Getting Joovy With The Zoom 360 Jogger Stroller!!

I am very excited to share this stroller review with you! My little Miss Novalee is 4 months old now and my grandson started 1st grade in August. Boy how time flys!! We have been on the go daily walking my grandson to and from school, to the library, park, stores, martial arts class and I have to say nothing helps you get moving better with little ones than a good jogging stroller. Over the years I have bought and used several strollers, from the cheap umbrella ones to the expensive high-end ones and I’m happy to say we are getting Joovy with the Zoom 360 and it has been wonderful!! I am no runner by any means, shoot I get tired just walking across the street and back. My daughter is the runner in our family so she was ecstatic to give the Joovy Zoom 360 a try!!

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I hope you all don’t mind, but I’m going to go straight into what this fabulous jogger stroller is all about!!

Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

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We are city people and live in old Escondido, which doesn’t always make for smooth strolling. Some of the joggers on the market just have the locked front wheel, while others allow you to change it from fixed to unlocked.  The Joovy Zoom 360 is easy to shift between the two and the unlocked wheel allows for greater maneuverability when just going about your daily business. All you do is flip a switch above the wheel and the wheel will pivot, it’s that easy!

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Even though it is a Jogger stroller this a stroller that can be used for errands, walking around the block and so much more. We took it to the Escondido street fair this past weekend and it handle nicely while maneuvering through the crowd.  It’s built solid with great shock absorption and a smooth ride.

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p style=”text-align: left;”>I didn’t experience any bumpiness or excessive hand vibration, and my little Miss Novalee always seems safe and comfortable. It’s not easy running with a jogging stroller, but it’s fun. As I mention, my daughter is the runner in the family, although baby Novalee is too young to go on jogs in this stroller, my daughter took it for a test run with a twenty lb weight, the baby weighs in around there, and the things she would normally take with her to go for a jog. She did say her arms would get a little tired during the test jog and it pulled to the left a bit. Sometimes she alternated between running and walking. But it’s a great work out! With the Zoom 360, you’re getting fresh air, exercise and seeing the sights!

Comfort (For baby and for us)

The seat is easily adjustable, and the 5-point safety harness is padded for extra comfort. My granddaughter really likes being in the Zoom 360, as you can see she is so comfortable she fell fast asleep while enjoying the walk. The stroller is appropriate for use with children over the age of 3 months, running after 8 months of age, and up to 75 pounds.

Transport/ Compact Fold

It folds up nicely for easy, compact storage. It fits perfectly in my 2011 Nissan Versa hatch back. It is light and easy to put in my car with no problems!! My other older stroller scratched the side panels each time we put it in, you can see the damage it caused in the photos. The Zoom 360 collapses in a unique way, you lift up the footrest, and collapse by releasing a lever, lifting a wire-handle. This design is different from many strollers out there. It’s not difficult by any means. There’s a handy little “FOLD” tab sewn onto the stroller near the footrest to remind you. Please note: If at any time you may need help just give Joovy a call their wonderful customer service representatives will be happy to assist you, also on the Zoom page there is a link to videos and there you’ll get simple instructions on how to fine tune the Zoom!  Or log on to You Tube for instructional videos for the Zoom 360 compliments of Joovy!!



Out of the box, it’s really easy to assemble. It took my daughter minutes to put it together. What I love is it came with a tire pump that straps to the bottom basket. I was quite impressed with the stroller from the tire pump to the organizer to the rain cover. These items are included, unlike others that charge you extra.

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General appearance

Since blue is one of my favorite colors, I guess you can say I’m a little biased here, but I think objectively, the zoom 360 is incredibly sharp-looking! My grand son thinks so too. It also comes in red or black. The colors are really beautiful.

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Adjustable canopy

They really put a lot of attention to detail with this and it shows. The canopy has three positions and stretches (visor) well over the top to provide adequate shade. I love this canopy! The sun did not get into baby Novalee’s eyes no matter what direction we were traveling. There is a see through mesh window at the back of the stroller and a see-through Vinyl panel on the top of the canopy for two different ports of view. Fabulous for keeping an eye on your little one. Great assets!! Our other stroller does not have this type of canopy or see through mesh rear window and I really wish it did. I have to use blankets with the other stroller to shield her from the sun.


The bin underneath is surprisingly roomy. I really like all the mesh pockets, and storage space in the stroller. Because baby Novalee is still real young when we go out, we have to take everything we need with us, so the storage for water bottles, some toys, snacks for my grandson, and diaper bag is great. It is also great for after school to carry a backpack and even the school pumpkin!!

Parent organizer

The parent organizer holds two water bottles and has a zipper compartment for phones, cards, keys, and anything small you may carry this is a super handy feature. I love this little add-on!!

Hand grip 
The grip is nice, easy to grip and no slipping when hands become sweaty. The height positioning for the handle bar is perfect. It also has a safety wrist strap.

Rain/Wind Cover

The Zoom 360 has so many features I love, I will say this is one of my favorites!! It doesn’t rain much her in sunny California but when it does rain it pours! This fitted rain cover shields all around the Zoom 360 even the back mesh window. I really appreciate this feature being a grandma without a car during the day with two little ones under the age of 7.

In the past two weeks we have already put a few miles on the Joovy Zoom 360, and expect to put many more here in the near future. I could go on and on about the Zoom 360 and how wonderful it is! I highly recommend it to all runners and walkers alone. Hey I love it just because It’s easy to pilot and yet sophisticated at the same time. The Zoom 360 is well priced averaging in at about $270. I think this is a very reasonable price for this jogger stroller and all that comes with it!!

I would like to thank Joovy for this fabulous review opportunity!

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This stroller really has some great assets. I love the see through windows, pivoting wheels, lots of pockets- in fact it sounds like a perfect stroller for the active mom.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    this looks like a really well thought out design – I’ll have to suggest it to my daughters who’re expecting. Thanks a bunch for this review.