Because I’m A Mom, I Don’t Get Sick Days, But I Get Moments Like This!

There’s one thing moms have in common, we get no sick days!  One thing I have learned as a stay at home mom, I get no sick days.  When I used to work I have everything lined out. If I stayed home from work because I was sick I could take my kids to daycare, at least have the day to sleep, and catch my breath.  Now that I’m a stay at home mom, my husband goes to work, and I am left at home to care for our kids, regardless if I feel like I have been hit by a big truck or not.

Now I’m in no way saying that working mom’s don’t get sick days.. In my situation, it was easier for me to take a sick day as a working mom because I was able to take my kids to daycare, and my husband is awesome and helps in the evenings.  I have been both a working mom, and stay at home mom, everyone has different situations, and regardless if you stay home or venture off to work you are still mom first!  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with my children, even on my sick days!!

mom with her three daughters huggingBecause I’m am a mom, I have no sick days!

Lucky for me I don’t get sick often, but when I do I get SICK!  I often end up wishing I could curl up in a corner, cry, and rock myself to sleep, but the toddler pulling her sisters hair and screaming quickly reminds me that I get no sick days.  Before I know it I’m debating if I want to use my Super Power Mom Ignore Skills, and let the two of them work it out, but I can’t because I’m not sure what would happen lol.  I remind myself that things could be worse, it’s only a few days, and I will make it out alive, I think, maybe?

When I’m sick, the days are horrible, I’m lazy, and thanks to my “Super Mom Ignore Powers” I let my kids eat too many cookies, and get away with too much.  I catch myself waiting for 5:00pm when my husband gets home, and crossing my fingers it’s not a day he needs to work late. I admit it, I’m a lucky mom.  I always know my husband will come home from work, and cook dinner, and take care of the bedtime duties.  If I am lucky enough to be caught up with all my work, I can finally sleep.  Once I’m finally able to make it to bed, I catch myself falling asleep with both my fingers and toes crossed that I feel better in the morning.  If not I will suck it up for another day.

I’ve learned that motherhood is a 24/7, no sick days, demanding job with the best rewards anyone could ask for.  Sure there are times when I want to pack my bags, and just run until I cannot run anymore, but I would probably only make it to the end of the road before I needed to come back and grab a drink of water, or my cell phone because I forgot it.  I think it’s normal to want to run away, lol or maybe it’s just me.  Regardless I have learned that all things we work hard for have great rewards at the end.

mom holding her babyThe last time I wasn’t feeling well my younger two girls to take care of me.  They rubbed my feet, brought me water, and anything else they were able to reach.  It wasn’t the best foot rub, and the water had been sitting on the table from the night before, but they did it just for me.  they both wanted to help mommy feel better.  Suddenly I didn’t want to run away, or hide in a corner rocking myself to sleep.  I asked my two girls if they would lay down and watch a movie with me, and of course they wanted to.  Before my toddler laid down next to me she kissed me on the forehead and told me she would take good care of me just like I did her when she was sick.  Before I knew it another kiss on my forehead, from my other daughter.  She told me if I needed anything they promised they would take good care of me.

When dad walked in the door, he too kissed me on the forehead, and told me to go lay down he would take care of everything.  Suddenly sick days didn’t matter as much…  My family took it all away, at this point I just wanted to stay in the livingroom with my family.  This moment taught me a lot about being a mom.  The things we do might go unnoticed, but we are never not loved.

I don’t get sick days because I’m a mom, but I get moments like that to carry with me forever.  I realized I wasn’t born to become famous, I wasn’t born to write a book, I wasn’t born to manage a bank, or ride in a limo.  I was put here to experience motherhood, to be a mommy, live the life I’m so lucky to have, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

mom, dad, and their four children taking a family picture outsideThere is no magic pill, or super medicine that helps anyone deal with sick days.  We are moms, and from the moment we become a mom something happens.  Because we are moms we have Super Powers, and we can handle anything, because we love our families that much!  That’s why we are able to handle anything and everything.  We do it because we love our families, and regardless of what’s going on we know in our hearts they love us too.

  • Kam kay

    Awww …… your girls are so sweet and you are truly blessed to have such loving family.

    • Jenn

      thanks you so much Kam… I really am they are so wonderful!

  • Wendy T

    Sweet memories of your two children helping take care of you. It helps them too, I’m sure. I heard it said as moms we don’t get sick often – but when we do – watch out!

    • Jenn

      That’s so true… and I love the way you said it watch out lol…