Improve Your Life with Products from As Seen on TV

 Ways You Can Improve Your Live with As Seen on TV Products for Adult 

There are always new gadgets and fun new products that you are likely to want to check out. The As Seen on TV line of products allows you to do just that. In fact you can find products that are going to help you to be able to improve your life in a number of different ways.


1.  See Things Clearly

The Easy View HD sells for $12.95 and is a unique product that clips on underneath the visor so that you can see the road clearly when you are driving. It is made from a plastic that will filter out the bright light from the sun and keep you driving safely down the road.

This product is really something that would be great for anyone and while I have not had a chance to try it out I am sure that my husband will appreciate it when he is driving since I always wear sunglasses it is not necessary. My husband has prescription glasses and does not have sunglasses at this time so he is often squinting and trying to see when driving down the road. I do have it in the car in case I would forget my sunglasses sometime though.


2. Cook a Perfect Bacon Bowl

Bacon lovers everywhere are going to probably want to smack me right now. I hate bacon but when given the opportunity to review the bacon bowl I knew that it was something that my family would love. Each one of my children and my husband enjoy bacon.

We have not gotten a chance to review the bowl yet but I am planning on whipping up some great breakfasts with it in the next few weeks. I keep envisioning pancakes that have been cut into bite sized pieces and maple syrup. My daughter loves dipping her bacon in the syrup so this would take care of that. My husband says that he wants bacon bowls filled with mac n cheese so I am thinking about whipping that up as well. I really do not see how this product could get any better for a bacon lover. You can get the Perfect Bacon Bowl for $12.95.


3.  Finally Get Those Beautiful Heels You Have Dreamed Of

Heel Tastic is a great buy for $9.95. I will admit that I was very skeptical of this one when I was told that it would be sent to me.


I have very dry cracked heels as you can see here. I always have terribly dry heels and feet because I hate socks. So I have never really found a product that does well at keeping them crack free. To be honest my heels are often so bad that when I get pedicures they have to spend a lot of time shaving the dry skin off and it is pretty gross. I have to tip a bit more because I feel so bad for the person working on my feet.


Well not any more. Now I can leave a normal tip because even after just a few applications you can see that Heel Tastic really did deliver and gave me smoother heels that are on their way to being completely heeled and crack free. I am literally amazed by how well this worked.


4.  That We Really Do Watch Too Much TV

I am not quite sure what to say about Clear TV. Clear TV sells for $19.95 and is a way for you to watch TV without cable and to get that clear picture that most people pay for cable to get.

I will be honest that I have not had a chance to try this yet. We have cable and I am going to put it on a TV and test it out sometime but I just have not had the time right now to be able to really try it and to hook up another TV that is not hooked to our cable.

I did notice that the Clear TV was advertised as something that you can use when outside or camping. I do not think that we really need TV when we are enjoying the great outdoors so we will definitely not be using it for this. To be honest I am a little disturbed that it is even suggested that you sit and watch TV while being outside.


5. You Can Heat Up Your Core to Burn More Fat


The Belly Burner is $19.95 and is a unique belt that promises to help you to burn more fat. This belt is a great purchase. It is something that I like to wear all of the time. I actually feel like it is helping me to lose some of the fat on belly. I would guess that it is really just helping me to lose extra water weight. I do notice that even when I am not exercising and just wearing it while I work or watch TV that it gets hot and even though I am not usually one to sweat, I definitely sweat in my mid section with this on.


The Belly Burner did come with these guides to help with diet and exercise but they are pretty basic knowledge and full of general information.  If you have never dieted or exercised then they might be interesting.  If you have dieted or exercised in the past then you likely know everything that is in the guides.

As Seen on TV products can really help you to have an easier life. You will be happy that you purchased the products that will help you to solve some of your everyday problems.

This blog was written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.

  • hitachi power tools

    Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours these days.
    I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  • sharon martin

    I’d like to try the heeltastick because my feet get really dry and cracked.

  • lisa

    I have been wanting to try the clear TV. I have tried the visor. It doesn’t work well for me. It’s pretty big and gets in the way.

    • Amanda Walton

      Lisa–We don’t have a TV without cable but my parents have a camper and I am going with them and the kids sometime and will get back with you about how it works.

  • M.Clark

    All of these products are very interesting. I was surprised to find out about the bacon bowl, I’d buy one it they had bowls made of turkey bacon. The item that I’m really interested in trying is Heel Tastic, my heels could use some moisturizing. Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Amanda Walton

      I would really recommend giving Heel Tastic a try. The product has delivered amazing results to my own heels that have honestly never looked better. It has helped me to get rid of an embarrassing problem that I thought I would always be dealing with.

    • Amanda Walton

      I would think that you could use turkey bacon with the Bacon Bowl. I think you would just need to make sure that it was all layered right. I don’t like bacon but love soy bacon and was thinking about even trying that!

  • Melissa Marinho

    I am a sucker for the As Seen on TV stuff. Some of them are GREAT inventions, while others, not so much. It is tough to decipher which ones which before actually using them, so any reviews on them are SO appreciated! I do own the Heel Tastic, and it’s worked on my feets as well! I have my eye on the Easy View, I’ll have to check back on that review. Thanks so much for the post and sharing your pics!

    • Amanda Walton

      I attempted to attach the Easy View and for me personally it was a bit too large. I do think that someone else might like it but I am short and with the way that our van pedals are I have my seat moved pretty close to the window. So I did not like where it hung at for me personally. I would probably say that it would work well for someone who was not as close to the dash board or for someone who was not easily distracted. I am easily distracted and honestly this kind of bothered me a bit as well. :)

    • Amanda Walton

      Easy View did not work well for me. I know that another reviewer is doing a review on it and I think that she had better results so it might depend on the type of car/how you sit in the car. I have a van and am short (5’3″) so I have to sit pretty close to the window and it kind of got in the way for me. I think if I could reach the pedals sitting back further that I would have really liked it.

  • Leah Lucas

    I have seen and wanted to try a few of these products myself! Especially the bacon bowls! My family loves bacon! So versatile, the possibilities are endless! Haha!

  • krystel

    sounds like a great products

  • tamra gibson

    Glad to hear your opinion on some of these products. I HAVE ordered items before from Tv and have been disappointed but I trust your opinion on the items above and I do know someone who desperately needs help in their heel area so thanks for your review

    • Amanda Walton

      Tamra…no problem. I agree, sometimes I think that things just possibly could not work how they claim. I would suggest that the person who gets the Heel Tastic keep up with the applications. I skipped a few days and my feet look pretty rough again so it is something that they must keep up on for the desired results.

  • keish

    wowww, these look really cool, I think imma buy some now

    • Amanda Walton

      Keish…have fun shopping!!

  • Shannon

    Thank you for your review of these products, I am always skeptical to buy them.

    • Amanda Walton

      Shannon, I am skeptical too! So all in all I have found that while some are great, others happen to fall a bit short for me.

  • Jara Christensen

    Wow i am so always tempted to buy these as seen on tv things but I am always curious on if they work! Thanks for the post!

    • Amanda Walton

      Jara, you are welcome. I would have to state that I think that some products that I personally do not like might work well for others (in some situations). However there are some products that I think might not ever work quite how they were intended.