Madison Toddler Bedding #Review, Plus Bedroom Design Ideas!

New Toddler Bed Set Pink and BlackGirl’s bedroom design ideas, oh I’m so excited.   I love pink, black, and white together.  In my opinion for a little girl these isn’t any other colors that complement one another better.   It’s been a long time coming, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have the chance to decorate my girl’s bedrooms.  When Shawn and I bought our home it was only him, my oldest Catie and myself.  A few weeks later Bed and Vayda were taken from their mom due to drugs and placed in our care, and months later their mom passed away.  Then a few years later Shawn and I had Madisyn.  We have outgrown our home!

Toddler Pink, Black, and White Bedding SetNow I love my family, they are my world, and the reason I do everything I do, but our home is too darn small.  All the kids share a room, which in a normal situation would be okay, but I have 3 girls and 1 boy who has cerebral palsy and needs his own room.  He needs his own space to get away from his crazy sisters, to play his video games, and all his equipment that we currently don’t have room for.  Limited space is stressful for all of us.

I have to admit, when Shawn and I found out we were having a girl I was a little upset I would not have the opportunity to worry about my baby girls bedroom design ideas.  I don’t know if it’s every moms dream, but it was mine.  I wanted so badly to decorate a nursery for my baby girl, but it just wasn’t possible at the time.

We are finally building on to our home, ALL my kids will have their very own bedroom.  Which means this mom is SUPER happy.  Now I have the opportunity to focus on girl’s bedroom design ideas for all of my girls!  To make things better, we will do it together.  From painting ,to choosing curtains.  I will be able to spend quality time with each of one of my girls making their room awesome.  Shawn and Bud have already been planning his room too, the picked otu a bed set, but will not share details which worries me lol.  Things always work out for the best regardless how important we think they are at the time.

I have always had a thing for bedrooms.  Your bedroom is the only place that is yours; you can decorate it to reflect your personality, choose colors you like, and express yourself as an indavidual.  To be honest it’s bothered more than my kids that they didn’t have their own room.  Now, don’t get me wrong I shared a room growing up.  I know they will be okay, but as a mom I want to give my kids things I didn’t have growing up.  The things that I know matter to them as well.  It’s hard for a 15-year-old and 3-year-old to come to an agreement on a Barbie poster you know.

I have been trying to come up with great girl’s bedroom design ideas.  I have to be honest I’m not too creative and often look for inspiration anywhere I can find it.  Which leads me to Baby’s Own Room, if you haven’t been there you should totally check it out.   They have great items for kids of all ages, and they have also helped me with girls bedroom design ideas for my little Mattie.  I would like to say the other girls too, but sadly they are growing up and what is cool to mom isn’t to them.  BOO, to kids growing up!

About Baby’s Own Room

I recently connected with the wonderful owner of Babies Own Room, Michelle.  What a wonderful place to search for some great baby bedding, as well as cute boys and girls bedroom design ideas.  When you visit Baby’s Own Room you can expect to find just about everything you need to design your little boy or girls room such as:

  • Baby Bedding
  • Kids and Teen Bedding
  • Toddler Bedding
  • Room Accessories
  • Crib Conversion Kits
  • Cribs
  • Toddler Guard Rails
  • Fabulous Clearance Items

It’s my new favorite place to look for awesome bedding for kids, as well as bedroom design ideas.  While looking for bedding, I also looked for design ideas for my girls.  Before I knew it I was plotting whose room I would focus on after Madisyn’s.  It’s a great website, with a large selection of something for everyone’s style.

Baby's Own Room Kids and Teen BeddingFrom my 3-year-old to my 15-year-old everything can be found at one website.  It’s always nice when I’m able to purchase products that all my kids like from one place, and it does not happened that often.  Typically I have to purchase from three different websites because of the age different and their personality and style preference.

Madison Toddler Bedding Set

We received the Madison Toddler Bedding Set.  I fell in love with this collection the moment I noticed it on the  It’s perfect, exactly what I have been looking for.   The Madison Crib Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs comes in Full/Queen and Twin.   The fabulous toddler bedding set comes with:

  • Toddler Comforter
  • Standard Sham
  • Standard Pillowcase
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Flat Sheet

I just love the comforter it’s the perfect thickness, and well made.  I know it’s something that is going to last for my daughter.  I had to have Catie hold it up so you were able to see the entire comforter.  The under side of the comforter is the pink stripes, if we ever feel like flipping it over for a different look we have that option.  I love the combination of colors, and designs.  It’s simple, yet bright, fun, and inviting.

