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There’s a lot of pressure for people to be ‘green’ nowadays, be it turning lights off when you leave the room, walking instead of driving or simply recycling your used items. Although many people do use these simple tips to using less energy, you can easily take it one step further by researching the companies you use, so if you’re moving house soon why not choose a green removal company? Some benefits of doing this include:

  • Saving money – Using greener solutions can often be cheaper than not, so these companies may be able to give you a better deal.
  • Raising awareness – People will see that you’re using a ‘green’ company to help you move house, so they will hopefully do the same when the time comes!
  • Saving the environment – Reducing greenhouse gases by using a company with low C02 emissions can seriously help the atmosphere.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling – When you’re helping the environment by going green you can’t help but feel good about yourself!

Using a removal company can save a lot of stressing over small details, giving you time to successfully pack and get ready for your move whilst the rest is sorted out for you. Choosing a green removal company couldn’t be easier, you can use search engines, your local phone book or comparison websites such as the House Removal Company to find the best one for you. Researching the company you choose beforehand is a great idea, as you can truly see what steps they’re taking to save energy.

Why use a removal company anyway?

Hiring a removal company when moving home can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. Although many people feel that if they hire a van themselves and do their own move independently that they will save a lot of money, whilst this is true the money that you save can often not be worth the work you have to put in to organise your move! It can be very difficult to plan your move as there are an awful lot of little details that need sorting and coming home from work then having to try and organise your move will get old very quickly.

When it comes to moving in day a few extra pairs of hands will not go unnoticed, it can be very tiring having to drive all the way to your new home, particularly if you’re moving a long distance, and you won’t feel up to having to move all the boxes out of your van by the time you get there. This can all be resolved by hiring a removal company, and I can assure you it will help ease a lot of the stressful moving in process.

Greener Solutions

One of the biggest problems we face today is global warming. Many bigger companies are now using vehicles with lower greenhouse gas emissions, such as using hybrid vehicles or bio-diesel to try and help the problem. Although there’s going to be a lot of driving around when moving, try and cut down on the number of vans that are used, or the number of trips that are taken to get you all moved in by using efficient packing techniques. It is very important nowadays for companies to reduce their carbon-footprint, so selecting a company that are actively working towards low CO2 emissions is a perfect green solution.

Packing and Storage

Another way of reducing their carbon footprint is by using recycled products. If you buy a moving kit from your removal company you will see that a lot of the items available are recycled, particularly cardboard boxes. Buying recycled products doesn’t only save on energy, it also helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, another rapidly growing issue today. The added bonus of buying a moving kit is that you can use all of the materials you bought for moving as storage in your new home! Any plastic boxes can be used to store toys, spare bedding or books, and are a neat solution to putting away any spare items. Leftover cardboard boxes are also great to keep stuff in the attic or garage, as you can fill them up, label them and bring them down when you need them, for example when storing Christmas decorations. Alternatively, if you don’t need any of your moving kit any more you can take it to your local recycling centre so it can be made into an entirely new product and someone else can enjoy the same benefits as you!

This article was written by Viviana Alberti for The House Removals Company. The House Removals Company is market leaders in relocation services. Viviana has two teenage children and has relocated her family several times. She is a green enthusiast, who enjoys writing about solutions to being more eco-friendly for the various blogs she writes for.