We Love Our Wow Cup By Wow Gear!

For those of you with little ones transitioning from bottle to sippy cup or having a young one in their clumsy years tipping over their drinks, constantly cleaning up messy spills, I’m sure you can relate with me when I say how frustrating & time-consuming this can be. Over the years I have been through many, many different styles of sippy and so-called spill proof cups that don’t do what they claim. Well I’m pleased to say my troubles are over I’m so excited to share with you one of the neatest products in sip cups I have seen, the Wow Cup by Wow Gear!

wow gear

The WOW Cup features a 360 degree even seal drinking edge that automatically seals after you drink. This drinking edge allows you to just pick up the cup and drink anywhere along the rim. What I love, is there are no buttons to press, no levers to move and no more straws and spouts to worry about. Yeah! I can’t begin to tell you how many cups I have thrown out due to crud build up in the straw and spouts!! Another really cool thing is after drinking, the valve automatically seals itself until you take another drink. When they say, “The Wow Cup is spill free, worry free and hassle free”  I promise you they are!! Best of all it’s BVA,Phthalate & PVC free made with 100% guaranteed food safe materials. We were sent for review one boy & one girl Wow Cups from Wow Gear,

Boy I wish I had this amazing Wow Cup when my kids were little. Now days it’s so hard to find a sippy cup that will grow with your child and still be able to use it as they get older. Wow cup is so cool I had to give it a try for myself. I absolutely love Wow Cup! It makes me want to be a kid all over again. Little Miss Novalee will be weaning from her bottle soon. I can hardly wait!! The Wow Cup will be so nice & easy for her while transitioning from bottle to Wow Cup.  I think I had more fun than my 6-year-old Niko did. He is such a character, he tried to trick me and pour it on his head, but I knew it wouldn’t spill. Too fun!! As you can see he loves his wow cup too.

As a little summary, here are my favorite things about Wow cup,

  • Spill Free
  • No buttons, levers, spouts or straws
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Supports Natural Oral Development
  • Cost efficient
  • My child loves it!!

We honestly do love this cup!! I just know you will too! Wow cup is the perfect name for this remarkable product!! Amazingly, Wow Cup cost only $10!! You can purchase them at Bed Bath & beyond, Toys R Us, Amazon, and several online stores. I highly recommend Wow Cup to everyone. Imagine all the money you’ll be saving and your child will love it!!

For more information on how you can purchase your Wow Cup visit their website. Be sure to follow Wow Gear’s social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and of course YouTube so you can stay connected & up to date on all the latest and greatest from Wow Gear!

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  1. says

    This cup is so aptly named. I love the part where the cup seals itself after taking a drink. Honestly, if i had time back over the years spent on “spill patrol” I’d be a young lady again. Great find.

  2. cheryl lister says

    This is an amazing cup! No more worries about spills. And the price is good, too, especially considering that children can keep using this cup for many years.

  3. Toni Danchik says

    I have a daughter with Down Syndrome who loves to throw her cup-no matter what I have bought-and I have bought many, many cups, they all leak. The WOW cup has changed my life-I will be getting rid of every single sippy cup I own now! I love love love this product!

  4. Chevy Reid Roper says

    I’m in love with this cup!! My kids are older, but they still make their messes especially in the car. These would be perfect for on the go to prevent all the unneeded stains in the car seats and floor board.

  5. cheryl lister says

    This sounds like an ingeniuously made cup! I need to have 2 of these on hand for when the grand children come to visit.

  6. Jayne Townsley says

    I have an 8-year-old that would still benefit from this. That it is easy-to-clean is a huge bonus. I just threw a pitcher away yesterday because the lid wouldn’t come clean.

  7. tamra gibson says

    I sure hate to admit it but as I’m getting older I am more clumsy when I have food and drink around. The kids and grand kids do just fine but now me it’s a whole other story I have to change shirts 2-3 times a day.. So in reality I guess I should try to win this for me-lol

  8. Sharon G says

    I’m so glad I came across this review! My 4 yr old granddaughter can be a little bit clumsy at times. I had given up on sippy cups since no matter what the design, they’re impossible to keep clean. Eventually, like you said, stuff builds up and the idea of the bacteria- ugh! Straight to the trash. These are a little bit more than the average sippy cup but so worth it! Since you can keep them clean, they’ll last longer! Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of them before.

  9. Janette Polivka says

    Wow!! Well I see where it gets it’s name now! lol Having an 18 month old transitioning, this would be wonderful!!! And no straws which is even better! I don’t trust those straws, germs love to breed in them! Thanks for sharing, I will keep an eye out for these!

  10. Marcia Lee says

    I’m in agreement with you; I wish I had the Wow Cup when my kids were young. I love that it is spill-free, has no buttons, levers, spouts or straws, is easy to use, & dishwasher safe.

  11. Tanya Holland says

    This is what my two girls are constantly talking about. They would love to have one. I would love for them to have one.

  12. Nena Sinclair says

    This is awesome! I would love to get some for my great nephew, his regular sippy cups are always spilling or leaking.

  13. Crystal Brummett says

    We have just recently heard of this cup on t.v. and my kids all want one.. So I’m so glad to hear it actually works.. Thanks so much for sharing with us. This is so awesome :)

  14. Ashley Miller says

    Spills are always an issue around my house. My 9 yr old daughter is ADHD and ODD and she cant hold onto anything. This would be amazing for her! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Jayne Townsley says

    Toddler? I have an 8-year-old who could use this! Looks like a really cool product that also would save my new couch and carpet.

  16. M.Clark says

    This sounds like a really great cup, I can’t wait for them to make one for adults that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Thank you for this review.

  17. Sally says

    I would love this cup! How fantastic is it that you can drink around the whole edge and it won’t spill? I need one for each of my kids and me too!!

  18. Marcia Lee says

    The Wow cup was made for people like me. When I drive to work in the morning, I have a cup that even if it is closed, if I think it’s open and tip the cup, it spills. That won’t happen with the Wow cup.

  19. KELLY MCGREW says

    loving this!

    even i have thrown away “adult” tumblers and travel cups due to crud build-up!

  20. Christina Kelbel says

    Like you, I tried a lot of sippy cups too when my son was youger. This seems like a great product, would have been nice to have.

  21. md Kennedy says

    I’ve always hated sippy cups – the grime that builds up on the sippy part,, the delay in the child learning how to drink properly from a cup (“I want a straw!” – so bad for the teeth and the environment!). This look great!

  22. elinor semira says

    this no spill cup is just so perfect for my toddler! i’m pretty sure she’s going to love it.