The sheets are also loads of fun, and well made.  I love the small white polka dots on the black background, with the pink stripes.  Same with the pillow sham and valance.  They complement one another so well, and everything pulls together nicely.  The pillow sham is made to coordinate with the Madison Bedding.  It’s quick and easy to put on, and adds a nice finishing touch to the bedding.  The pillow sham also fits all standard size pillows.

NEW bedding yepie, jump for joy. Madisyn was so excited about her new bedding she begged me to help her put it on, especially once Catie told her the bedding was named after Madisyn.  YES, she loves the Madison Bedding made just for our very own little Madisyn.

Toddlers BeddingOnce we finally had the bed all made Madisyn talked her sister into reading a book to her.  I asked her if she wanted to lay down, NOPE she did not want to mess up her magical new Madison Bedding.  YES, that came out of her mouth; hands on her hips and all.  She also told me it was magical, and to tell the PS Man thank you.  I tried to explain to her that the UPS man just delivered it, but she was pretty much done listening to me.  She was ready to hang out in on her new bed.

Kids Finally after Vayda read her a few books she started to get under the covers.  Once she realized she was started to get a little sleepy she gave in and wanted everyone to come lay under her new Magical Madison Bedding lol.  She’s right it’s magical, and before I knew it the whole family had layed down on Madisyn’s new Magical Madison Bedding Set; even Skittles lol!

Bright Pink Toddler BeddingThe Twin Comforter is luxurious and well-constructed.  The mixture of designs and colors give the room a warm and happy feeling.  When you look at the Madison Bedding you will notice it features exclusive Sweet Jojo Designs 100% cotton prints, which I love the back and white scroll print, mixed with the bold stripe and mini polka dot print and the stylish colors.  It’s bright, loads of fun, and totally fits Madisyn’s personality.

Girl’s bedroom design ideas Madison Bedding

If you like this style and your little one is still in a crib, it’s okay you can get the Madison Crib Collection.  Which looks fabulous!

I know, one cannot forget about washing.  The last thing I want to do as a parent is haul my kids bedding down to the dry cleaner.  Execially

FREE Shipping, Coupons, and Discounts

When you shop at Baby’s Own Room you can also enjoy FREE shipping on every item on their website.  On every order, every time you can expect to see free shipping on every item purchased from  To make things even better, when you purchase anything over $50 you can enjoy 15% as well as free shipping, great products, and outstanding service.

What Brands Will You Find at Baby’s Own Bedding?

There is a great variety of products, as well as brands at Baby’s Own Room.  They all make high quality, yet affordable products.

Bedding For KidsSome of the brands you will find are:

  • Sweet Jojo Designs
  • Cotton Tale Designs
  • Trend Lab
  • Child Craft
  • One Grace Place
  • The Little Acorn
  • Whistle & Wink

boys bedding setThis is what Shawn and Bud have picked out, what do you think?  Now I’m just waiting on my other two girls to make up their mind so we can have everyone’s bedding here once we begin decorating.

Baby’s Own Room has been around since 2008 and the current owner Michelle, who is amazing has owned it since 2011!  I truly cannot say enough good things about Michelle.  She has been wonderful, so easy to communicate with, extremely knowledgeable, and so willing to go above and beyond.  Special thanks to her for her wonderful customer service.

Girls Sleep In Toddler BedWhen it comes to my bedroom, and bedding I’m picky.  I want something that looks nice, as well as soft and comfortable that helps me and my family sleep like a baby.  The Madison Toddler Bedding by Sweet Jojo Designs is only $99.  I feel that is a totally reasonable price for quality 5 piece bedding set as gorgeous as this.  I will be purchasing my other kids bedding from Baby’s Own Room.

My experience with Baby’s Own Room has been positive.  They have quality products, and a huge selection at reasonable prices.  Whether you’re shopping to prepare you nursery for the newest edition to your family, or your 16-year-old son you can find quality bedding at Baby’s Own Room.

Be sure to swing by and visit them online at, and “Like” them on Facebook, as well as “Follow” them on Twitter and Pinterest.

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  1. Richard Hicks says

    You did a good job in Madisons room. Love the variety of stuff they offer. Something for everyone

  2. Rebecca Parsons says

    I really love all of the color choices. I know my daughter loves the pink and black and she loves pink and brown.

  3. Michael Lambert says

    The bedding looks comfortable and nice quality. This would be great for when my daughter goes to her toddler bed.

