Indoor Activities for Kids: 20 Fun Things For Kids To Do In The House

Do you ever hear, “Mom, I’m Bored?”  I hear it all the time when my kids are stuck inside for any length of time.  We live in Southern New Mexico, it’s HOT in the summer, and COLD in the winter.  If I don’t come up with indoor activities for kids all I hear is how horrible their lives are.  Sure they are great at using their imaginations, but after they have used to so much of it up they need a point in the right direction.  This helps keep them from doing things like, washing the dog with 6 bottles of dish soap while mom is in the shower.  Yes, if I don’t help come up with fun things for kids to do in the house they get into trouble.  Needless to say, I want to avoid them getting into trouble due to boredom.

things to do with kids insideWe have been lucky the past 2 days has been warm enough for the kids to play outside for a few hours, but guess what?  It’s fixing to get cold again.  Rather than waiting until they are bored out of their minds, I have come up with 20 fun things for kids to do in the house, lol.  They are super fun, and I know they are all indoor activites my kids will enjoy.  I’m am hoping you find some that your kids enjoy too.  

Indoor Activities for Kids 20 Fun Things For Kids To Do In The HouseIndoor Activities For Kids: 20 Fun Things For Kids To Do In The House

Crafts – My kids love crafts, and I have been spending more time doing crafts with my kids.  I recently went to the dollar store and spend $50.  Yes, that’s a whole lot of crafting supplies, and tons of fun for the kids.  I made sure to get things they could all do together, as well as a few things they could do individually. If you are searching for indoor activates for kids, you cannot go wrong with crafting.  You can find something for all of them, toss in something education, and they will not even know.  With Valentien’s Day creeping up on us you can find tons of things to do on Valentine’s Day with kids that are holiday themed to make things a little more fun.

Baking – If you follow my blog you have probably noticed we have started to increase our recipe section, lol.  It’s due to the kids being stuck inside, and us having fun baking up fabulous Valentine’s Day recipes and fun dinner ideas.  We have a whole lot of fun, the kids have been learning how to handle themselves in the kitchen, and have helped stir up my creative side. 

Make a Movie – Yes, we all love technology in this house.  Any child over the age of 9 has their own mobile device and they know how to use it.  To be honest my 3-year-old has her own phone too, it doesn’t work as far as calling, but she can use it to play games, take pictures, and create movies. 

Build a Fort – Every now and again when I am feeling like I can handle a living room takeover I allow my kids to build a fort in the living room.  Do they ever build a fort, lol.  By the time it’s all said and done they have a 3 bedroom, 2 story luxury fort, and every blanket in my house, plus off their bed is being used to create this luxury fort.  Before I know it they have used several hours to build the fort, are getting along, and even using their imagination for the remainder of the day.

Drive In Movies – I know most of you don’t have a drive-in theater, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have some fun, and make one.  If you have some boxes make cars, pick out a flick, and watch a movie like you are at the chilling in your car at the drive-in.  You can even have a little fun and set up a concession stand. 

Workout Program – Since I have been working out, I started a workout program, and my kids decided to join.  Every single day we workout.  There are days we are able to do the traditional workout, and laugh 99% of the time because my kids think it’s funny to ride a bike in the hair, and talk about your buttocks.  We also play Just Dance, or another workout game on the Wii from time to time.  Dancing with 3 young girls is one awesome workout, lol.

Redecorate – Have some fun and redecorate your house.  If you plan things right you should be able to do some great crafts and use them around the house.  You can find some awesome crafts and DIY projects on Pinterest. 

Play Game – There are some fabulous board games out there. 

Crochet – Teach your kids to crochet.

Looming – You can make all kinds of great things with an affordable looming kit.

Spa Day – Let the kids give you a spa day.  If your kids are anything like mine they will jump at the chance to pamper mom.  It’s the perfect way to butter me up so I will let you use my nail polish, lol.

Turn Down The Volume – This is one of our favorite, and we always forget about it.  We will turn down the volume on the TV, and talk for whoever is on TV.  There are some pretty funny things that happen when my kids are in charge of what is said, lol

Cook – If I am ever stuck am looking for things to do with the kids when it is cold outside I always get my kids involved in making warm soup.  I tend to like to make the soup that takes the longest, and taste the best.  Keeps the house warm, and smelling great. 

Story Time – Have everyone pick out their favorite book, and each take turns reading to one another.  If your kids are too little to read step in and read for them. 

Funny Videos – There are some great videos on YouTube and Vine that you can have a blast watching with kids of all ages. 

things to do with kids

Cuddle – There is nothing like heating up the fireplace, and cuddling up with the kids for a good movie.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  I honestly look forward to things cooling off so we can start a fire and watch movies together. 

Chat – Use this time to talk to your kids, and get to know them on a friend level too.  Talking with your kids about their day, how things are going, favorite colors, or anything else is extremely important.  This is my favorite indoor activity for kids, lol.  We often end up talking about some crazy things.

Dress Up – Let the kids dress up in their best cloths and put on a fashion show for you.  Get dressed up with them, just have fun. You can even come up with themes, allow everyone 10 minutes to get dressed up, and then strut your stuff on the catwalk.  Our favorite is the “I just woke up look”, “Dress up the animals” and the “Oh no I cannot believe I did that.”  Yes the 2nd one gets VERY creative, but it’s always been something fun for the kids to do in the house.

play dress up

Dress Up – NOPE, not a typo.  Let the kids play dress up in your cloths.  I remember being young I always had so much fun dressing up in my parent’s cloths, and now I watch my kids enjoy it just as much as I did.

