Why I Love My Tsubos and I Promise You Will Love Yours Too

 Tsubo Shoes Will Amaze You Too!


Of course having not seen Tsubos before I was unsure of what to expect when these arrived at our house. I was impressed with how they looked, with the nice even stitching and the type of leather that was used. The leather was soft but still was thick enough to hold shape and for me to know that the sandals are going to hold up well and really be something that I will have for a long time.

Comfortable Chic Works for This Mama

So I will admit first up that my days of wearing heels and shoes that torture your feet are long over. I love being able to find brands and choices that are going to work for me when it comes to comfortable and fashionable footwear. I want shoes that look good as I am sure that every woman does but I also need something that is going to really be practical and something that I can wear regardless of the running around that I am going to be doing.

New Shoes, New Shoes


My husband says that I have a problem and I guess that I might. Few things in life are as exciting as when new shoes are delivered to my door. I love being able to review and try out new brands of shoes that I might not have otherwise chosen because there are few things in life that I love as much as new shoes.

Reasons that You Should Be Wearing High Quality Sandals

Shoes that are not made well can actually end up hurting your feet. There are so many things that can happen when you choose to wear the wrong types of sandals. Flip flops, while comfortable, are not the best choice of shoes for anyone to wear. They can cause a number of problems and having someone step on your feet is just one of these.

Flip flops do have a purpose. They are a great choice to use in showers are public places where things like athletes foot and other fungi could be present and growing. Apart from that they are not really good for much and can be seriously damaging when worn long term.

Only sandals that have arch support, cushion for the heels, and shock absorbing abilities are what you should be looking for. This is very important if you do a lot of walking. In fact if you do not have arch support and your foot overly flattens when you are walking you will find that your feet are going to hurt. A good pair of sandals will keep you from having any of these issues.

Other things that could happen is that the foot could end up damaged by puncture wounds or other cuts.

You should also be aware of running or playing sports in any sandals. However the sandals that fit well work better for this.

Finally think about what all could happen to your feet if you are not wearing the right type of shoe or sandal. More people come to the hospital for snake bites and/or insect wounds while wearing flip flops than anything else.


Tsubo Shoes can offer you everything that you want from a high quality sandal. They have a number of styles that come in all different colors. Plus if sandals are not your thing, they do offer a wide range of additional styles.

This blog post was written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.

  • michelle salais

    Never heard of this brand of shoes before. browsed their shoes and I like the Novelle, Nilanti, and the ones you got, Brenleigh. :)

  • Sandra VanHoey

    They have some really cute shoes there. I was browsing, love the pair you received and also love their WOMENS OLIVETTE

  • Jackie C

    Interesting looking sandals.