  4. Christina Strapp says

    I really like their bedding, I like the choices for boy and girl. It looks like a good quality bedding.

  5. Rebecca Parsons says

    I totally get what you mean. My 3 girls shared rooms together and now they all have their own. One thing too is they all have strong opinions on what they like and of course its all different for each of them.



  7. katklaw777 says

    They have some very unique designs. I loke the fact that you can reverse the comforter and get a whole new look. Skittkes does look comfy…lol

  8. Beanybopp says

    I would LOVE the dinosaur land or forest friends for our son who will soon need a toddler bed. I’m leaning towards dinosaurs since he loves the show Dino Dan on Nick Jr.

  9. Sophia Carr says

    Oh my GOODNESS these are to die for! I can’t wait to get them for our little girl. She has a ways to go before she’ll need it, but it’d be great to have in advance! These are by far the cutest sets I’ve seen!

  10. Gail Williams says

    These bedding sets are so beautiful they help with ideas for decoating a baby or child’s room! I’m interested because I’m helping my daughter, who is having her first child soon.

  11. Megan Menendez says

    I love these bedding sets! I am about to have a daughter and would love to decorate her room with one of these sets!

  12. Laura Smith says

    I love the pink , white , and black set I would love to win so that I could make my unborn Mackenzie’s room beautiful.



  14. peggy fedison says

    What pretty designs and patterns!! i would love to get them for grandkids.. 1 girl and 1 boy and 1 boy 7 months old. so very nice!!

  15. says

    Love the heart felt personal story. I shared a room with our newborn, for his frist few years. It was sad no planning no painting. I hat a hard time trying to keep a theme or find something to work with my stuff. I so wish I knew someone had such pretty nice modern bedding. Thank you for sharing !

  16. Jessica K. says

    Every print is so cute! It is hard to decide which is my favorite. thankyou for sharing this…I have been looking for cute bedding for my little girl and have not been able to find much. babysOwn is really cute & its great to hear a positive review :)

  17. Denise Osborn says

    I really love all the choices you have on design. My granddaughter will be in heaven making her decision. I think she will choose the black and pink but you never can tell.

  18. katie says

    The pink and black look great together. I’ll keep this site in mind when we transition my son into a big boy bed/bedroom.

  19. Nicole Becker says

    The Madison Collection is gorgeous!! I wouldn’t mind having that for my own bed!!! I would feel like a princess!!

  20. samantha saechow says

    I love how unique and fun the bedding sets are. You definitely can’t buy anything like this in stores and my kids love most of the selection. I’m thinking this will make great christmas presents for my nieces and nephews.

  21. william saylor says

    Theses are so pretty my granddaughter would feel like a princess with that in her room.

  22. Erica says

    I absolutely love that they have sets that you can basically mix & match to get the desired effect in any room….there is such a variety of items from bedding to lamp shades to wall hangins to hampers…the list is endless. Best of all there is something for everyone regardless of style/taste/preference!

  23. Gail Williams says

    My youngest daughter is having her first baby and these are very inspirational designs for us for her baby’s room. Thanks for the visuals!

  24. MaryAnn says

    We are moving our son from a toddler bed to a twin bed within the next month and it would be awesome to get him a cute bedset to go with his new bed. I love their styles.

  25. Heidi Hile says

    Wow!! This review reassured me that I’m not the only Mom out there who is blessed with a house that is way too small!! Reading the first few paragraphs, I felt like Jenn is telling my story, lol. I, too, seriously lack creativity and can use all the help that I can get! I’m sure that a gift card to “Baby’s Own Room” would allow me to re-decorate my toddlers room in ways I would have never imagined. His room is still decorated as it was for his arrival 2 years ago! It’s definitely time for a change! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  26. meegan whitford says

    I just love these room designs and my nephew will soon be moving to a big boy bed so it would be great to get him some nice good quality bedding!

    • bella says

      I am so glade to see all this ideas, we are doing my granddaughter bedroom so thanks for the tips

  27. says

    I thought the article was amazing. I love what you did with the colors in the girls room. I also liked the magical new Madison bedding. Very well done article, it made me really check out Madison Toddler Bedding.

  28. Nicole Becker says

    OMG!!! I think I love everything!!! I don’t think I would be able to choose one if I had the chance. My granddaughter’s room would look great with any of these sets!!

  29. Lisa R says

    I have the same set in Queen, the one with the blue,green and brown circles comforter and it looks great

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net