If Parents Smoke How Likely Are Children To Pick Up The Habit?

Kozzi-quit-smoking-concept-883 X 588If you’re a parent that lights up it’s likely you’ve thought this very same questions.  Will my children smoke?  How likely are my children to smoke if they see me smoking?  I think it’s only natural, who wants their children to smoke?  Not any caring, dedicated, loving parent that’s for sure.

So let’s talk about the chances of children smoking that grow up watching their parents smoke.  Sadly if you’re an adult and you smoke, it increase chances that your children smoke doubles. 

Smoking is a hard habit to kick.  I’ve done it several times, and each time was harder.  I finally made the choice because I didn’t want my children to grow up and smoke.  The thought of seeing any of my children smoke breaks my heart.  When you’re young, I don’t think you fully understand the risk associated with smoking.  That and many teens and young adults think they are invisible.

Did you know that children with parents that smoke are twice as likely to pick up the same habit?  Think about it, did your parents smoke?  Mine did, my husbands did, and many of my friends that smoke parents did.  Guess what, WE ALL SMOKE or smoked at some point!

Keeping children from smoking starts with us.  It starts at home with the parents.  It’s hard to tell your teenager they cannot smoke, and then step outside for a smoke yourself.  I think many of you know the evidence is clear, children are MUCH more likely to smoke when they have an influence at home smoking.  If you’re not sure about the subject, Google it you’ll find it everywhere.  Everything saying the same thing.  “When parents smoke, children in the household are much more likely to pick up smoking too.”

Kozzi-anti-smoking-concept-883 X 588There’s all sorts of different products on the market to help people stop smoking.  You’ll find everything from patches to the pills.  Have you heard of the electronic cigarette also known as the  e-cigarette?  I have actually found the electronic cigarette pretty interesting, and it helped my husband with his smoking habit leaps and bounds.  I have personally tried it, but was lucky.  I was able to kick the habit without anything, I would just think about my children smoking and move on without a cigarette.  One of the reasons I always returned to smoking, was seeing my husband light up.  He’s been using the e-cigarette, and that doesn’t bother me at all.

The e-cigarette is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and is battery-powered.  It’s shaped like a traditional cigarette, and when the user inhales though the mouth piece a nicotine solution is heated and vaporized.  There’s also an LED light that glows at the tip of the device.  The person inhales a flavored vapor with nicotine to satisfy cravings, and it doesn’t leave behind an odor or smell.

What about quitting smoking after turning to the e-cigarette?  According to a survey done by ecigarettes365.com 55.6% of people who quit smoking after turning to the e-cigarette agree that making the changed helped them quit.

Ecigarettes365.com is full of Electronic Cigarette reviews, ratings, brand comparison, and buying guidance.  If you’re a smoker looking for a way out, you might want to visit eCigarettes365.com to help you decide if the Electronic Cigarette is right for you.  If you’re making that change already, you can read reviews from people using the e-cigarette and find the best brands.

I know smoking is hard to quite, I wish I would have never started.  If you have children and want to quit, remember you can do it!  On another note, if you’re like my husband and need a little help, the e-cigarette has helped him better than pills, patches, or gum.  Trust me he has tried it all!   I know he doesn’t want our children to smoke either, smoking has always been a harder for him to kick, but he is taking steps in the right direction and I am proud of him.  He doesn’t always have a smoke, or an e-cigarette in his mouth all the time.  I think this just might be the tool he needed to see that he can kick this habit, and help decrease our children’s chances of smoking.

What are your thoughts on the e-cigarette?  Have you tried it, I would love to hear your experience with the e-cigarette.

  • Lisa R

    Not sure if that is true. My daughter hates my habit

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  • lisa

    Sadly, both of my kids smoke. My son claimed to hate the smell. he picked up the habit though. It’s ironic, most kids start because they think they look older or to be cool. Once you start it is a dirty, addictive habit (not to mention expensive) that’s hard to break!

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  • Casey M

    My fiance is wanting to try the ecigarette! Hope it works!

  • Fee (Phyllis) Roberts

    I believe that’s true for the norm but I was lucky. Neither of my children smoke. I’m trying to quit now. It’s been 9 days and it’s starting to get to me so my daughters are investing in that Blu e-cig for me. I should get it by the end of the week. I’ve got to make sure I quit before my granddaughter gets older because I’m sure I wouldn’t be that lucky again and I don’t want to be the reason she starts.