How to Run a Successful Blog Giveaway

How to Run a Successful Blog GiveawayEveryone loves FREE!  Okay, maybe there’s two people out there that don’t care for something that’s free, but for the most part I think it’s safe to say FREE is Good.  With social media being on the rise, I think it’s safe to say running a blog giveaway is a great way to create buzz for brands.  If you’re a brand wanting to be noticed social media is where it’s at.  Which is why us bloggers are so valuable.  We work for peanuts and love to give stuff away, lol.

Social media makes it easy for a business to create contest and giveaways that will build links to their website, blow up traffic, and get everyone buzzing about their product. Everyone talking about a brand, product or service online gets noticed.  Almost everyone is online, it’s truly the best place to market a product, trend, sale, coupon, etc.  Just about anything, if you want it to be seen online is the place to do it.

When I first begin blogging I never thought I would be where I’m at now.  I’ve reviewed some awesome items, and worked with some awesome brands, as well as some pretty great giveaways on my blogs.  I am blessed for everything I have been able to experience, learn, and the awesome people I have come to call my friends.  I can honestly say I have enjoyed working with all brands but one.  One bad experience, out of all the interactions I’ve had with brands is pretty solid numbers, I would think.

Let’s face it most bloggers are awesome at helping brands build buzz around a product, service, trend, and just about anything else.  A successful giveaway is in my opinion at the top of the buzz building list.  A Successful blog giveaway is an easy way to ensure plenty of will be buzzing your tune.  Are you wondering how to run a successful blog giveaway?

Giveaways are not only a great way for brands to build buzz, but a good way for you to say thanks to your readers, get new visits, and increase your traffic.

To create a successful giveaways you have to plan your event.  Brands don’t want a giveaway that’s ran recklessly.  So what are some ways for bloggers to ensure your giveaway gets the best results possible?

If you’re working with a brand you like, it’s highly likely it will show in your post.  If a brand pitches to you, and you don’t’ care for the brand much, it’s okay to nicely decline the offer.  If you cannot devote 100% of yourself to the event, than what’s the point.  There’s been several giveaways I have turned away because I just couldn’t guarantee I could write the post, and run the event the way the brand wanted.  If it’s not something you can dedicate 100% of yourself to, the wise thing to do is decline.  There’s another blogger out there that will.

  • Ask yourself: “Why am I running this giveaway and what are my goals?”  If you’re working with a brand/sponsor don’t forget to include their goals.  Whatever the reason for you goals, having nice content to go along with your event is essential.
  • Okay, now I love a big giveaway.  However, I think the size of the value of the prize should be considered when you’re asking bloggers to sign up.  Nobody wants to like 200 bloggers Facebook pages for a $20 prize.  Always consider the value of the prize if you’re planning on other blogger joining to help promote.
  • Make sure your fans know exactly what they’re winning.  Be sure there’s a clear picture and description of what your fans are entering to win.  Visuals win in this case, when you visit a website it’s likely a photo catches your attention.  You want the picture of the prize to be clear, if they’re entering to win a curling iron, don’t have a picture with a curling iron and a blow dryer.  People might assume they are entering to win both.
  • Keep all mandatory entries simple. Use mandatory entries such as: leaving an email address, posting a comment, entering a code.   You’re able to choose entries that MUST be completed in order to enter the giveaway.  Make sure these are simple, nobody wants to rub their tummy and pat their head just to have an entry in the giveaway.  If you have to add something complicated make it optional, people are more likely to do it if they are not forced.
  • Promote the event on your social media networks.  You’re a blogger, you’re know for your social media reach.  Share your event on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and anywhere else you’re able to.  Take advantage of all the blogs that list giveaways.  If you’re not sure where, Google it.  You’ll find plenty of places to post your giveaway.  Don’t forget to include it in your email newsletter.
  • It’s extremely likely you’re promoting using your social media accounts.  Know the rules.  Yes, there are rules to follow and you don’t want to get cause breaking them.  I’ve sen people lose their accounts for breaking the rules.  Imagine that, all the hard work for building your social networks gone, because you didn’t want to play by the rules, or take the time to know that they were.
  • Make sure your rules are clear, and stick to them. I always post my rules of participation at the end of my giveaway.  It’s important to include the deadline, specify who is eligible, age limits, and whether or not its open worldwide.  If it’s not open worldwide, include who it is open to.
  • Let your readers know how long they have to respond, and how they will be contacted.  I often allow 48 hours to respond to winning email.  If there is no response after 48 hours it is important to move on.  You want to announce your winner sooner than later.  You’ll be surprised how many people don’t respond, maybe the email goes to their junk folder, maybe they don’t check their email daily.  Whatever the reason, you set a time limit stick to it.
  • Choose the winner, and contact the winner right away.
  • Post the winner on your blog, or communicate the winner somehow.
  • There’s some great tools out there to help you run your giveaway.  I prefer to use Rafflecopter.  They not only make running a giveaway and picking a winner easier, they also work closely with Facebook and other social media networks to ensure we’re not breaking the rules.  There’s other platforms available, do you’re research and find the one that works best for you and your fans.

If you plan on keeping  your relationship with the brand strong you’ll want them to be happy with the results.  It’s important that you plan, don’t just set up the giveaway and hope people find it.  They won’t!