How To Schedule Posts On Google + With Do Share – Finally It Can Be Done!

vector image of a share buttonI have heard a lot of bloggers saying they were going to work on building their following on Google +, and to be honest I would love to build mine.  I visit my Google + Page every now and then and share, but really in the end it’s too much work.  If there was only an easier way to do it, you know something that allowed you so share automatically to your Google + Page that would be fabulous.  Oh, or even better -know how to schedule posts on Google + and share with my readers that are active on Google +.

I think many of us stay away from Google + because it’s so time consuming to share information to your pages.  It drives me crazy, there’s so many ways to share to our Google Profile, but not page.  Makes me wish I would have focused on building my Google + Profile, rather than even making a page.  If you dabble in the world of social media you understand that you cannot always be available to share something, scheduling a post in a a tool that is appreciated and makes life less stressful.  We are able to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter with several different programs.  I’ve always used Sprout Social, I pay $9 per month and can schedule as many posts as I want.  Which makes things nice for me, my readers are updated while I am at work, or catching some much needed sleep.

Many of us are willing to pay for easy social media scheduling if its available.  Do you have this problem?  Maybe avoid Google + more than you should because it’s too time consuming?  

If you avoid Google + because you don’t  know how to schedule posts on Google +, or have a hard time posting to your Google + Page-I have some fabulous news for you.  Using Google + just go 100 times easier for me, thanks to a hand-dandy Google Chrome extension,  Anyone wondering how to schedule posts on Google +?

Okay, so I don’t know if you’re in the same boat as me, but I have had one heck of a time finding a way to share to my Google Plus Page, not profile page.  I hate that I have to actually visit, post the link, blah-blah-blah.  If you have the problem you’ll understand.  I have looked all over online for a way to schedule Google Post, or at vector image of businesswoman using laptop least a way to share to my Google + Profile, as well as Pages.  I would use them a lot more if sharing was easy, I mean really Google is awesome.  Unlike Facebook I feel like I understand the rules of the road when it comes to Google, or maybe I just haven’t dabbled in the world of Google enough.  Either way, it’s all about to change.

Finally, I figured it out.  There is this awesome little extension you can access on Google Chrome, which allows you to download this handy extension to your browser, called Do Share.  It’s pretty darn awesome too!  With Do Share you can do so much with Google, that unless you knew about this handy tool you probably were not doing.  Finally a way to schedule posts on Google + Pages, Profiles and MORE!  So check it out, here’s some of the awesome things you can do with Do Share:

  • Schedule your Google + posts
  • Write Google + posts for both profile and pages (all pages linked to your profile)
  • Simply sharing from any tap on Google +
  • Share to your Google + communities (that you own and are a member of)
  • Share to circles
  • Ability to use your hashtag
  • Save it as a draft and come back to it later
  • You can share posts directly from your notification panel

doshareYou can do so much more with it.  Do Share is an awesome tool, I wish I would have found it a long time ago. Either way, maybe I’m behind and most of you already know about it.  However, for those of you who don’t be sure to check it out.  If you’re trying to build on Google, like many other bloggers I know, it’s an awesome tool that will save you time.

On the flip side, I have not used it too much so I cannot tell you too much more about it.  I wanted to share the news with you first, lol.  Have you been using Do Share?  If so what’s your experiance with it, I would love to hear some pros and cons to using Do Share.

Want to learn more, or get started hurry over, and start to schedule posts on Google using the Do Share Google Chrome Extension.

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      I don’t even know how to get to my page on google. i am 72. Anna Dunn Another Thing is How do I find My url when I make comments? I am somewhat computer illiterate.

      Your pages are beautiful. I have to get on top of them to read them though, the print is so light. Anna