Instantly Falling Head over Heels for S & K Charms and Beads

So like most red blooded girls I like things pretty, shiny, girly. My biggest problem is the ridiculous cost of jewelry. I’m a single mom on a limited budget so when I come across a deal on quality jewelry it’s my responsibility to share it with you all.. I was instantly in love when I set my eyes upon these beautiful beads.

S & K Charms and Beads is a small mom run business out of North Carolina, open since 2009. They specialize in hand making European style bracelets at prices everyone can afford. They also take special orders for hand stamped custom charms. These stamped charms are great for birthdays, anniversaries and as memory charms. Sabrina and Kelsey Tart carry a huge selection of other items such as earrings, rings, clock bracelets, and shamballa crystal bracelets. All at prices everyone can afford! They are also in the process of opening a storefront with other handmade crafts and one of a kind items by local artists called S & K Village Gift Box.

I was sent a beautiful array of their bead styles. Solid core glass, 925 silver charms, crystal beads and a few more. Working with Sabrina Tart was a pleasure. She helped me pick out and design what I think are the perfect items. She was patient, understanding, helpful and oh so polite. A rare quality in some customer service situations now days.

green handmade beads on a silver chain

The first, a necklace, was a keepsake for me. as you can see these are beautiful charms. The two green gem beads represent my kids, with my heart in the middle and either side is a charm. The first is a silver charm of a mother holding her children and the other is a silver family tree with gems, all strung together on a beautiful silver rope chain.. These gems really sparkle and catch the light. The are truly exquisite. Much more beautiful in person then any picture could capture. They are solid. Not cheap. The stones are set well with no fear of them coming out. The silver chains also come in several sizes so there is something for everyone.

Handmade beads and bracelet

The second, a bracelet, my daughter chose the beads. She chose a gold colored lady bug with wonderful markings, a solid rainbow glass bead that just shimmers , a silver charm with beautiful emerald green crystals, a rainbow crystal bead and another silver charm. She preferred the braided leather chain. This is another great thing about S & K Charms and Beads. they have a variety of options to choose from. you are not stuck with only silver, or only braided. You choose. And the bracelets are made to size so you can have it made to fit you.

They have over 500 items, so choosing your favorite beads may be hard but at prices starting at about $15.00 per charm you can afford to add to your necklace or bracelet. I also found many beads, glass, silver and gem, on sale some as low as $1.00-$3.00 (yes this is not a mis-print). They have starter bracelets sets as low as $35, a two year warranty and free shipping in the United States. Hard to beat that! So to the really fun part.

Be sure to swing by and visit SK Beads and Charms in their Etsy Store, on their Website, and as always stay up to date and support SK by “Liking” them on Facebook, and “Follow” via Pinterest.

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  1. Sylvia Zajis says

    I am truly sold on the customer service aspect. To find a company with superior customer service in today’s technology age is a gem. Can’t wait to discuss some items with them.

  2. cheryl lister says

    I like the significance of your choices of beads in the necklace. Very pretty and looks high quality.

  3. says

    Oh I am so glad I found JBBB & SK Beads and Charms! Now I have you all followed on Pinterest, Facebook, both you all websites and on Etsy! Great Stuff you have here gals!

  4. Laurie Nykaza says

    Open heart washer. very dainty and cute, great for putting short sayings,or names on.its so pretty I love all their jewelry

  5. Donna Warrington says

    I like how S & K Charms and Beads is a small mom run business out of North Carolina….that great news for small businesses…..

  6. stephanie Boseman says

    I love the necklace and bracelet. Such gorgeous beads! Especially that rainbow glass bead… wow!

  7. lisa says

    That would be a nice stocking stuffer or other gift idea. I like that you can always add to it or change it around.

  8. desiree says

    thsi is pretty what i do it give it to soon to be newly mrred family member for her mom rember and tehn there sone and then there dog

  9. Shar says

    Yep, I instantly went nuts over these too! I love their glitzy beads and their Shamballa sideways cross bracelet with crystal balls. I love jewelry!