Help You Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaners

When I first received my Bissell CleanView, of course my children are all nosey and want to know what mom received.  So my oldest daughter, Catie helped me put it together.  Okay, she did all the work, but I helped her take it out of the box.  Taking it out of the box was the hardest part, everything else Catie put right where it belong, and it’s all fit perfectly.  Catie was done putting everything together in about 5 minutes, and she has never put a vacuum together.  She even had time to stop and pose for this picture, lol.  I know the reason she did it is because she wanted to try it first, and it worked.  Catie was the first one to run the Bissell CleanView Plus vacuum in the house.

Is anyone wondering what the One Pass Technology is?  It’s rather, well AWESOME!  This vacuum has the OnePass Technology with powerful suction, and an awesome innovative brush design so that it gets more done in one pass.  Let me tell you, it does just that.  You should have seen all the dust it picked up, and I used my other vacuum not even 24 hours before running the Bissell CleanView.  I didn’t have to make 1000 trips across the floor to get all that up either!  So far for less than $100 this mommy blogger is super happy.  Oh, the awesome vacuum marks I can see on my carpet make me really happy too!

Since I let Catie run the vacuum in the livingroom, her room, and her sister’s room; I ran it in my room.  I did empty the container before I started to vacuum my bedroom.  After looking at that picture, it’s doesn’t look like I vacuumed my room the day before.   There was all kinds of fine dirt, hair, and who knows what else that came out of my carpet. I pinky promise there was a vacuum ran the day before (I don’t want you to think I never vacuum). It’s crazy how much fine dust my vacuum was missing, and this whole time I thought my old vacuum was doing a great job.

This vacuum also includes Bottom Easy Empty Dirt Cup for added convince.  It is just that, super easy.  All you need to do to empty the Dirt Cup is hold it over the trash, push the little button, and you’re done.  It’s really that easy!

Another reason I really enjoy using the Bissell Clean View vacuum is because its lightweight design (15 lbs) has a modern look to it, it’s uncomplicated, and super easy to maneuver around the house.  Not to mention the cord is just right, I had short cords.  The last thing I want to do is have to move from plugin to plugin, and this vacuum has a 30 ft. cord.

I also like all the extras that come with the Bissell CleanView, but I also like the way they are set up.  There is a 3 year limited warranty.  The 4″ TurboBrush is great for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and those hard to reach spaces.  The 10″ crevice tool does a great job in those nooks, crannies, and corners, and the upholstery tool does a fabulous job as well.  There is also an 11″ wand extension, to help make your life a little easier if you’re not so tall.  Not to worry, I’m short I need the wand too.

The Bissell CleanView Plus has plenty of other awesome features such as:

  • HEPA Media Filter captures 99% of pollens and ragweed from the air passing through it
  • 5 Height Settings
  • 12 amps
  • Light weight (15 pounds)
  • Style and Color

The only complaint I have about the whole experience is the fact that my family all of a sudden loved to vacuum.  I am serious, they never want to help me vacuum.  I often have to threat to gowned my girls before I can get them to help me clean.  Well, since we have had the Bissell in our house there has been more arguments over who gets to vacuum than them not wanting to.  Now I’m not complaining but check this out!

Do you realize that for the first two days I was only able to use the vacuum one?  My husband, teenager, and toddler all decided they now love to vacuum.  Which means, I have to be sneaky if I wat to use the new vacuum.  Isn’t that horrible, in a totally awesome kind of way.  It’s kind of bittersweet you know what I mean.  I cannot get them to plug the vacuum in, then we get this new one, and since it works great everyone wants to use it.  My husband I think has had the most fun with it, him and my toddler went over the whole house for a second time today.  I know right, husband ASKED ME TO VACUUM.  Yes, can you belive that?  He actually said, “Hey Babe let me try.”

The Bissell CleanView Plus Vacuum with OnePass Technology is an awesome vacuum at an unbeatable price.  After we used the vacuum a bit, I decided to look it up and see how much it was going for.  I almost fell out of my chair when I found out it can be purchased for only $89.99.  If you’re on the market, and looking for some of the best vacuum cleaners I would definitely suggest giving this one a try.  It’s done great around our house, and we are happy with our experience with the Bissell CleanView Plus Vacuum with OnePass Technology.

Be sure to swing by and visit Bissell Online to learn more about the awesome CleanView Plus vacuum.  Don’t forget to check out Bissell on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube so you can stay up-to-date with anything new an awesome that comes your way.

  • Sandra

    This vacuum also includes Bottom Easy Empty Dirt Cup for added convince. It is just that, super easy. All you need to do to empty the Dirt Cup is hold it over the trash, push the little button, and you’re done. It’s really that easy!

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    It is very essential to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home or business use. You need to decide on a budget first before going to store to buy a vacuum cleaner.

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    Marvellous review. It only made me more convinced to buy the product. Most reviews I have read were not very convincing because they talk about too many things and often tend to stray from the topic.

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    I have one of these and they are fantastic!! My favorite feature is bagless. I have a dog & have gone through many bag vacuums. i love Bissel!!

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    I have three vacuum cleaners that do little more than push the dirt around. I have allergies so the HEPA filter is a must. I like all of the attachments too. Not to mention it’s a reliable brand name!

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    I do need a new vacuum cleaner. And I do have allergies. I will look into this one. Thanks for the details and photos!

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    Dirt,, food crumbs, and who knows what else? Have you been spying on me? How did you know what my floors look like?! : ) But this is a good review, and I AM in the market for a new vacuum. Gonna check it out, thanks for the info! The price is right too – I see some vacuums going for $500 – does anyone really have that kind of money for a vacuum these days?

    • Patricia

      It really depends. The expensive one like Dyson can go up to $500 but it’s really really good and durable. With that said, you can have a premium product like Shark Navigator professional for around $200, which, in my experience, is just as good as Dyson.

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    I actually just purchased this vaccuum last week. I LOVE it.