Your children will have hours of creative fun!

Summer is just around the corner and the children will be on summer vacation soon. I want to be sure my kids stay active and busy! We have our outside activities already planned, the inside activities can always use a fresh, new , fun approach. This is why I love Skwooshi. My kids will have hours of creative fun all year round!! Kids love to mold and create without a doubt! I love any toy or product that can enhance my little ones imaginary or creativity skills. Well Skwooshi is top on my list!! This cool new action compound is fun for the whole family! There’s nothing better than seeing the smile on my child’s face when they see what they have created with their own two hands, priceless!! Kids love to skwoosh it and stretch it as far as their imagination will take them.

This awesome, cool new compound is from Irwin Toy that stretches, molds, and shapes into amazing detail with the greatest of ease , and get this, “no mess to clean up and it never dries out!” I love how easy it is to handle, now you don’t have to help your kids to smash down on handles, or help turn cranks like with regular play dough. We received the Skwooshi action set,

I have never felt a molding compound, clay, silly puddy or even a play-doh as awesome as this.  When I first took it out of the container it was kind of  hard, but after I squashed it in my hand it immediately went so soft. To me it feels like angel hair and stretches like cotton, too cool! Skwooshi comes in 10 vibrant colors and various action play sets. 

This play set, recommended for kids ages 3 and up, is extremely easy to use. This play set is one of their smaller ones, it came with two molding figures and two Skwooshi colors. It sure has given my little one hours of fun, creative entertainment and is a great addition to our current Skwooshi set. You can swing over and check out our first Skwooshi review  “It’s Not play-Doh, It’s Not Clay, Hey It’s Not Even Silly Puddy‘ 

Any one of Skwooshi sets will make a great gift for any child! The whole family will enjoy this wonderful, stretching, molding, sculpting new compound. For more information on all of Skwooshi products be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Ashley F says

    That looks like lots of fun! My toddler is really getting into play dough (we make home made) and other artsy and creative activities, so this would probably be great for her. I’m going to look into getting some for her as part of her birthday present!

  2. Dawn Mateo de Acosta says


  3. Carissa Joslyn says

    These look awesome, never seen anything like it! I think my kids would love it, though!
    I like how it can be anything!

  4. Em Ma says

    I could see my kids absolutely loving this! I like that it never dries out and that it’s not messy.

  5. Deborah D says

    My niece and nephew would really have fun with this. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  6. Amanda Walton says

    I really think that my kids would love this as well. The compound looks like it would be a great toy for them. I love that you said that it is not messy. All four of mine love playing with playdough but it gets everywhere and makes the biggest mess at our house!!