Make Mealtime For Baby A Little More Enjoyable with Bottle pets!

You have to see this cute, cuddly bottle friend from Bottle pets!! When I saw this loveable little critter for the first time, I fell in love!! I wanted to be a baby all over again.


Bottle Pets are soft bottle covers constructed from 100% polyester, making them cuddly, touchable and great for snuggling. Cleaning is a breeze! As with all stuffed animals they do shed some fibers I recommend washing your Bottle Pet before use. I was concerned that this bottle pet would be hard on my Novalee’s eyes but it’s not!! They were designed perfectly so baby can view with ease.

The nipple of the bottle fits through the cover’s mouth instantly becoming a plush friend providing insulation for the bottle. Baby can enjoy warm or cool fluids. There are six adorable, loveable, enchanting Bottle Pet characters to choose, listed below are Riley the Bunny, Drew the Ladybug, Dylan the blue Octopus, Bailey the Cow, Gracie the Pig and Charlie the Dinosaur.

123bottle pets

Most bottle designs consist of clear plastic, or have a some sort of sticker looking design that babies can’t really see without taking the bottle out of their mouth. Not with Bottle Pets. Baby can see their cute stuffed character in front of them without disrupting feeding time keeping them occupied and focused on the task at hand.

Bottle Pets were developed by two moms who wanted to make feeding time fun by bringing together a combination of things that parents & babies really like milk, toys, convenience and peace of mind. What is not to like about a product that can make an unhappy, hungry baby smile by combining feedings with playtime?

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  • Sweta Sonulkar

    Little pets are really great idea for babies to toddlers

  • cheryl lister

    This is the first I’ve seen of these products and I think they are so cute. My grandson is not yet on a bottle, but i may have to get him one of these soon!

  • mindy cole

    These are way to cute I wish I seen these when my son was on a bottle

  • md kennedy

    These are adorable! I will get one for my new (2 week-old) nephew!

  • Amanda

    These are adorable and looks like they would really help babies learn how to hold their own bottles.

  • Wanda Tracey

    These are so adorable.They sure didn’t have anything quite this cute when my babies were born.They would make awesome gifts though Thanks for the great review..I enjoyed it.