Blind Fold Game – This is a food testing game.  Blind fold one another, and have them try things.  Be careful, things can get honey and mayonnaise mixture crazy if you are not careful.  Don’t lose, lol.

There are plenty of indoor activities for kids, we as parents just have to help our kids out from time to time, and be creative ourselves.  My kids have great imaginations, but they only last so long in the house before they start getting into trouble if I don’t step in. 

Have you had to think up some fun activities for your kids?  Leave me a comment and let me know what fun things for the kids to do in the house you use to keep your kids busy.

  • Rhea Liza Muñoz

    thanks for this. you gave me an idea what kind of activities we will going to do during our spare time..

  • Asha

    I love the drive-in movie idea. I’m definitely going to try this with my 4yo and some cardboard boxes made into cars.

  • Tiffani

    Thank you so much for this list there are a lot of good ideas! Our problem is a lot of rainy days so this will come in handy :-)

  • TE Lawrence

    This is a pretty good list & very similar to my own; but if your kids are anything like mine, there are days when nothing seems to make them happy. So mom has instituted a new rule: since there ARE so many fun things to do, if I hear the words “I’m bored” that child gets to do the chore of MY choice! Needless to say, I haven’t heard those words in over a year now! lol I DO hear a lot more of “Mom, would you do this with me?”, which is so much nicer (and fun) to hear. Problem solved. ;o)

  • Sarah Elyce

    I love this list. They seem like simple ideas when you read it but having something to read when being bombarded with “I’m bored” makes it much easier to approach the task of entertaining children.

    • Jenn

      I totally agree with you! Thank you so much for your comment Sarah and for being an amazing reader here at JennsBlahbalhBlog HUGS to you!

  • M.Clark

    This is a great list of indoor activities for kids. When I was young my mother bought a bunch of workbooks and whenever I had nothing to do I had to go do my workbooks (math, reading, spelling, etc.), so I was never bored.

  • Deborah D

    I am going to have to remember and bookmark this post so when my niece and nephew come visit we have something to do.

  • Heather Swarthout

    My toddler usually never gets bored but I like the idea of turning down the TV and talking for the people. That’s interesting!

  • Sharon G

    This was really helpful. Bored kids can bring the term “Stir Crazy” to a whole new level! I love the volume down idea – can’t wait to try that one! lol My granddaughter is 3. I had several old knick knacks and junk I had packed up for “yard sale/donation” I let her paint a few of those instead of her usual paper paintings. She Loved it!

  • ANN*H

    What a wonderful posting with all these ideas for fun time when the kids are bored . My grand kids always want to play domino’s – army or doc mcstuffin here at my house LOL

  • Lisa Ehrman

    I love the idea about Building a Fort. That brings back so many memories. I guess it’s a timeless adventure. Kids love to do this any time of the year. It’s a pretty harmless thing to do, whereas, cooking could get pretty messy.

    • Jenn

      Yes, I agree… However, my kids tend to have the whole livingroom turned into a fort with different bedrooms, windows, I don’t even know they might even have their own kitchen in there lol

  • denise low

    This would be great when the grandkids come over. It will give them something to do.

  • Janette Polivka

    Glad to know mine aren’t the only ones that claim they are bored!! lol With all the expensive toys we buy them at that. Sometimes I think they are just wanting to spend time with us without having to come out and say it. With that being said, the idea you gave were great! My son enjoys when I just give input on how he should make his loom. Or will drop what he’s doing to play a board game! Cooking, crafts, exercise, all kinds of cheap or free indoor activities! Thank you for the reminder!

  • natalie parvis

    Great ideas! Thanks! I have a very bored toddler who is an only child and i feel for him!

  • Rose M

    I can’t wait to try these with my little one soon. She’s not talking yet, but I suspect once she is talking, the phrase “I’m bored” won’t be far behind. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Jenn

      LOL, that is so true it doens’t take long for them to learn the I’m bored phrase..



    • Jenn

      hahaha Randy I know the feeling! My 3 year old doesn’t take naps she will not do it unless it’s 5pm.. which is too late so I am fighting with her to get her to stay up.. I try so hard to get her to sleep early but she will not do it never has liked naps

  • Shannon

    These are all great ideas and a lot of them work for adults too! Thanks, Jenn.

    • Jenn

      Thanks, and yes… I totally agree I try to think of things that I can do too lol… let’s face it we go crazy stuck inside with kids too lol

  • lissa crane

    This is the most realistic list of fun things to do! I always see the same things over and over, but I love the ideas on this list! I’m printing it to refer back to when I need it! Thanks!

  • Teresa Honores

    These are things we need to do in our household! the kids love being in the kitchen so maybe i should be baking more!

    • Jenn

      I love baking with my kids, lol. Things tend to get a little crazy from time to time but it’s always fun!

  • joanna garcia

    This is an awesome list! as a sahm mom my poor kids get tired staying home too so this would help me w coming up with stuff for them to do!

  • Sarah L

    That is a GREAT list. Should be something there for every bored kid in everyone’s house.