Invest In Our Children’s Future #TeachersChangeLives: Support Today #cgc #sponsored

jennsblahblahblog discosure policy Invest In Our Childrens Future #TeachersChangeLives: Support Today  #cgc #sponsored

 Invest In Our Childrens Future #TeachersChangeLives: Support Today  #cgc #sponsored

Support your childrens future Invest In Our Childrens Future #TeachersChangeLives: Support Today  #cgc #sponsoredTeacher are so important in our children’s life’s.  It’s extremely important for us as parents to know our children’s teachers, and recognize the impact they have on our children.  I’m sure you can relate.  I have had bad teachers, that have made learning extremely difficult for various reasons and on the flip side have had teachers that have gone above and beyond the call of duty for me.

When I think back to my highschool years there is one teacher that sticks out, and that one teacher made a huge difference in my life.  I could tell you about my highschool years and the teacher that touched my life, but I’m going to tell you about my daughters last two years and the difference that an awesome teacher as made in her life.

Last year my oldest daughter went to a middle school in our home town, needless to say I’m not too happy with the school.  Anyway, last year she was passing with D’s in some classes and the other classes she was failing.  My husband went to a parent teacher conference with one of her teachers, and I’m still flabbergasted by what one of those teachers actually said to my husband.  I still cannot belive they would think it’s okay to feel that way about any child, but a teacher actually told my husband to sum it up, that our daughter Catie was pretty much done for the year she was going to stay behind and there wasn’t anything that could be done about it.  WOW, with that kind of attitude it’s no wonder she didn’t care about her grade and that teacher is lucky it was my husband there and not me, I still to this day am not sure how I would have handled that situation.  In my opinion, we as adults do not give up on children.

My husband, Shawn and I worked very hard with Catie to get her up to speed.  She ended up passing the 7th grade and is not an 8th grader.  Needless to say, the first of this school year we moved her school and I cannot say enough good things about where she goes now.  She didn’t want to change schools, it was hard for her to leave her friends, but she loved the teachers from the start.  I cannot even say it’s just one of the teachers, they all care and if something is wrong they notice, and actually talk to her.

Catie tells me all the time how much she loves her school and the teachers.  She says it’s like they are one big family, if she isn’t doing okay the teachers notice.  If her grades are not where they need to be, the teachers pull her aside and do what needs to be done.  We actually get phone calls when she gets anything less than a C.  Catie is now on the A/B Honor Roll, cares about school, enjoys going, and is always taking about how funny and crazy her teachers are.   She actually brings home books and studies on her own, no more arguing, fighting and I cannot do it’s!  The difference in her speaks for itself, teachers do have a major impact on our children and awesome teachers are priceless.

I realize in some of the larger schools it’s hard to do this with every single student, which is why the teacher to student ratio should be better.  In my opinion good teachers are hero’s and deserve to be noticed, appreciated, and paid for the job that they do.  They have one of the most important jobs there is, and a good teacher has such an impact on our children.

Needless to say the first of this school year, we moved her schools.  The difference in her is amazing.  So the difference between the two schools is my Catie failing the 7th grade, and now she is on the A/B Honor Roll and headed strong for 9th grade.  I honestly don’t think things would be the same if she didn’t have teachers that cared, I think she might still be on the road to being held back.

Have you had an awesome teacher impact your life, or the life of your child?  Support by registering and donating HERE.  Teachers be sure and register your classroom today with our charity partner to participate in the REAL Change Project and be eligible for funding from donors worldwide.  100% of donations goes directly to teachers, so they don’t have to spend their own money on supplies!  Access tools here:  to help promote your involvement and tell others about your classroom’s needs.

Supports AdoptAClassroom Invest In Our Childrens Future #TeachersChangeLives: Support Today  #cgc #sponsoredSpecial thanks to Office Depot for recognizing the contributions teachers make every single day to support the students:

  • $1,000: Out-of-pocket amount spent by the average teacher each year on essential classroom supplies.
  • 92%: Percentage of teachers who report spending their own money on classroom supplies.
  • $1.3 billion: Total out-of-pocket amount spent nationally by teachers on classroom supplies each year.

A good teacher is an investment in our children’s future and in my opinion priceless.  The impact they have our on our children is something we should think about, it’s important to support our teachers and help make sure they have the tools they need to effectively teach their students, our children, and our future.  Be sure and swing using this link, and show your support today.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Jane Ritz says

    That is a wonderful review. As a former teacher, it is a pleasure and an honor who teach students. I have 5-6 students who are facebook friends. I know I have had a positive influence on them.

  2. Jacienda says

    This is a great idea! Teachers really do not get paid enough for what they do!

  3. Widyaning says

    A good and qualified teacher will lead our children’s to a good and qualified future also. Thanks for a great article.

  4. Jody Cowan says

    Thats awesome she’s on the honor roll now. I truely believe if my son (9th grader) had teachers that cared more, he would also be doing better. He has problems and they just don’t do much to help.

  5. veronica lee says

    I’ve had a really dedicated teacher who made a huge difference in my life.
    Love this idea – this would certainly help provide teachers with the resources they need to effectively teach our children.

  6. Mitzi Fisher says

    This is such a true review. Our children are the future. I think this is a wonderful idea.