Almond Flour Pancakes? You Have To Check Out The Just Almonds #Review

In an effort to start living a healthier lifestyle, upon the recommendation of my niece, I decided to start using some of the gluten free products on the market.  I decided to give the Almond Flour a try.  Many thanks to JustAlmonds who recently granted me the opportunity to review a couple of their products:  Almond Flour and Nonpareil Almonds.


Almond Flour


Nonpareil Almonds

JustAlmonds Flour is 100% made from natural California almonds.  They contain no preservatives and no articifial ingredients.  They are kosher certified and gluten-free.  It is very nutritious, easy to use, and a great alternative to wheat flour.  It is especially good for individuals who need to watch their glycemic index.  It is high in protein and low in sugars and carbohydrates, which is great for my husband, who has some health issues.  JustAlmonds carries flours which are natural (ground with skin called Almond Meal), or blanched (ground without the skin and white in color).  I used the Almond Flour for both my recipes.

Not having the opportunity to use Almond Flour before, I was a bit skeptical about the taste.  I love to bake, but have always used the traditional white flour or wheat flour in all my recipes for breads, cakes, cookies, etc.   By the trial and error method, I learned that using Almond Flour in your recipes is just a wee bit different.  I prepared my recipe for a Norweigan Coffee Cake that I had gotten from a friend many years ago.  Now, I have used this recipe many, many times and have always loved the results…a cake that is light and fluffy.  However, when I followed the recipe, as usual, I noticed that the coffee cake was different in appearance and texture.  The cake did not rise as much as it usually has in the past.  So, I did a bit of research and found out that yes, you can use Almond Flour in cakes, pancakes, cookies, etc., but it is not recommended for recipes such as bread as it does not knead well.  Also, when using Almond Flour, you need to adjust the amount of eggs that you use in your recipe in order to attain the texture you desire.


Preparing the Norwegian Coffee Cake


Finished product – Norwegian Coffee Cake

While the coffee cake didn’t rise as high as when using regular white flour, the taste was out of this world, and the cake was so much richer.  The next time that I make this recipe, I will use additional eggs to compensate for the desired texture.

As the optimist that I am, I decided to give the Almond Flour another test.  As I still had some of the coffee cake left to consume, I decided to make some Almond Flour Pancakes.  The recipe is listed on the JustAlmonds’ website, and very easy to follow.  The recipe calls for four eggs, as opposed to the usual two as in other recipes.


Preparing the Almond Flour Pancake recipe


Almond Flour Pancakes.  The pancakes turned out fantastic!  Light and fluffy.  My husband and I both ate three pancakes when neither of us will eat more than two at a sitting.

Nonpareil Almonds

I also received a 1 lb bag of nonpareil almonds to review.  The JustAlmonds’ brand of almonds are gluten free, and high in protein, which is a perfect substitution for peanuts.  The JustAlmonds’ brand almonds are 100% natural Nonpareil California almonds, and prized for their superior taste and size, with no preservatives or artifficial ingredients.  They are kosher certified and gluten free.  The JustAlmonds’ almonds make a great snack and easy to take anywhere in their handy bag as an alternative to a salty snack.  These almonds are packaged in 1 lb bags, 5 lb bags, 25 lb boxes, and 50 lb boxes.  Ordering is simple when using their website or you can use their toll free number to call in your order if you are hesitant to order online.

Stop by JustAlmonds’ Pinterest page for the latest, or Facebook and Twitter to say hello.  Also, right now, JustAlmonds is offering a 10% discount on all orders through this website by using the coupon code  “Cassie”.

I have decided to start living a healthier lifestye, by using gluten free products.  Why don’t you?  Begin with the super fresh products that JustAlmonds offers.  I suggest you take the time right after reading this review to drop by JustAlmonds’ website and order a few of these nutritious products.

  • Christina Strapp

    This would be great for my daughter. She loves pancakes and I like how it’s healthier.

  • lisa

    I’m very curious about almond flour. I’d like to try it.

  • Angela Pennartz

    So wanna try this

  • Karen D

    Sounds and looks so good, despite ‘needing’ additional eggs. Would love to try almond flour!

  • Paula V

    I’ve been wanting to try an almond flour but can’t get it locally. I’m currently using a brown rice flour which is available.

  • marissa lee

    this is healthy…i never heard of almond flour…thank you for sharing

  • Peggy Greco

    These almond pancakes look tasty and nutritious;thanks for sharing with us.

  • Lea R

    Great way to go gluten free. I love almonds…. will definitely try this.

  • md Kennedy

    I’ve been making of lot of things with soy and oat flours lately, but haven’t tried almond. You’ve inspired me!

    • Karen Hand

      md: Great! We aim to please. Last night I went to the grocery store and looked to see if they carried almond flour, but no such luck. Looks like I am going to be purchasing all my flour from JustAlmonds’ website from now on.

  • Patricia Zyska-Pickett

    I’ve been trying to do the same thing – but in an effort to cut sugar and carbs. I’d really like to try making almond flour pancakes…but how to do it without added sugar or sweetener? Maybe they’ll have to be savory pancakes. Anyway, thanks for posting this – I am always looking for ideas and inspiration when it comes to gluten/starch/carb-free cooking.

    • Karen Hand

      Patricia: These pancakes weren’t real sweet. I used regular sugar, but if you wanted to, you could use a substitute for the sugar. The JustAlmonds’ website has a lot of recipes there using almond flour. I would think though that you could substitute the almond flour for most any recipe that calls for flour. Just remember though, if the recipe calls for eggs, you need to use additional eggs to compensate for the structure of whatever dish you are making. Thanks for your comment.

  • Jeri Accardo

    They sound great! I have used the almond flower and do like it.

  • Amy Nielson

    I love the idea of the almond flour. I’ve started using almond milk, and it is delicious.

  • marissa lee

    this sounds and look so healthy…thank you for sharing.

  • http://[email protected] Becky Schollian

    Yum Yum!! My family loves Pancakes and these look so delicious. I have heard of all kinds of different pancakes but not Almond Flour. Can’t wait to try. Just love new recipes, thanks Jenn

  • lisa

    I love pancakes and I’m always open to trying new recipes. Thanks for posting this. I’m anxious to try it!

  • sandy weinstein

    i drink almond milk and i love it. i bet these would be good even though i am not a pancake eater

    • Karen Hand

      Sandy: Check out the JustAlmonds’ website as they have so many recipes to make. The pancakes seemed to be the quickest to make though There is a chocolate cake recipe there as well that I want to make for my husband, and nutritional recipes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Sandy Cain

    Interesting idea. I’ve never thought about almond flour before, but I do like almonds. I would try this in pancakes. I like that they’re gluten-free, too! I’m starting to suspect I may have a problem with gluten.