Looking For The Perfect Doggy Bed? Dogbedz.co.uk Has What Your Looking For!! #GiftGuide

I’m a dog lover and spoil my pup rotten!! I just love my Baxter!! His doggy bed is his own little home, so I make sure it’s a place he feels comfortable and relaxed. After all, right after going for a walk or earning a treat, lounging around is one of his favorite pastimes. We have been through many beds in the past 6 years and finding a new one can become challenging when you have a spoiled pup like Baxter. I can’t tell you how happy I was to receive a beautiful dog bed from dogbedz.co.uk!

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Baxter just loves his bed from dogbedz.co.uk. All their beds are handmade. I love this!! When I first opened the package I was so pleased to see his beautiful personalized bed! I do want to mention that the outside of the bed is a lovely khaki green, micro suede material and the inside is a durable camouflage material. The personalized pillow is a lovely brown color, removable and also made with micro suede material. dogbedz.com beds are attractive and fit right in with most homes decor. They all are handmade with great craftsmanship, contrast stitching, creating a nice grown-up look, I love having an opportunity to spoil Baxter and allow him to live in absolute luxury. That’s why I love our dog bed from dogbedz.co.uk.

You too can give you’re the pup the very best!! If your beloved dog is as spoiled as mine give them the best in life with a luxury dog bed from dogbedz.co.uk. They have everything you need to show them you love them!!

Dogbedz.co.uk will make the perfect gift for your pup this holiday season!! They have so many wonderful styles to choose from you can check them all out on their website! Hey, dogbedz.co.uk also has a Facebook page be sure to follow them for new up coming products!!

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  1. Shannon says

    I would get my doggy (she is a husky/German Shepherd mix) a bed but there is not enough room in my small house. These are really nice.

  2. rebeccabasset says

    I have a Female Red and White Basset Hound that would love a bed like this.

    Thanks for the Post Picture, and the Link, I will definitely check them out!

  3. says

    Hooray! Another dog lover. We rescued a 5lb Maltese last year and I am totally smitten. Harley takes her job as lap dog very seriously. Yes, she is also slightly spoiled. Have you tried the hooded beds? I was tempted to get one for Harley since she likes to snuggle in small spaces.

  4. Deborah D says

    I am not allowed to have a pet but my sister has a dog. This looks like the perfect bed for her dog. I will tell her about it.