The Perfect Purse for Any Woman and Something Every Mom Needs

 What I Can Pack in My Lug Bag


I am a mom so every time that I do not have something in my bag, I end up wishing that I did. The Lug Double Dutch bag (retail $81) has pockets and spaces for everything that I need and enough room to comfortably carry it all as well. Best of all the bag is super high quality and appears that it is going to last for a long time.


I love bags but as a mom of four mine often get beat up. I do not foresee this one getting beat up too much and I think that it is going to work well.

What Fits In The Outside Pockets


There are so many pockets on the outside of the Double Dutch bag that I absolutely love being able to find ways to hide everything that I need inside of one. One of the best features when it comes to pockets is the small umbrella pocket that folds up that I use for my water bottles. I love that there are literally spaces for everything that I could ever imagine taking with me.

Plus the back pocket is padded so i

The brand was created to make travel easy and after owning just one of their bags I would say that they have met this goal. Hopefully in the future I will get the opportunity to use some of their other products as I am obsessed with so many of them.



One of my favorites the Hokey Pokey Backpack (retail $40). This is one great backpack for kids and if the quality is the same as my purse it might be a kids backpack that actually lasts instead of falling apart right away like most of them do. There is even a matching lung bag so if you want this for your child for school then they can match their backpack and their lunch bag.

lug 2


I think that the Clipper Flat Iron case (retail $17) would make traveling with your flat iron easier. I really need one of these to protect the new flat iron that I just got since I do not want it to get damaged and that keeps me from traveling with it right now.

lug 3


The Slingshot iPad/Tablet Case (retail $49) is cute and really looks like it would hold a lot more than just the tablet or iPad.

lug 4

My kids are obsessed with blankets so when I saw the Undercover Bears (retail $32) I knew that we had to have them.  These are portable blankets that easily fold up into a bear head where they can be stored.  I seriously needed these years ago! 

lug 6


I have never found a cosmetic case that can come close to holding all of my cosmetics, even when I am traveling. I think that this one might actually work. The Two Step Cosmetics Case (retail $37) has a space for everything and appears to be quite roomy.

lug 5


I hike a lot with the kids and the Shortstop Excursion Pack (retail $77) would make a great choice for when we were out in the woods for the day and I needed to be hands free to help one of them but still have everything that they could need on the trails on me.

lug 7


I love traveling and the Paddle Boat Overnight/Gym Duffel Bag (retail $137) is something that I need for when I am traveling with my family and friends. I think that they would be envious of me a bit too since it is so cute and comes in such amazing colors.

lug 8


Finally, I am always searching for a good wallet and wallets either seem to be too big or too small for my needs. The Tango Travel Wallet (retail $31) is the size that I have been looking for and is available at a reasonable price.

This post was written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.


  • Shannon

    What a great bag and amazing how much it holds. I am loving that cute little backpack. Thank you for your review :)

  • Audrey Campbell

    I’d love to win one in Grass Green!