Looking For Fun Free Apps For Kids Without Advertisements?

little girl playing game on ipad miniMy kids love playing fun free apps for kids on my Smartphones, and Tablets when I let them.  I admit, I am somewhat of a tablet, phone, and laptop freak.  My husband thinks I collect them, and then I’m stingy, lol.  I use them all at one time or another, and I have 2 that I let my kids play on.  They think I am just stingy because I don’t let them play their fun free apps whenever they want, or they would be playing all the time!

Don’t tell them, but for Christmas I am going to get all my three younger kids a tablet of some kind, and my oldest already has a laptop sitting under my bed, lol.  She is the only one who already has a tablet of her own.  I love technology, and parental controls lol.

It’s important for our kids to use all our gadgets and gizmos, it is the world they are growing up in by the time they are adults they will not be able to get a job if they are not tech savvy.  Which means as parents we need to monitor the fun free apps our kids are downloading, and what they are looking at online.  I don’t know about you, but it’s often hard to find quality, fun free apps for kids, especially ones that do not have all that advertisement.  I totally understand what it is all about, but it’s horrible on kid’s apps.  I let my son with cerebral palsy play a game on my tablet a while back, and do you realize when I finally got it back I had 3 new games downloaded, none of which I would allow my kids to play – it’s frustrating to say the least.

Looking For Fun Free Apps For Kids Without Advertisements?

free ipad apps for kidsI will tell you from the start, we had a blast playing My Dolphin Show!  My Dolphin Show is a fun, FREE app to play with your kids.  If you have not played My Dolphin Show I totally recommend it.  For the kids I mean, lol.  I did not spend 3 hours playing My Dolphin Show, fighting with my toddler over the tablet yesterday.  That wasn’t me!  Okay, it totally was me.  I had to try the game out and make sure it was kid friendly.  Oh, come on you do it too right?!?!

It took about an hour, but once I realized this was a fun free app for kids I handed it over to Mattie, lol.  Okay, so I totally had a blast playing it – I admit it.  Oh, I watch cartoons when they kids are not home to haha.

Android apps for kidsI have been very impressed with My Dolphin Show, it’s a fun free app that most kids and adults will have a blast playing.  You get to swing, play and perform tricks like a real dolphin, and over time your cute dolphin will complete different tricks that get more difficult.  Be sure to earn as many coins as you can, by having a great show and eating up those yummy fish the trainer tosses you for a great trick

free fun appsIn addition to the fun tricks you can also purchase your already adorable dolphin costumes, and eventually upgrade your creature to a shark, polar bear or mermaid.  If this app sounds like fun, it’s because it totally is.  Not only will your kids have fun playing My Dolphin Show, so will you.  It’s a great way to let loose and have a little fun with the kids, using a safe app, WITHOUT advertisements.  No having an advertisement pop up every 2 minutes is a better experience if you or you kids.

Picture of toddler girl playing with iPadMattie enjoyed this app so much I had to install it on the Kindle that I allow her to play with all the time.  I was glad to learn that My Dolphin Show is available in Google Play as well as the Apple Store.  In my opinion they should all do that to make everyone’s life a little easier and a whole lot more fun, without advertisements.  I keep on mentioning that, but I cannot tell you how awesome it is to actually play a free app for kids and not need to stress what they are downloading or if you remembered to turn on your parental controls.  Super HUGE thank you to the people who made My Dolphin Show without advertisements!

I really enjoyed the graphics, from the moment I first opened the app to set it up I noticed the graphics, and I was not disappointed as the game went on.  My Dolphin Show has been a huge hit in our house, and it seems like there are plenty of other people who love the game as well.  If you are on the hunt for a fun free app kids, without advertisements, but with amazing graphics, tons of fun, and super cute costumes be sure to give My Dolphin Show a try, especially since you can download it via Google Play, Apple App Store, and on Amazon.

fun free apps for kidsMy Dolphin Show is a fun, FREE app in which you get to swim, play and perform tricks like a real dolphin! Over time, your dolphin will complete different tricks that increase in difficulty, allowing you to gain more points as the game continues. As a kid-friendly app, you can play along with your children and share quality bonding time in an entertaining and safe way.

Download the app now from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon using the following links:

Check out this video to learn a little more about My Dolphin Show and how much fun it is!

Be sure to download My Dolphin Show, you and your kids will have a blast playing!
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  1. Nena Sinclair says

    My daughter is always looking for free app games for her kids, so I’m going to forward this to her! Thanks so much :)

  2. amanda whitley says

    omg thank you so much. i can’t stand how all of the apps i download for my kids have adds that pop up in the game and of course they always click them. i understand when something is free their should be adds but i just wish they had them in the beginning when you start up the app only so the parents are the only ones viewing it.

  3. rebecca says

    the graphics on that game are so cute! I love how the kids can have fun and not have to worry about them being desensitized by violent game actions or advertisements.

  4. Lisa K says

    The biggest problem I have with the free apps is the ads. My 3 yr old cant play anything without accidentally hitting that ad and then being redirected and losing her mind cause she cant get back to her game. Thank you… my kids will be so happy so play this and I will be happy that my Daughter isn’t screaming every 2 minutes due to tapping an ad.